Trail Fix News and Updates for June 2019
Dear Trail Fix'ers,
We hope that you will be joining us for the inaugural Trail Fix Relay! We've had a fantastic initial response to this all-new event, and we're already counting the days to unveil all that we have in store for you on September 7th. Trail Fix will be a true 'mix-of-everything' trail running experience; blending together the widest imaginable range of Southern Ontario trail types into one point-to-point trail course for teams of four to divide and conquer. From road racers to trail dancers, this is a course that will offer something for every runner type.

If you haven't already done so, have a look at our teaser trailer for some snippets of what to expect!
The 2019 race guide is now available for download - this comprehensive package summarizes all of the details around Race Day, and will give you a better understanding of what to expect. Given the logistics involved in staging a 110km point-to-point relay trail race, we've gone to great lengths to make this package as clear and concise as possible!

One of the particularly unique elements of Trail Fix is the system that will be in place to ensure that all teams are able to complete the course in full (and before nightfall!) This system is referred to as "SimulFixing," and it will allow team members to run certain stages simultaneously. Full details are provided in Section 4.

Also included in the guide:
  • A Race Day itinerary and driving directions
  • An overview of our timing system and how it works
  • A team tracking and stage planning tool
  • The Transition Area driving guide
  • Answers to FAQs, and lots more!
Should you have any questions at all, we are more than happy to answer them! Hope to see you in September!

Your Trail Fix Team