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Training Your Kids with Your Pets

Bringing a new pet into the home is a magical experience for your little ones. Watching your growing child form an inseparable bond with her furry friend is wonderful and awe inspiring. However, it's important to remember that dogs in their natural state are not domesticated, and have the potential to pose danger to children if they're not taught how to interact with each other properly.

Understanding that dogs are "pack animals" and live according to a social hierarchy is paramount when it comes to building a network of trust that incorporates your dog and your entire family. After bringing a new dog into your home, he will see your family and quickly assimilate himself into your everyday lives, seeing you as part of his "pack." Establishing your entire family, including your little ones, as pack leaders will ensure that your new puppy and your children get along, cooperate, and thrive together.

Although fostering a relationship based on trust and respect is the ultimate goal, it's often wise to educate your young children about the do's and don'ts of petting Spot. You should sit down and have a talk with your small child about following these basic rules:

  • Don't try to pet your dog while he is eating: This is a common mistake that infants and toddlers make after a few months with their new furry friend; they will assume a level of trust has been established and fail to read the body language of the dog. As previously mentioned, dogs are, in their natural habitat, undomesticated, and have primal instincts instilled in them even after being domesticated. One of these is protecting its food. It's a good idea to tell your little ones to let Spot enjoy his meal without being poked and prodded at!
  • Don't try to pet your dog while he is sleeping: Another common mistake that young children make is abruptly awakening their pooch and scaring it. Puppies dream just like we do, and being waken up unexpectedly can scare your pup and cause him to react in a way that would favor protecting his well-being.
  • Always pet your dog (or cat!) gently: Poking, prodding, patting, tugging, pulling, or pushing, especially from behind the animal, can be unpleasant for your dog and might even get him a little upset! Teach your kids to always pet gently and slowly to avoid unnecessarily exciting your dog or scaring him.

TIP: It's good practice to let a dog acquire your scent before petting him. Once he's done so, it's usually safer to approach the dog to pet from below so it can see your hand, as opposed from above (like reaching for the top of the head) where they are unable to see your hand. 

Although every pet is different and may react differently when confronted with a child, these are great basic practices to build a foundation on top of! Bringing a new pet into the home is a wonderful experience, and safety for your children and pets is the #1 priority!


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