September 20, 2019

Dear Winnetka Community,

We hope this letter finds you and your family well as we enter the fall season. Together we share a common responsibility for the safety of the children of Winnetka. We are writing to remind our school community of the need for vigilance on our roads. Especially now that school is back in session, there has been an increase in reports of distracted driving that have been brought to our attention. Many families enjoy walking and biking to school, and we are writing this joint letter to reinforce our collaborative commitment to safety on our roads and sidewalks.  Together, we can make this happen.

Please take a moment to review the following information with your family:

  • The speed limit in our school zones is 20 miles per hour during school days. For the safety of all, please follow the posted speed limit.
  • Illinois law prohibits the use of cell phones or other electronic devices while in a school zone, even if its hands free. It is dangerous and is enforced as a moving violation by the police. Please do not use pick up and drop off time to check texts, etc. This potentially endangers others.
  • Crossing guards are present at busier intersections near our schools to assist with safety. Please respect the authority of the crossing guards and follow their directions
  • Please talk to children to ensure that they understand the importance of using caution and following all traffic signals. Note that there are not stop signs at every intersection, especially on Oak and Elm Streets, which are heavily used thoroughfares to Crow Island, Skokie and Washburne.
  • We STRONGLY recommend that all students who bike, skateboard, or scooter to school wear a helmet regardless of age. Students should bike on the sidewalk wherever possible, and be respectful to pedestrians. Also, children are expected to walk their bikes through crosswalks.
  • Each elementary school also has specific traffic procedures and parking restrictions that are enforced by police. We encourage you to review these procedures and contact your building administrator if you are unclear. 

Thank you for your help on reinforcing safety practices with your child and modeling careful behavior while traveling through the Village. We are grateful for your partnership on this issue.


Dr. Trisha Kocanda      Chief Marc Hornstein            Ms. Julie Pagliaro
Superintendent             Winnetka Police                     Central PTO Chair

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