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Thank you to everyone who joyfully participated. We completed our 100 days injoy as in contrast to ofjoy a few days ago.

The significance for me was more about presence as everywhere I went from restaurants to movie theaters everyone reminded me to injoy my food, injoy my movie and it really integrated a very profound shift for me personally with my gratitude.

Before I think I took gratitude for granted, my moments of inspiration, the moment of getting my work done, my yoga practice completed and I do it all now to injoy.

I would also like to shout out to the Joy Sprinkler a lovely woman who got caught up in our 100daysinjoy from Cairns Australia and sent me a beautiful card. Her message for very touching as sometimes you do these things not really thinking who you may meet or connect with. She had been diagnosed with stage four cancer and is now cancer free and she realized the importance of joy in life during her battle thus her IG is #joysprinkler.

Don't let anyone stand in the way of not just your pursuit of happiness but what you injoy as that is your freedom and right to be who you are in full expression whether others get it or not.

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Hi there  
Get ready for some huge shifts in June as we start with some Vortex chasing in Sedona and the world premiere of the  Heal Documentary .
I am so incredibly blessed and excited to be part of the dream
  visionary and director Kelly Noonan kept alive within herself polishing the vision for years even though she had no idea how to make it happen.  It's amazing when we don't know but we do know something and allow the magic to happen in healing, in love and in s uccess. You are part of my dream as joy bringers with your own unique voice, ways and visions. No one can do it, whatever the it is ...like you can. For those of you coming to Sedona,  I will be staying at the Hilton Bell Rock and looking forward to sharing some great food at the Chocolate Tree (itinerary for hikes and events are in the block below).

There are some new classes and groups throughout the summer starting with Accessing Beyond. What if, you decided to choose more joy, more health, wealth and creativity then sometimes you need to destroy some old patterns and running the bars opens it to more spaciousness and more possibility. To Access Beyond what you know to the unknown relieving from lopped patterns, unawareness, programs created to keep you small. Time to destroy and uncreate the safety of predictability and access the treasures in the unknown but as we all know that takes hitting a wall or just giving up trying to figure it out.  

I am also very excited to announce our Executive Transformation Retreat beginning in June
with our first group of executives from the London Hotel, West Hollywood. The London is the leading luxury hotel in West Hollywood with a 150 seater capacity state of the art movie theater, pool, Vivienne Westwood designed suites, world renowned restaurant and much more. If you want to know the secret of their success you just have to look at the top of the tree at GM, Jeff Kulek. He creates a kind and compassionate environment filled with mentoring, expansion, creativity and always looking to go beyond the box for his people and guests. If you would like further details of our transformation retreats from one day intensives to five days please email Kristen Jordan-Wood our marketing Joy Bringer to Corporate America. Kristen will also be joining us on our podcasts to talk corporate consciousness, mindfulness and the challenges in business conflicting with our own alignments. She also has a great blog called Chocolate Cake Mondays that explores the foils and triumphs of career management served with one of her many amazing recipes.

I would also like to shout out to my assistant and wingwoman Soffeah for her dedication, love and vision for Pause in Joy. Soffeah not only teaches but has created the podcasts and website for PiJ and she is now working on our retreat space here in Los Angeles.
This month is exciting as three new students adventure into the vibration of Reiki III, their metaphysical talks will be posted on the Facebook page for you to attend, their practice reiki circles and energetic psychic surgery - volunteers also wanted for both classes so come support, engage and be part of their journey to practice their practice.
I am really looking forward to this journey with you all as I can already feel the tornado of energy from the Vortexes amping up for our Sedona tuning. I will do a facebook live of some distance healing from the center of the vortex for some much needed upliftment, energy and alignment. When I shift, you guys shift by osmosis
so to infinity and beyond as Buzz Lightyear says...Oh I may do an energy pull too but that might get a little crazy, lets create some phenomena I think we all need a little bit of being phenomenal back in our vortex.  
Love and Light 


The Heal Documentary
World Premiere, Sedona June 1st

June 2nd, 9am  
Boyton Canyon Trail 
June 2nd, 10/10.15am

The Buddha of Infinite Light, the immeasurable life and light Stupa and Peace Garden will be our meditation wheel to fine tune our discernment and deepen our awareness. This is one of my spaces to walk around the stupa in meditation offering our prayers and our presence in collaboration with Buddha consciousness. This will be at 9am.

In 2008 Patti was attuned to the energy of the Green Tara by the Dalai Lama's Oracle. This peace garden called her heart last year as the Amitabha is the central figure Patti uses in her Reiki as the Universe and Humanity, or God and Humanity become one in Harmony. This meditation will prepare us for our hike to the Shiva Shakti Vortex at Boyton Canyon at 10.15am. Please wear hiking shoes and bring something to sit on. It is a mild hike but the energy at the site will balance what is needed and empower what is missing.

Be prepared for an experience as Patti has great reverence for the power of nature and dancing with elemental energies. 
Our hike to the Shiva Shakti Vortex at Boyton Canyon is not far before we reach our Vortex. Please bring a blanket or cushion as the energy at this particular area is powerful.
It is a mild hike but the energy at the site will balance what is needed and empower what is missing. Be prepared for an experience as Patti has great reverence for the power of nature and dancing with elemental energies. Some may also like to bring a journal if you are joining us please sign waiver before hike.

Join us at opening reception Saturday 5-8pm!

Meditation Sunday, June 4th, 4:44pm 

So excited for Torie's new show please feel free to bring a friend to opening night on June 3rd.

  Summer Solstice Reiki Circle  
 Saturday June 17th , 10.30am-noon
The energy we will be tapping into will be the MORE energy of the peacock. More vision, more allowance, more possibilities, more eyes on us and more joy...How much more can you take?  This circle is to prepare us for the beauty of our journey towards Summer Solstice and calibrate the next months to a higher frequency of abundance, power and creativity. 

Our Reiki Circle is for ALL whether you practice Reiki or not to join in community and be stronger together as we grow, expand and exude from within. It is an opportunity to plug in to a conscious community and use what you already know, whether it is the teachings of Abraham Hicks, Louise Hay, Marianne Williamson or your own practice; this gathering is a sacred event where we get to work on the subtle energies.
Reiki Tuning and Joy Circle will focus on re-coding or activating the code that lies within you without the auto-safe of the ego kicking in to sabotage or block you in a myriad of ways. We will be activating more Joy in your life, more space for you to receive what you need as we calibrate you to Nature's vast grid the ocean of consciousness. Each tuning will reactivate your bodies natural ability to heal itself and natural ability for you to achieve what you vision in life. Each circle produces an experience of its own special energetic vibration, everyone brings their own uniqueness that can result in epiphanies, a deep sense of connection to your higher self as well as the ability to stay longer pausing in your Joy. We are here to bring forth the space to harness more Joy in our life but first we must learn to breathe into receiving it. Please bring your symbols that will represent what you wish to send energy to for focus and intents, such things as projects, photos of loved ones - passed or present, pets photos, business cards, head-shots, photographs, vision boards that you are out of alignment with to have a visual symbol to focus your intent. This Circle will experience the sound of the Golden Gate as we tune our highest vibration to the celestial heavens opening to us.   

Be the change you want to see in the World starts with you!

This healing, spiritual path, journey, way I have created is based on the Hero's Journey to know thyself be true. As it is only once we clean our own personal individual energy that we connect collectively in oneness for the betterment of humanity. So why should you bother doing any spiritual work? 
Well for one, you didn't come here to be an accountant, bra sales person or mechanic; you came here to bring forward the treasure that lies within you and perhaps you don't even know what that is but don't you think it is worth exploring, because I do!

For me to make you, your own Hero I'm going to push you, be the bad guy, be the good guy, be the villain, be the loved one, be whatever you decide you want me to be for you to reach for your greatness. Ever notice how people go around looking for Guru's to disappoint them and then they find the ones that do disappoint them, bingo you were right and got what you wanted. Now what, did the ego win another delay to do what you need to do when you need to do it? That's just another barricade to loving, devoting, giving yourself over - You see a Guru doesn't do it to you, a Guru is only there to shine light on what you are not seeing, being and ultimately cease your game of hide and seek with yourself. Peek a boo, I see you and that can be scary, relieving and vulnerable - Ready to be free?

Pause in Joy Reiki Books available prior to class. Reiki III and Masters will be discussed with Patti directly due to the work needed to prepare.  
If any of these dates do not work for your schedule please email and we can sync our calendars and get you going.  Reiki Master Teacher Training, please email for appointment to discuss application.   
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Reiki I:   
Re-Membering your Light 

Los Angeles 
June 11th, 1 day class w/Patti  
Long Beach
June 11th and 25th, 1 day class w/Soffeah
Reiki One teaches awakens that they are energetic beings having a physical experience. This awakening of energetic alignment to the subtle bodies re-establishes a discernment of the mind, body and soul connection to everything. This infinite unified field of CONSCIOUSNESS taps you into the the grid of our own healing, knowing, empowerment and self-centered peacefulness.

Focusing on this subtle life-force energy that underlies everything gives each student the opportunity to shift anything in their life before it manifests physically. 
The possibilities unveiled reveal a new world with new creative potential liberated from fears, anxiety, procrastination, undisciplined apathy and jealousy. Each student has a different journey as each person's TRUTH is revealed to them uniquely. The path of living your fullest life is in your own hands as the self-healing modality is only a small part of a larger journey to the THINKING problem that plagues society.  
Class Duration: 1 day 
- Includes Pause in Joy Reiki I workbook to be read before class
-Vegetarian Lunch Provided 

If any of these dates do not work for your schedule please email and we can sync our calendars and get you going.  Reiki Master Teacher Training, please email for appointment to discuss application. 

"Choosing your Reiki Master is part as much part of the attunement as the attunement itself."  Patti Penn

Current Pause in Joy Reiki I Students:
Reiki II :  
Conscience Becomes Conscious 

Los Angeles
June 20-21st, 2 days w/Patti Penn 

Santa Monica 
June 18th -19th, 2 day class w/Soffeah

Reiki II is at least 30 days post Reiki I as students know when they are ready for this level as a specific aspect will rise from the consciousness telling me you are ready.  This level of Reiki at Pause in Joy is known by students' as the #gamechanger. It is for students wishing to forge a deeper connection to this powerful energy by clearing past/present/future fears and limitations and connect to their own inner listener, guidance and live a full rich abundant life..

Reiki II is considered professional practitioner level. You will learn to use three separate Reiki energy streams not only via symbols but acute awareness of vibration. Symbols only focus your intent but it is the reservoir of energy behind a symbol that is your connection. The symbols connect you fast to the unified field, while another calms and stills the emotions and lastly, to send energy through time-space.

As this level is practitioner level, Patti believes to heal yourself or others one must start cleaning your own house unresolved issues will only come to the surface to amplify their release. Reiki II unveils an awareness that has no room for blame, or excuses but identifies addictions, emotional tranquilizers and all personal distractions that have impeded your evolution to your personal greatness.

You will learn to liberate yourself from eons of THINKING small, thinking in self preservation and most of all thinking in lack from a fear based mentality.  As we sending energy to every year in your life the transformation will reunite you to the person you always knew you had the potential to be.

    * Discuss exercises presented in Reiki II Book 
    * Subconscious becoming conscious and using affirmations 
    * Recognizing your own awareness and emotional tranquilizers 
    * Visualization meditation and attunement to Reiki II 
    * Drawing and connecting to the meaning of all three symbols 
    * Giving an emotional treatment using your intuitive scanning 
    * Receiving an emotional treatment 
    * Collapsing your own fears and limitations. 
    * Sending distance Reiki to two designated recipients using proxy items 
* Planning and implementing sending Reiki back to every year in your life for 30 days (Must Journal)   
      * Learning Emotional Freedom Technique with Reiki to clear and cleanse sending Reiki back and collapse aspects as they surface. 
Class duration is 10.00am - 4.00pm, 2 days 
-Includes Pause in Joy, Reiki II Book 
-Vegetarian Lunch is provided

Current Pause in Joy Reiki II Students:

Reiki III : The Conscience Becomes Conscious

Los Angeles 
June 13-14 and July 1st-2nd, 2 days w/Patti Penn  

Long Beach, w/Soffeah
TBD, 2 days 

Reiki III is a future trajectory from Reiki II as the patterns, predictability and comfort zones are dissolved. As each Reiki II student meticulously chose personal milestones to send energy back to in Reiki II these milestones were limitations to a personal vantage point invested in the story and identity held with it. Reiki III, is an energetic experiential journey of no linear absolutes but transforming into a multidimensional journey to create future possibilities from no preordained past patterns.

Reiki III is the practitioner level of Reiki Masters allowing students the use the energy of the Master symbol without FULLY INTENTIONALLY COMMITTING to teach. Reiki III embodies a level of seva to the community to GIVE and partake in Reiki Circle with no personal attachment to the fruits of your action. A commitment to participant in community Reiki Circles for six months gives you the opportunity to experience holding the space for 6-8 individuals within the attunement process and calibrating to the energy you are tapping in to.

In preparation for Reiki III, one month before class, two very distinct versions of one life will run in parallel to then melt into one dynamic story. This level all symbols are unveiled, new forms of connection through the sound of the Kotodama, breathwork and physical kriya practices. Your commitment to embraced your TRUTH offers an opportunity for you to PRESENT to the Reiki community a 20-30 minute metaphysical presentation on any subject close to your heart. This presentation is without limits, and is your creative connection to fear, doubt and doing it anyway.

- Changing the story  
- Using the archetypes to transform  
- Creating Visualization Meditations  
- Connecting to Master Symbol  
- Performing and Receiving "Psychic Surgery"  
- Intoning the Kotodama.  
- Learning Healing Attunements  
- Identifying Needs and Wants  
- Your Metaphysical Presentation (20-30mins)  
- Creating your own future possibilities through Creative Vulnerability 

Current Pause in Joy Reiki II Students: 
Reiki Master Teacher

Los Angeles w/Patti

 (All students wishing to be re-attuned or attend for Empowerment please plan for Dec 9th, 3.30-5pm)

Embracing Reiki Master Teacher is part of a final metamorphosis and complete dismantling of programs that keep you separated from Source Energy. Students prepare in advance for this level which is designed specifically for each student to bring them closer to who they are. The final resistance to step into your greatest highest self will unravel through the beginning of the end as truth be told, it has only just begun.

As each Reiki Master conquers, embraces and rises anew so begins the pilgrimage of a destiny unknown before.


Many students have tried an access session with the awareness you are already operating with shifts fast, gives spaciousness for new possibilities and welcomes new abundant joy in your life. Running the electric magnetic energy of the brain while tapping in destroys and uncreates old unknown patterns, stuck programs and points of view is not only powerful but makes tremendous space for new exciting possibilities.

Remaining open to what you don't know?

Allowing to receive more without being closed to the world!

Using your unawareness to create beyond what you know?

Jumping in to the unknown to access passed the fears.

Destroying unknown stories.

Accessing new realms of creativity.

To Access Beyond what you know to the unknown relieving from looped patterns, unawareness, programs created to keep you small. Time to destroy and uncreate the safety of predictability and access the treasures in the unknown but as we all know that takes hitting a wall or just giving up trying to figure it out.

Sessions always available

Class, June 18th 10-am -5pm