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Training Missionaries,
not just Staff anymore!
You may think that I went to Guatemala to put on a Staff Retreat, and that is true. Yet, God has shown me that we are not just training staff to lead mission trips.  In reality, we are training missionaries!

Just like you and I may not normally travel from one coast of the USA to the other, the same is true for our International Staff.  Our staff are being sent from their hometown to a new part of their own country.  They are tasting food that has a different twist than they are used to.  They are hearing an accent, seeing church done differently, and are sleeping in a bed that is not their own.  Not only that, they are being a bridge between two cultures (their own and the US participant's culture).

One of our staff told me that God put it on her heart as a young girl to be a missionary.  Now, many years later, she is serving with PPM and God's promise is becoming a reality!

The weekend flew by, but we had a fun time documenting all that happened!  Check out the Staff Retreat Trip Journal.

THANK YOU for allowing me to not only train staff, but train missionaries to win their country for Christ, and eventually, take it to the world!
If you did not receive a magnet of our family picture for your refrigerator, just send us your mailing address and we'll send one right out to you!  We hope that this will be a reminder to stop and pray for our family as we serve from Florida to the World!
Support Update
We were able to add another family to our support team this month!  We praise God for a family that came to Costa Rica and served for a week long trip.  They caught the vision and are happy to be on our team.  Praise God for cheerful givers!

Did you know that anyone that supports us at $100 a month gets a free registration to go on a PPM mission trip every year?  That's a $595 value!  What a perk to support a missionary and get a huge benefit like this!  

Travel Alert:  Costa Rica & Puerto Rico (x2)
February 28 - March 4:  Nate will be traveling to Costa Rica for their annual Staff Retreat to help prepare the team for summer trips!

March 6 - 10:  Nate will have a very busy time in Puerto Rico for the first time.  He will be helping the PPM staff put on their first Pastor's Conference, followed by a Staff Retreat.

March 29 - April 6th:
  Nate will be an Assistant Trip Leader for a week-long trip.  He is excited to be assisting one of our Puerto Rican staff for the week and seeing the team connect with the local pastor and community. 
February's Photos
Our Guatemalan staff were able to eat sticky Smores for the the first time! 
(And, of course, they loved them!)
From South Florida to the World, 
you're helping to make missions happen!  
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Nathan, Laura, Darrell (in DE) , Reagan, Abigail,  Malachi,  & Isaiah