Trail Fix Postponed to 2021, BUT...
Dear Trail Fix'ers,
Our best wishes to all of you for your safety and good health during these wildly unusual times. Unfortunately (and as may have been expected), we are reaching out to announce that the second edition of Trail Fix will have to be postponed to 2021.

While we remain confident that the fully-overhauled racecourse/race site design we recently developed would be a sound and safe response to the realities of COVID19, it's become clear that even this plan just isn't meant to be. The lack of direction around what may or may not be possible in the coming months with respect to events is just not likely going to be resolved soon enough to make timely decisions for September. More importantly though, the concerning developments south of the border and elsewhere around the world gives sobering perspective that now is just not the time.

All team entries will be automatically deferred to the 2021 event - the details for which will be posted to our website later in the year. Our goal is to make the weekend following Labour Day our regular race weekend, making Saturday September 11 the tentative 2021 date. Nothing will be required on the part of any participants, and we will post an updated team confirmation list when the site is re-launched.

But Wait, Some Good News!

In the spirit of keep moving forward, we have decided not to let the new racecourse design we built go without being enjoyed first! With thanks to our partners at Albion Hills Conservation Area, we will be marking 4 unique trail stages within the park for the entirety of the September 12-13 weekend. We welcome you to drop by at your leisure to give them a rip anytime between 9:00am Saturday and 6:00pm Sunday. Full details are now available at

While we are not asking for any fees to take part, we hope that you might consider even a small contribution to Sean's 100 for the Bruce Trail. This October, Race Director Sean Roper will be running the regular Trail Fix route out-and-back to the equivalent of 100 miles, in an effort to raise funds for the Caledon chapter of the Bruce Trail Conservancy. You can learn more and donate at

Once again, our many thanks to those on the front lines of this crisis - let's all show them the respect they deserve by continuing to follow the guidelines being set forth by our Public Health agencies.
We look forward to seeing you again on the other side of all of this! Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to let us know at

Your Storm Racing Team