Traffic Q&A
1.    What are the results of our AM/PM Traffic this week?
Traffic is becoming much smoother as we iron out bad habits and instill good habits! This week, our LS Lot is finishing around 7:50am in the morning and 4:15pm in the afternoon. These times will only improve as we continue! A big thank you to our officers and staff for manning their stations during AM Drop Off and Morning Pick Up!

2.    What is making our traffic run smoothly on the parent side of things?
Arriving at the lot by the start of your wave time, updating the CurbSmart account whenever possible, communicating carpool and pick up with teachers, “zippering” on Jones Maltsberger Road, following all police and staff instructions are making our traffic run smoothly! Keep it up, Griffins!

3.    What’s “zippering”? It is still too hot to wear a jacket in the summer!
Great Question! Here is a video: and a diagram! It’s essentially a “one and one” sharing of the lane or road when merging is necessary! This may prove helpful when turning onto Jones Maltsberger Rd. (as cars can turn left or right)
4.    Who are those Police Officers in the morning and afternoon?
These are Off-Duty Officers whom GHNO pays to provide us with wonderful support. They are parents of children here in San Antonio, and one of our officers’ has a wife who is expecting a baby soon!

5.    I heard that something happened with an officer and one of our Upper School teachers this week. What happened?
Unfortunately, in the Lower School, our AM Officer was nearly hit by a frustrated car that did not want to heed the Officer’s directions. This put the officer, students, and parents nearby in danger. One of our Upper School teachers was nearly hit following a frustrated driver not wanting to heed the teacher’s directions. IT IS IMPERATIVE that our Officer and Teacher’s instructions are followed to ensure everyone’s safety and an efficient flow of traffic. The AM Officer and Teacher should not need to worry about any retaliation while serving our community in this way.

6.    Can I wait on the dirt on the side of the road of Jones Maltsberger Road with my hazards on and join the line once they leave the church parking lot?
No, you may not. Waiting in the Church Parking lot until 7:10 am is the best option to allow for a steady flow of traffic. Not only does parking on the side of the row “cut” into the line, but the line now must wait for you to come into the lane. It is also illegal to “park” on the side of the road. The side of the road should only be used for emergencies.

7.    Can I use the business lots instead of the church lot to make a turnaround?
No; not only does this slow down the traffic process, but only the church has granted us permission to use its lot for turn arounds on Jones Maltsberger.

8.    What is Driscoll’s dismissal time?
For the 21-22 school year, Driscoll’s dismissal on Monday will begin at 4:15 pm. On Tuesday – Friday, Driscoll’s dismissal will begin at 3:50 pm. We understand that this may disrupt our later waves time in getting past Driscoll, but once past the school, we have not had it extend our traffic window and we are still concluding traffic around 4:15 pm.

9.    What about my Lower School child who is waiting in the classroom for a long time while I’m on the road?
During dismissal time, students are in their classrooms with their lead teachers often doing their homework and using that time constructively in preparation for the next school day!

We are hopeful that this Q&A provided some insight as well as reminders of how to keep our faculty, officers, and students safe during drip off and pick up.

Let's continue working together for the greater good of our GHNO community.

GHNO Traffic Captians
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