Train with Jen this Fall

Jen is now accepting new clients for the fall! Get in shape and stay ahead of the holidays with 8 weeks of customized cardio, nutrition, and weight training written for YOU by JEN!
You will have total access to Jen for questions and support.
Remember, this is tailored to YOU and YOUR lifestyle! Not everyone is the same or have the same goals which is why Jen's program is unique and affective!
Sign up today for Jen's lowest prices of the year!
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The Get Phat Online Challenge #2


For 8 weeks starting this week we will supply you with a cardio, nutrition, and workouts. We like for our challengers to have their weekly plan on Fridays so that there is plenty of time to prep for the following week. You will have 24/7 access to Jen and her team for support! 
At the end of 8 weeks we will choose the person with the best transformation. That man or woman will win half of the total entry fees. And depending on the amount of challengers this could reach into thousands of dollars! 

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Winning a total of $2500.00
Last year (2014) I was diagnosed with Thyroid and I started taking my Thyroid pills which put an end to weight gain (which was almost 35 pounds in a span for 8-9 months), but the next big question was how to loose what I gained. I needed assistance, guidance and motivation. I joined Gym and I started taking Personal Training sessions, which are not cheap at all wasting all the hard earned money because my weight was just not going down at all. I lose 5 pounds but will gain back 3. I was getting depressed every day, but my family was supporting me but it seemed to me as if I am done. I started keeping myself away from people and social gatherings. I stopped going out because I just didn't like me. In July 2015, a colleague of my Husband recommended Jen Hendershott's - Get Phat. I was so disappointed that I was like I don't want to waste any more money doing all that but it seemed a worth after reading about all the transformation happened to people under her supervision. My husband enrolled me in the Online challenge and I started following my diet and exercise program that I received from Jen every Friday. In 2 weeks it started showing results and that was when I thought I can do this..... I am happier and gaining back my confidence because I can see results not just on the scale but also in the mirror. I can fit in my clothes that I got from India and which looks better now. I lost a total of 20.4 lbs (pounds), total of 11 inches and almost 4% body fat percentage. I feel amazing, I can fit in my old jeans which is almost 2 size down from where I was 2 months ago. Thanks to Jen H and her team. I am going to continue this journey and would like to be fit and healthy.- Cookie


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