"Bee to the blossom, moth to the flame; 
each to his passion; what's in a name? "
                              ~Helen Hunt Jackson


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Facilitator Tip:  The Importance and Significance of Names
One of my favorite ice breaker questions to ask is, "What is the significance of your name?"  Usually this is the third or fourth question I ask, as I feel it goes a little deeper than a surface level ice breaker question.  Obviously our names are very personal to us, and there is usually a short story to tell about how you were given your name.
What I like about this question from a programming point of view, is that it helps us make a connection with that person, and it also helps us remember their name.  There are many name games out there in our industry, and I have a few others that I really like, but from a one-on-one connection point of view this question by far has the most impact for me.  
I actually go by my middle name, Michelle.  I was named after my dad, whose name is Don McMullen.  My full name is actually Dawn Michelle McMullen Cummings.  When my parents brought me home from the hospital they attempted to call me Dawn for the first two weeks.  After several confusing interactions they decided it was too confusing to have a Don and a Dawn in the house (and you can't really call a girl Junior...), so Michelle it was.  I often get the question, "Why don't you like your first name?"  I like my first name just fine!  I just didn't grow up being called by it, except when I was in trouble.  When I heard 'DAWN MICHELLE!' I knew I was in trouble or had made some poor choices...
Give this question a whirl and let me know how you like it.  I would love for you to share the significance of your name on our Facebook page as well.  (Be sure to 'like' our page, too!)  Check this page to read a silly story about switching from my maiden name to my married name, too.  


Have fun out there, 
Michelle Cummings
(Dawn) Michelle        
Michelle Cummings
Owner/Trainer/Big Wheel
Training Wheels  

Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer
Personify Leadership

Wheel of a Deal:  On Sale this Week...

Mousetrap Trust Sequence
The Mousetrap Trust Sequence has become one of Training Wheels favorite activities to use with groups working on Trust and defining shared communication. Trust is not easy to build but only takes a second to lose. This activity invites participants into a sequences journey with a partner to develop communication, action/reaction support, which identifies behaviors which can affect the trust in a work place. There is potential to reach the same level of anxiety some participants may experience if they were asked to complete a trust fall or leap of faith element but with less physical and mental risk.

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Tips & Tools
Tips & Tools 2 The second edition of Tips & Tools eclipses the first with insights gained from
another decade of experience in group facilitation and new information
coming from the field of educational neuroscience. As a result, the ideas and
methods focused on active engagement, ownership in learning, and facilitating
meaningful reflection have been greatly expanded. The layout of information
is more effective-experiential theory and perspectives, hands-on activities,
and teachable moments flow from one chapter to the next-making this edition
an essential resource for practicing and teaching the art of experiential group

Book Regular Price:  $32.99   On Sale:  $28.99

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Labyrinth Walk
Labyrinth Walk
This portable Labyrinth measures 16 feet in diameter and is designed to allow trainers, facilitators and organizations put a Labyrinth wherever they need it.  Made from highly durable vinyl, this Labyrinth can be used indoors or outdoors on many types of surfaces.

Regular Price:  $799.99   On Sale:  $599.99

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Online Games Database

New and Improved!   

We have given our Online Games Database a much needed facelift. This subscription based database houses over 400 experiential teambuilding gam es and initiatives. The database is LOADED with good stuff. This is a subscription based service and it gives you instant access to activities of all kinds.   Click here to learn more!

Personify Leadership
Personify Leadership is a two-day leadership development program based on 8 core competencies of effective leadership. In this highly interactive and engaging program, your leaders will learn practical and hands-on tools for leading in your organization.

Train the Trainer Certification 
Interested in being certified to deliver the Personify Leadership program?  Once you have been through the certification process, there is no limit to how many times you can deliver the training.  Certification includes all program materials, facilitation guide, power point presentations and an experiential training kit.  Moving forward, for each person you put through the program you purchase one Participant Kit that includes a participant guide, job aids, and a profile report.  Certification is $3450, and you can recoup your investment in the first time you deliver the course.  Please email or call me if you would like to discuss this in greater detail! 
Here are our upcoming dates:  
  • September 18-21, 2017              Denver, CO
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