Trail Fix Racer Update #2
Dear Trail Fix'ers,
Oh so close! We're counting the days until we get to welcome you for the first time to the Trail Fix race experience, and we hope that you are looking forward to it as much as we are. By this point you are likely starting to think a bit more about Race Day and how this whole thing works, so we wanted to send out a final update to touch on some key points.
Please note that everything below and more is documented in the Trail Fix Race Guide, so we do urge you to make certain that each member of your team has taken a moment to review it. We welcome your questions, but it is very more than likely that the answer will be found in the guide once you read it through.
  • As outlined in the Race Guide, race check-in will be at the main chalet at Albion Hills Conservation Area.

  • If team members are driving separately, please note that any extra vehicles (ie. those that are not going to be your designated team vehicle for the day), must be left in the Cedar Grove lot. Follow signs to "day parking/overflow parking" to drop those extra vehicles off at Cedar Grove before heading to check-in.

  • Check-in will only be open from 6:00-7:30am. ALL TEAM MEMBERS must be present - only those at check-in will be issued wristbands, and only those with wristbands will be permitted on the course! There will be no exceptions to this rule.

  • Note that the drive from Albion Hills to the start at Terra Cotta is at least 35 minutes, so please plan accordingly! Avoid Race Day stress by arriving early to check-in!

  • Your team kit will include the Transition Area (TA) Driving Guide, which will provide you with directions between TA's. A team planning/tracking tool will also be included. Both of these are available in the Race Guide for reference.

  • Your team kit will also include a vehicle parking pass for access into each TA - please make certain to display these on your dash so that gate staff can see them.

  • Race Start will be at Terra Cotta Conservation Area. Parking will be in lot "P3." The race briefing will be held at 8:30am, and at least one runner per team must be present.

  • As noted in the Race Guide, construction on Winston Churchill Blvd will prevent you from taking the most direct route that wayfinding apps will likely suggest between the first 2 TA's (Terra Cotta and Scotsdale Farm), so plan on the drive taking at least 20 minutes. This still leaves plenty of time to get to transition before the Stage 2 runner arrives, but faster teams will want to leave Terra Cotta right away.

  • Due to unforeseen culvert re-construction on the Caledon Trailway, a minor re-route will be put in place on the Stage 7 course. This diversion will only add 250m in extra distance.

  • Note that TA's will not have shelter, so plan and dress accordingly! Rain gear, umbrellas and your team vehicle will keep you dry in the event of wet weather, and teams are welcome to set up tents or canopies at the final Transition at Albion Hills. Each TA will have washroom facilities.

  • There will be two TA's featuring aid stations with water and yummy snacks, but given that teams will have regular access to their team vehicle, the communities of Terra Cotta, Cheltenham, Belfountain and Caledon East will each provide you with options to replenish food and drink throughout the day. Please note that this is a cup-less event.

  • A BBQ meal (with veggie options) and a beer tent (hosted by Goodlot Brewing) will be waiting for you at the final TA at Albion Hills. There are no ATM's on-site, so remember to bring some cash for that well-deserved post-race beer! There are however, lots of open grassy areas to set up a comfy transition space, and hang out with your teammates for the afternoon and evening.

  • Albion Hills also offers on-site camping facilities if you'd like to spend the night - click here to learn more.
  • An overview of how our Sportident timing system works is provided in Section 1 and Section 4 the Race Guide. The most important piece to remember is that runners must both punch in and punch out on each stage - please keep this in mind while at each TA!

  • The Race Guide also outlines "SimulFixing" - the system that we will have in place to ensure that all teams can complete the course in full. See Section 4 for an explanation of how it works.
  • As explained in the race rules, please note that pacers are not permitted. Only one team member may complete a race leg at a time, and legs may not be split up between runners.

  • Through SimulFixing, it should be feasible for most teams to finish the course before dusk, but it is possible that the final legs at Albion Hills might be completed in the dark. It is recommended that teams be ready with headlamps just in case. The markers on Stage 10 will have reflective tape on them.

  • Please note that only one vehicle per team will be permitted into the transition areas - spectator vehicles unfortunately cannot be allowed.

  • Only those runners waiting to tag off with their incoming teammates are permitted inside the 'tag-off' zone. Feel free to get creative though with ways to easily identify your outgoing runner in the crowd!
It's not uncommon by this stage in the game for team members to go MIA since the point of registration. Please note that while refunds are not offered at this point, team rosters can always be switched up to accommodate teammates who no longer able to race. Keep in mind also that it is not mandatory to have four runners on Race Day - teams may attempt the course with three or two if they choose.

If you need to make a substitution on your team, simply contact us at and we will make the necessary changes for you. And if you are looking for a teammate replacement, we may be able to help with that too!
We are still in need of a few more Race Day volunteers - specifically for the following shifts:


Keep in mind that all volunteers are offered a $25 credit towards future entry fees at any of our events, as well as a sweet-looking Trail Fix tee, and a bagged lunch and/or ticket to the post-race BBQ. The credit can also be offered in the form of a rebate to the team, for referrals of volunteers over the age of 13.

Know of someone who can help out? Let us know at!
Trail Fix has partnered with the Caledon Hills Bruce Trail Club, to support their work maintaining over 100km of Bruce Trail routes within their region. The Bruce is such an immense treasure to all of us who love to hike or run trails, and we should be very grateful for the work done by the dedicated volunteers of its chapter clubs.

You can show your appreciation by making a donation to the to the Bruce Trail Conservancy, or if you would like to supplement our efforts with a contribution to the Caledon Hills Club, please do get in touch at
Once again, if you have any questions at all we are more than happy to answer them at Looking forward to seeing you on the 7th!

Your Trail Fix Team