It had been 68 years since Harold Brock had visited Oak Hill Bottoms but it was a perfect summer day to ride bikes with his son, Harry. As a Berry High School student in 1953 he often rode a 1950's Ford Tractor (the majority of Berry's fleet, save for one Farmall and one Oliver) hauling and baling hay.

From May to September he worked the Oak Hill fields 6 days a week for 18 cents an hour. Having grown up on a crop farm in Bartow County he was no stranger to hard work. Upon enrollment at Berry High School in 1950 it was only natural that he would accept work milking 9 cows by hand, twice a day, for buttermilk.

Before the Mt Berry Trail was constructed, few people, save Harold and the other student farm workers, could have imagined the beauty and peacefulness of the rolling land adjacent to the Oostanaula River. As he took off his helmet Harold told Harry it was an interesting day to reflect on all the hard work he had done at Berry and it was a lot more enjoyable to be on the bike.