Dear Turing Residents,
The ICHA team is concerned about the conflict between vehicle traffic on Turing Street and neighborhood kids. Now that the initial impact of the pandemic has passed, University Hills residents are driving more and generating more vehicle trips on your street. The ICHA team would now like to continue our conversation about your concerns.
Fortuitously, the three parks in your neighborhood are completed or nearing completion. These safer places for kids to play will certainly help in minimizing the issues we have discussed. Gateway Park, at the corner of Angelou and Coltrane, is now open for use. Playground Park and Vista Park, at the northerly end of Angelou, will be open in a few short weeks.
The ICHA team is proposing that we all observe the impact of these safer places for neighborhood kids to play for a couple of months. Perhaps these new parks may provide safe places for children to play and draw them away from the busy streets. We can reconvene in mid-January to discuss the impact of the parks and discuss next steps. Depending on everyone’s comfort level, perhaps we can meet safely and with masks at Playground Park to continue our dialogue.
Community Relations Manager
Irvine Campus Housing Authority
(949) 824-2424
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