Time to plan some future fun
Usually, we’re popping into your email inbox to tell you all about the great things happening in the Hub City and surrounding area over the next two weeks.

Because we’re practicing social distancing, most events in Aberdeen over the next week or two and beyond are postponed or canceled. We're doing our part now and staying home and away from others.

If you’re a resident of Aberdeen, use this time to enjoy our nearly 30 miles of trails – either on foot or on a bike – just keep your distance. Maybe order some take-out and let someone else do the cooking. As the snow slowly disappears, take a hike in our area state parks and recreation areas.
If you’re not from Aberdeen, we’re excited to invite you back, just as soon as it’s safe. Now is a great time to start planning your excursion .

Start by picking out which attractions are must-see for your visit. Are you going to spend an afternoon splashing around at the Aquatic Center ? Bike around Wylie Park before walking around Storybook Land ? Play a round of golf at one of three courses in the city?
After picking your activities, it’s time to choose which restaurants , coffee shops and drinkeries you absolutely must grab a bite or a pint at. Are you a fiend for Mexican food? A connoisseur of steak? Mad about pasta? Don’t forget about dessert, from ice cream to baked goods, you’ll find something to delight.

Whether it’s in a camper, cabin or hotel room , pick where you’ll lay your head at night, only to get up and have more Aberdeen adventures the next day.

Catch up on all the nursery rhymes, fairy tales and children’s stories that inspired Storybook Land by checking out our reading list. Get lost in the Land of Oz, bake gingerbread cookies and hope they don’t run away, or figure out which shoes in the closet don’t fit like Cinderella’s glass slipper.
Storybook Land is typically open mid-April to mid-October, with full operations from Memorial Day weekend to Labor Day. This includes rides, the visitors center and concessions.

A trip to Aberdeen is a magical escape. It’s an affordable, family-friendly getaway; perfect for a weekend away. We hope to see you in the future!