Trainer News from the OCWTP
August 2017

A new Trainer Payment Request (TPR) process was initiated in July.  The new process impacts trainer payments made for multiple-day sessions that cross over two months (such as beginning on August 31 and ending on September 1).  Payment for the entire session will be made based on the month the session ended.  

Volunteer Trainer/Coach Representative Needed

We are looking for a Trainer/Coach representative to join the Trainer Development work team. The work team meets once a month in Columbus usually from 10-1.  Participants can attend via telephone or in person.   We also need a trainer/Coach representative for the Trainer Conference Planning Committee.  We meet around five times a year via telephone to plan for the conference.  If interested or f or more information, please contact Debra Sparrow or 614-233-2223.

Upcoming Training of Trainers  

The following workshops are offered by the OCWTP to provide trainers the opportunity to continue to develop their skills. 

They are either new to our system or have been updated. They are all required for all trainers. Please consider taking a Training of Trainers workshop if you have never attended it before or if you can't remember when you did take it! 

(TOT 6 Hr) Addressing Diversity Issues in Your Training 
This TOT learning activity is divided into two sections. The first section will clarify for participants (1) What the OCWTP means by "diversity" in terms of its nature, scope, and complexity, and (2) What is meant by OCWTP's expectation for trainers to "address diversity issues" in their training--from both a content (information-sharing) and process (group facilitation) perspective.  Participants will use tools and resources to help them begin to identify diversity issues relevant to their respective content areas and strategies for addressing them during their trainings. 
The second section will be a follow-up application of the first section. Participants will identify diversity issues specific to their content area and address them effectively during training. Participants will work to further develop diversity-issue related ideas they identified in the first section and formulate them into training content. Finally, they will review, discuss, and share strategies specific to facilitating discussions-particularly when "hot moments" arise.
Date:  September 7, 2017 and October 26, 2017
(TOT 6 Hr) CAPMIS Concepts: Training of Trainers
This workshop will introduce OCWTP trainers to Ohio's assessment and service planning model, the Comprehensive Assessment and Planning Model-Interim Solution (CAPMIS). Trainers will be provided an overview of concepts specific to assessing safety, strengths and needs, risk, and reunification readiness, and how these assessments guide safety planning, service provision, and case planning. 
Date:  September 21, 2017 - SWORTC (Clermont)  
(TOT 12 Hr) Stand Up and Take Charge of the Learning Environment 
This learning focuses on the impact that effective presentation skills has on the learners and on the overall training environment. This two-day course has been designed to address two specific areas of study. On the first day we will look at the trainer's presentation skills, including public speaking and the use of physical self to manage the learners and the learning environment. Day 2 will specifically address those elements of the learning environment needing to be understood and managed. This course works on the premise that by optimizing one's presentation skills and effectively managing the learning environment, the trainer will increase the likelihood that transfer of learning (TOL) will take place.
All approved trainers are required to complete this workshop before they begin training for the OCWTP.
Date:  October 10-11, 2017 - CORTC

For more information regarding the TOTs, please contact Debra Sparrow  or 614-233-2223 

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