Dear Intellus Worldwide Community,

It goes without saying that we are in the midst of an unprecedented time. We want to express our empathy and respect for the healthcare community of providers and manufacturers that have risen to the challenge. We are humbled by their selfless dedication. Please know that we are here to support our insights and analytics community in any way we can. 

In the US, we have joined forces with Insights Association and QRCA to advocate for governmental assistance for small businesses. Globally, we will continue collecting data from various sources to provide ongoing information and guidance on market research feasibility during this challenging time.  Our next statement with the latest data from HCPs and patients participating in market research will be sent out this week.  

If you are interested in getting more involved by joining a committee, presenting a webinar, or want to give feedback on needed resources, please connect with Heidi Boyle.
We are in this together,

Intellus Worldwide Executive Committee
News You Can Use
Healthcare providers want market research to continue, read Intellus 3/25/20 statement here
Intellus Worldwide's letter to the US government advocating for support for small businesses within the insights & analytics industry struggling during the COVID-19 crisis.
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Access the M3 Global Research dashboard on HCPs' willingness to participate in market research with results from ongoing survey with partner panels by country, HCP type and specialty. 

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Professional Development
Online Learning Available
  • COVID-19: Current Healthcare MR Feasibility
  • Three Reasons Why Pharmaceutical Marketing Researchers Must Care About Physician Burnout 
  • Patient Record Audits 
  • Patient Personas 
  • Podcasts for Insights 
  • Dealing with Information Overload 
  • Role of AI in MR

Intellus Worldwide partners with BHBIA to provide both our memberships access to webinars. BHBIA webinars are accessible through the Virtual Learning Center.

L atest webinars:

  • Digital Opinion Leaders are the New Key Opinion Leaders
  • Digital Marketing in Healthcare
  • Best Practice for Customer Segmentation
2020 Webinar Content Needed

Webinar sponsorships are now available for $1,000, marketed to our 5,500+ network. 45 minute webinars take place throughout the year, typically 1 per month on Wednesdays at 11am ET so members around the globe can participate live. Webinar recordings are available on demand through our Virtual Learning Center for two years.

Each webinar’s content is peer-reviewed to evaluate actionabilty for our audience and must be presented in an educational, non-promotional perspective. Contact Heidi Boyle if interested.
The 2020 Summit is rescheduled for September 9-11.
We will continue to monitor the impact on COVID-19
and make necessary adjustments to support our community.
Join 400+ colleagues at the Summit to participate in peer-reviewed, actionable sessions including:
Using Implicit Associations & Other Research Enhancing Approaches to Make Better Decisions, Dani Heywood, Branding Science & Jayashree Subramanian, Leo Pharma
Evaluating a New Treatment Opportunity Through Linguistic and Emotional Analysis, Beth Baldys, inVibe Labs & Tiffany Shovlin, Taiho Oncology
Market Access: A Patient Perspective, Wes Michael, Rare Patient Voice, Nora McCulloch, Team Type 1 & Jim Sliney, Patient's Rising
Integrating Design Thinking and Behavioral Science into the Treatment Decision Journey, Lisa Griffith, Biogen & Greg Chu, KMK Consulting
Health Care Industry: Key Trends Amidst Chaos, Kim Romanski, Healthcare Executive
IBM's Artificial Intelligence Journey: How Market Insights Activate Innovation, Kathy Millich, IBM & Kathleen McKnight, KS&R
Driving Action Through Insights: Achieving Stakeholder Alignment to Activate Insights, Carol Shea, Olivetree Insights
E mbracing the Digital Age to Inform HCP Engagement: A case study in pancreatic cancer, Daniel Ghinn & Jamie Doggett,
The Complete Patient, Tom Haskell, Kantar
Mining the Magic of Consumer Insights - How Corporate America Leverages VOC via Best Practices by QRCs, Naomi Henderson, RIVA Market Research & RIVA Training Institute
Integrating Real-World Data into the Primary Research Process: A use-case with an international flavor, Simon Fitall, Galileo Analytics
Keeping Up with Fast-changing International Privacy Legislation - GDPR, CCPA, what else? Jessica Santos, PhD, Kantar
Virtual Patient Communities: Same Issue, Different Countries. What can we learn about compliance? Anna Shevalova & Katharina Gancarczyk, Bazis
Predicting Professional & Patient Healthcare Behaviors, Peter Simpson, Segmedica
Data, Privacy, and Ethics: How to Conduct Responsible & High Profile Social Media Research, Marina Ness & Bill Jefferies, Inspire
Your Role in Designing Healthcare and AI Products: Don't Leave It Up to the Programmers, Gavin Lew, Bold Insight
The Patient-Centered Ecosystem & the Role of Specialty Pharmacy - An Interactive Experience, James Sharples & Patty Trainor, KS&R
The Secret to Boosting the Predictive Power of Machine Learning Models, JP Tsang, PhD, Bayser
Intellus Young Professionals 2020 Volunteer Event

The YPs are partnering with LiveUp Programs, a non-profit that provides long weekend programs for adults with Down Syndrome.

Memorial Day Weekend in Philadelphia - subject to change depending on progress of COVID-19 social distancing measures.

Members (and their HR counterparts) post jobs for free on our job board,  click here for details.

New postings: Marketing Specialist, ThinkGen & Associate Research Director, Kantar
EphMRA & Intellus Worldwide's Classification Committee prepares the annual guidelines for the ATC Drug Classification System and manages new entries, changes and improvements in consultation with pharmaceutical manufacturers. Most (if not all) drug-level, secondary databases follow this system. A meeting is held each year to preserve harmonization (where possible) between the World Health Organization and the EphMRA/Intellus system. Intellus maintains a permanent seat on the committee to ensure US manufacturers are represented in decisions.   View the 2020 ATC Guidelines
View our Health Literacy Resources to discover tools and understanding required to address the growing needs of patients with a variety of health literacy levels, and how to equip patients to better understand their treatments, control their own health decisions and improve outcomes.
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August 20 - Chicago Botanic Garden
August 27 - Genentech San Francisco
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