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March 2016
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Spring/Summer Training Calendar
In partnership with DDS, the Institute for Community Inclusion (ICI) is offering training to support you and your agency as you work to increase employment opportunities for those you are serving.
  • ICI will offer a six-day comprehensive Employment Support Training series. This series consists of six full-day sessions that will be held between April 12 and May 18 in Marlborough, MA.
  • During July and August, ICI will offer four separate workshops that may be taken individually or combined to cover the same content as the six-day series.
Are you a supervisor or manager looking for training that will help you deliver high-quality employment outcomes?
  • Managing Employment Services for Success is a two-day session that will be held on June 15 and 16. This training will help you develop the skills to successfully lead a community-based employment program.
And don't miss our webinars and online training:
Words of Wisdom: 
Achieving Successful Jobs for Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders 
Wednesday, March 23, 3-4:30 Eastern
Presenter: Katina Demetriou of Austism Deleware's POW&R
Online Training:
Earnings and Benefits: 
Using Social Security Work Incentives
June 1-30
Your can get more information about any of these trainings and register at www.employmentfirstma.org/providertraining.
Building Friendships At Work Webinar Well-Received
Close to 40 participants tuned into this enlightening webinar. Presented by Jim Ross from the Widening the Circle project and Rick Hawes from Berkshire County Arc, the event explored the meaning and value of friendships for the individuals we serve.
Jim and Rick have been involved in the "Widening the Circle" project since 2012. They shared some powerful stories, and offered practical strategies for employment staff to facilitate building relationships in the workplace. This information has been compiled into a comprehensive publication, the Building Friendships At Work Toolkit.
Here are some highlights from the presentation:
  • Friendship is mutually rewarding, reciprocal, and freely given (unpaid).
  • People with friends are happier, healthier, and safer.
  • Effective person-centered planning and job analysis fosters a good job match, which enhances the potential for quality relationships.
  • Developing natural supports in the workplace is key.
  • It's important to help new workers engage in workplace culture: social rituals, gathering spots, company events, committees, celebrations, etc.
  • The best friendships are ones that go beyond the workplace. Those friendships require support in coordinating amongst work, residential, families, etc.
View the archive of this webinar at:
Download the toolkit at:
CESP Exam Offered in New England
APSE is offering the CESP exam at a number of locations in New England this spring. The CESP program is the first in the nation to create national guidelines to validate and support the training currently provided in the field. 
Bethel, CT
Wednesday, April 27
9:00AM - 12:00PM
Upcoming Conferences
Cincinnati, OH
June 21-23
Alexandria, VA
June 28-30

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