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Focused. Confident. Triumphant.

We have ambitious plans to shore up our foster and at-risk teens who are on the brink of adulthood and, like you, have had to face the past year with a lot of uncertainty. Our aim is to guide youth through COVID and its related social and economic pressures, keeping them focused on what they can control. That is, we offer structured, guided focus toward meaningful life goals that contribute to improved relationships and career paths. We do so through behavioral training technology that allows for personalized guidance and team collaboration. This gives us the capacity to drive deeper engagement and sustainable results with our youth individually and collectively. We're not interested in helping our youth survive the times but rather in developing focused, confident and assertive teens and young adults who are equipped with the step-by-step guidance specific to their needs that help them triumph over great odds.

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Steering Us Forward

Haile Clay is the visionary behind Navitent, Inc. As the Founder and CEO of Navitent, short for "navigational content", Mr. Clay brings a unique perspective to Jeremiah's Promise, which has helped position our non-profit as a leader in driving a collaborative Social Impact initiative via Navitent's social media-behavorial training platform. Mr. Clay's background includes mastering the science of training in best practices from an organization that's been one of the best at it, the United States Army, where he served as a Trainer. He's applied what he's learned from the military, in addition to his early success as an award-winning marketing and website developer, to the development of Navitent. JP is pleased to have enlisted his expertise as our newest addition to the Board, not to mention the genius, humility, integrity and amazing ideas he brings with him. Mr. Clay comes from a family of successful and brilliant Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. Please join us in welcoming Haile Clay to our leadership team.


SOS! You Can Play a Vital Role

Meeting essential living needs is paramount as we work to support the most basic needs of our youth while simultaneously preparing them for a future after COVID. They were hit especially hard this past year with many losing jobs, emotional connection and dorm housing - the only homes they had - because of shut-down orders. Those jobs have yet to return at levels sufficient to cover their expenses, let alone focus on their future. We have a plan in place for broad-based support. But we need your assistance. If you're in a position to do so, please help us meet the needs of youth who can't afford yet another obstacle that threatens their future opportunities.

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