Dearest Early Learning Providers, Teachers & Educators,
As we prepare for a new school year, one that will be drastically different than years in the past, we want to encourage you to focus on the social and emotional aspects of the children returning to your program.

Every family has experienced this pandemic differently, just like you and your family may have. Some may have experienced a financial loss, stress, high levels of food insecurity, or concerns about rent and utilities. Some may have experienced isolation and a sense of loss, anxiety, and fear. Some may have lost a friend or family member due to COVID-19 or related complications. And some might not have a way to express all that has changed in their lives since March, but your gut tells you something is off and different.

In addition to the children returning to your program, parents and caregivers may have varying levels of feelings. Some may feel comfortable sending their children back to preschool as it has been very stressful for them at home or they may be in an "I don't have a choice" situation with lots of fear and worries-- either way, it is not easy adjusting to our "new normal." 

These are complex issues that are coming to your doorstep. We wanted to remind you that we can help. During this time of living in a COVID-19 world, we have partnered with Mental Health Expert, Eric Mundt, and his incredible team at Marriage & Family Services. If you encounter a parent or child that may be having a challenging time, please encourage them to call Eric at 561.503.3059.

Needless to say, the children in your care will need some extra patience, room to share their feelings, a chance to take big breaths when emotions are high and overwhelming. 

Thankfully, this is what early childhood educators do best! Early childhood educators build strong and positive relationships with the children in their class. With your help, children will regain their sense of comfort, safety and build confidence over the next few weeks. It is your time to shine! 

We remain in awe of the early learning community, educators, business owners, directors, support staff, including maintenance staff. We are not through these crises yet, but we know that we are in this together, and we are here to support you.

Please send any questions or comments to or call us via our Provider Hotline at 1.877.767.4659.

Thank you,

The Early Learning Coalition of Palm Beach County
Provider Webinar Next Thursday
In Case You Missed It
In case you missed it this week, here is the recording of the Provider Webinar w/ PBC School District, Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Department. Learn how they are providing services during this time and how you may be able to help!
Parent & Child Online Event

Parent & Child Read-Along: Next Thursday
Please share with your families:

Join the Facebook Live! Read-along next week to read the second half of Kindergarten... Here I Come! by the wonderful children's author - D.J. Steinberg in English. đź“š
Professional Development Opportunities
New DCF/OEL Trainings on Classroom Instruction
There are three new courses created by Office of Early Learning and hosted on the DCF Training website. These new courses will expand the participants’ knowledge and skills as they work toward integrating key domains into their daily classroom instruction.

Each course is appropriate for all educators of young children, birth to kindergarten.

Fall 2020 Early Learning Florida Courses | Register Now!
Please see the attached links for our upcoming Early Learning Florida courses. The deadline for registration is Monday, August 10th. Be sure to register now to secure your space today!

Re-framing Challenging Behaviors Online Course with 3 Face-to-Face Community of Practice (COP) Sessions | Click Here to Register Now

Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health Course Online 1: Theoretical Foundations | Click Here to Register Now
Institute of Excellence in Early Care & Education
The Institute of Excellence in Early Care and Education (IEECE) at Palm Beach State College provides professional development and financial support to the early childhood education workforce in Palm Beach County. Here is the IEECE’s fall non-credit course schedule. Registration for the fall semester is open. Click here to learn more. 
SEEK Scholarship Deadline - August 10th
Register today for the Fall 2020 SEEK Scholarship for FAU and FIU through the Institute of Excellence in Early Care and Education at Palm Beach State College. Deadline date is August 10, 2020 at 5 p.m. Click here to learn more. 
Valuable Updates
Virtual Study Buddies Sessions | August
Study Buddies Session are available to all early childhood educators who have completed the targeted online course and are interested in a review of the course prior to taking the end of the course assessment. Please share with your teachers.

Back-To-School & Attendance Matters!
Each month, the Coalition focuses on a specific campaign to share with our audiences; our August awareness campaign, “On Time, On Target” Attendance Awareness includes information about virtual school/distance learning, with best practices and guidance on how to ensure your child is on track as you help them learn to thrive and succeed virtually.

One Goal, One Florida Initiative
Governor Ron DeSantis release a new initiative called "One Goal, One Florida." This program asks all Floridians to join together and fight COVID-19.

These simple, yet effective steps can help mitigate and slow the spread of the virus:
  1. Protect the vulnerable, including the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions 
  2. Practice proper hygiene, including washing your hands 
  3. Practice social distancing, avoiding closed spaces and crowded places 
  4. Wear a mask, if you are in close contact with others 

Updates from the School District of Palm Beach County
The School District of Palm Beach County will start the 2020-2021 school year with distance learning on Monday, August 31. On July 16, 2020, the School Board approved the Superintendent’s recommendation to keep students in a remote learning environment until health conditions improve in Palm Beach County.

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