Ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ in Costa Rica, Guatemala & Nicaragua with Praying Pelican Missions, networking with local churches and connecting mission teams to  life- changing ministry opportunities.
Training Nations
Nicaraguan Staff
At the beginning of March, Nate had the awesome privilege to train not only our local Costa Rican staff, but also six staff from Nicaragua.  One retreat comprised of two countries getting trained to lead life-changing mission trips! 

The unity we felt all weekend long was amazing.  We encountered God in incredible ways as we worshipped together, and as we were challenged in the Word.  

Costa Rican Staff

In 40 hours we trained 29 staff on how to lead healthy mission trips that help to build genuine partnerships, long term relationships and sustainable ministry.  We also took time to bond as a team.  Our staff have to work together week after week, so getting to know each other on a personal level makes a huge difference.  We also rejoiced as we talked about testimonies of God's grace working throughout trips over 2017.  God has done great things, and we know He's not done yet!

Laura Working Behind the Scenes
Laura took a six day trip to the USA to wrap up our lives in Delaware and prepare for our transition to Florida.

The first thing that had to get done was to sort through our storage unit.  She, along with her mother and a friend, donated items we will not need, organized and condensed bins, and prepared it all for our friend to be able to put it in a truck and drive it down to Florida.  She had some great help getting it done in record time.

From there is was getting vaccination records from our former pediatricion, saying goodbye to some of her Delaware friends (as we don't know when we will be getting back to Delaware next), seeing our son Darrell, and spending time with her family.

Then it was the long drive!  Laura's parents generously gave us their minivan, so she drove it down by herself to Florida in just over a day.  Joel, a good friend of the family, helped Laura get her Florida driver's license, get the van retitled, and then she was off to spend some time with her grandmother.

If you haven't figured it out by now, Laura is Wonder-Woman!  (And Nate survived a week alone with the kids.  Everyone was fed and had on semi-clean clothes!)
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Dates to Remember in Prayer
  • Nate will be traveling to Nicaragua April 1st to lead a trip in Managua, Nicaragua April 2-8.  You can follow along by reading the Trip Journal
  • April 7th (while still on his trip), Nate will be helping to lead the 1st Annual PPM Pastor's Conference in Nicaragua.   Pray for him as he preaches, encourages, and trains pastors!
  • April 19th the entire family flies to Florida on our family scouting trip!  We have many things to figure out over the next few months and actually being in Florida will help to make this possible!
  • April 25 - May 1 is the annual Spring Meetings for Praying Pelican Missions (one of the three times a year the full time staff gather to be trained and encouraged together).  Nathan will be speaking during the weekend Borderless Conference along with helping to lead International Staff in a training session.
  • We will all be staying in Florida until May 22nd when we fly back to Costa Rica for the last time in the foreseeable future as a family.
  • August 7th is when we fly out to move to Florida permanently!
Kids' Corner
Reagan has been enjoying being involved in our youth group and hanging out with her friends from school.
Abigail continues to be our gymnast and enjoys all things crafty.  Slime is the thing of the month here in Costa Rica.  
Soccer.  That's all.  Just soccer for Malachi.  He scored three goals and won a medal last week at the school's Sports Festival!
Isaiah loves school, playing ninjas, cooking, and being cute! 
Nathan, Laura, Darrell  (in the USA), Reagan, Abigail,  Malachi,  & Isaiah