Holiday edition
news & updates
Don't forget that we are still offering museum passes! If you are anything like me, the idea of going to museum makes you queasy with anxiety and that's ok. But we also offer trail passes to Jackson Ski Touring and they are open for the season.

In a fit of incredible foresight, I bought two passes this year. There are some rules new rules. we cannot lend both passes to folks in the same party. Yes, this rule is nearly impossible for us or JSTF to monitor, but we ask that you preserve the Library's ability to get these passes by observing it.

Also, the person who signs out the pass must also be the person who brings the voucher to the ticket counter to get the day pass. Non-transferable!

Those seem reasonable to me and if they do to you, we will be glad to reserve the pass for you and leave it in the front foyer for pickup... now available Tu-Sa so plan ahead and get tomorrow's day pass today during pickup and bob's your uncle.... same goes for all our museum passes if you want them!
Do you have someone on your list that you struggle to buy for? Why not honor them with a book in the Library? We have created two fun ways to buy a book to both honor a loved one and contribute our collection.

We have a wish list with White Birch Books, our unbelievable local book store. Simply buy a book we need, support a local business, and donate the book to us when you're done. Everyone wins!

If instant uplift is what you crave, we also offer a direct sponsorship. Donate a flat fee for a book for our collection. We'll order it and process it for our collection with a book plate honoring your generosity. We can even make sure you're first on the hold list so you can wrap it up - just be sure to return it by the due date!

More information on gifting items for our collection on our sponsorship page.
Meredith and Petunia post a new storytime on the usual day, the first and third Thursday of every month. We hope you will join them for some fun stories and songs.

Also, don't forget our beloved story book trail behind the building. We change it often so you'll have a new book to enjoy as you wander through the woods.
We had our first post-closure book group last week and it went off great. We all got a good chance to talk and I learned lots of new things.

We intend to continue and our next book is The Book of Essie by Meghan Weir. You may know Meghan's dad Dan who is the President of the Jackson Friends of the Library. Meghan's mom and dad donated 15 copies of her book so we could host a kit to share with book groups all over the state.

These kits are available for any group to borrow, but do require some advance planning. If you would like to request one for your group please let us know.
The Friends have been working on their Annual Appeal letter - it should arrive in your mailbox soon. You do not have to donate money to join the Friends, you only have to love the Library and want to be a part of it. You can join on our website.

Just in case you haven't heard me say it - which seems impossible - we are the busiest library in New Hampshire per capita and we depend on the Friends to bring the magic. They fund all the extras including books, museum passes, technologies, programming, even toilet paper and hand sanitizer.