Trail Fix Re-Launched for 2020!
Dear Trail Fix'ers,
Still jacked from the inaugural race, we're thrilled to announce that Trail Fix 2020 has been locked in for Saturday September 12th. The website has been fully updated with all the details for Year 2, which like this year will fall on the weekend after Labour Day. Early entry rates are now in effect, and registration is now open!

We've been diligently compiling feedback that we've received from teams at this year's event and are working away to build and improve on all that we learned/observed back in September. Our many thanks to those of you who shared their thoughts - here's where we've netted out:
A few of the major changes we'll be implementing include:

New Team of 5 Category
Teams now have the option to race either as a group of four or five. The new five's division will feature the full range of category options that four's do, including both open and masters for all-male, all-female and coed teams.

Stage 10 to be Completed as a Team
The last stage in Albion Hills will now be run by all team members together rather than individually, such that teams can be confident that their final legs will be done in daylight. We'll be tweaking the Stage 9 section in Albion a little as well to complement this change.

New Flagging Tape Colours
We heard you loud and clear! The white and red flagging tape design we opted for this year was not sufficiently visible at various points, so we'll be testing new colour options for 2020. We'll also be investing in new signage that will be positioned at key junctions to direct runners back if they happen to take a wrong turn.

Finally, we'll be working on some fun course changes with our landowner partners in the months ahead - more details to come!
A few of the more 'minor' changes and improvements will include:

  • The Inglewood Transition will move down the street to the Lloyd Wilson arena, so that the TA and the team parking area are in the same location

  • "Punch In" and "Punch Out" terminology at TA's will be replaced by "Stage Start" and "Stage End"

  • A revision of our finish line layout - closer to the beer!

  • Possibly a post-race bonfire at Albion?
One of the other key learnings from this year was that some teams had assumed that taking the SimulFix option would come with some form of penalty. This was certainly not intended to be the case - the SimulFix system exists only to ensure that all teams are able to complete the race in full without falling behind the course cut-off's.

The only real difference between SimulFixing and not, is that a team's finish time is determined through combining leg splits between two timing cards, rather than the elapsed time of a singular card. We will work to adjust the messaging around this feature for next year.
Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to let us know at Looking forward to seeing you again next September!

Your Trail Fix Team