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November 4, 2020 | Wheel of a Deal Wednesday
Quote: "Creative thinking inspires ideas. Ideas inspire change."
~ Barbara Januszkiewicz
Next, we have a few seats left for my upcoming Experiential Facilitation 101 Course Dec 15-17 in Littleton, CO. I'm intentionally keeping the registrations numbers low for this class, but we still have a few open seats left. Register today if you are considering coming! We have both Open Enrollment Seats and Certification Seats available. Register for the Certification Seat if you are interested in teaching this class to your own students or clients in the future.

Listen to what past participants have to say about what they learned in the course:
Hope to see you there!

Best wishes for an intentionally full and creative week!
Have Fun Out There,
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New Podcast Episode!
Last week Chris Cavert and I met up to record an episode of our podcast, 'Ask Michelle & Chris About Team Building'  This week's timely question is: "How Do You Help Clients Understand the Difference Between the Types of Programs You Offer?" You can listen to, download and access the show notes to this episode and all available episodes at this link:
Experiential Facilitation 101

Upcoming Dates:
Dec 15-17 in Littleton, CO

Certification to Deliver this Course

Overhaul in process! This subscription-based Online Game Database houses over 500 experiential teambuilding games, each designed to equip facilitators with the right game for the right group. We can't wait to share updates as they become available!

(and if you are a current subscriber, you will get an alert as soon as the new one is ready.)
Wheel of a Deal: On Sale This Week...

Regular: $15.99
On Sale: $13.99

Regular: $34.99
On Sale: $30.99

Regular: $200
On Sale: $125
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