Trail Fix News & Updates for November 2020
Dear Trail Fix'ers,
We hope that everyone is making the most of this splendid early November weather, and that you have been able to safely enjoy lots of time on the trails during these highly unusual times. It goes without saying that the absence of a race season in 2020 has, well... just generally sucked, but in the spirit of keep moving forward, we continue to look forward to better times ahead.

To that end, we are very happy to announce the re-launch of The site has been completely overhauled to provide all the details around what we're calling the "Albion Hills Edition" of Trail Fix, scheduled for the September 11-12 weekend.

Given the very unique circumstances that remain in play, we will be putting the event's original point-to-point race format on hold, in favour of a new and re-tooled Trail Fix that's been re-envisioned to suit the current reality. This new course design was trialed by over 100 runners on a self-guided basis back in September, and the very positive reviews more than proved it to be the way to go as we begin anew for 2021.

How it Works

  • The new racecourse is made up of four separate stages within Albion Hills, which teams complete four times each, for a total of 16 legs covering 100km of total distance. 

  • These 16 legs may be divvied up between teams of four or five any way that you like.  Stages range in distance between 5km and 7km.

  • Teams will be based from one of four separate "zones" centered around the Race Site - all in open fields with ample space for physical distancing. Teams in each zone will be pre-assigned their initial starting stage, and race start time. 

  • Further details on other measures we'll be taking to promote safe racing are available here.

  • Should it be deemed necessary (per local and/or provincial health agency guidelines), teams will be split into separate events on Saturday and Sunday of Race Weekend. If not, all teams will race on Saturday September 11.

Why it's Going to Be Awesome

Albion Hills really is a spectacular host site for trail racing. We were fortunate to be able to showcase it at the tail end of the inaugural Trail Fix, but realized afterwards that the 50-plus kilometres of open meadows, rolling doubletrack and rugged technical singletrack winding through the park is so extensive, that it was possible to create a standalone racecourse consisting of 4 entirely unique stages. You can review the maps and profiles for each at

And... as we learned in September, Albion Hills is also a pretty perfect place for making a full weekend of trail activity. Not only does the park feature over 200 campsites throughout, but it's even better known for offering some of the best mountain biking in southern Ontario. To make the most of it, we're working on an all-new mountain bike course that will be fully marked all weekend, offered at no charge to Trail Fix racers.

Deferrals and Registration

As announced back in July, all 2020 registered teams will be automatically deferred to the 2021 event. We are currently working on a re-launch of our registration system, and will send out another announcement as soon as it is ready. Stay tuned for more info!

Should you have any questions or comments, please feel free to let us know at Can't wait to see you again in 2021!

Your Trail Fix Team