Volume 14 | October 2018
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Tech Tip!

Limited Time Offer: 50% Off Room Tunes
This will be the last week we run this promotion, but remember, you can schedule your room tune for 1/2 off until Thanksgiving! Call or email anytime!

Lambda Audio Visual would like to offer you room tunes for your PA system!
Our techs are SMAART trained and ready to help you tune your PA for optimum sound quality. For a short time only, we are offering this service at 50% off our regular tune pricing! Pricing will vary by the size of auditorium only if you are local to Colorado. Travel charge will be included for other locations in the USA.
If you want to take advantage of this offer, contact us today through Instagram DM, Facebook, our website lambdaav.io, email info@lambdaav.io or call 719-629-7905.
Let us come and dial your speakers for peak performance before the holiday season! Availability is limited! Contact us now for your spot! 50% off offer ends 11/22/18 so don’t wait!

50% OFF
Pricing based on Auditorium size. Travel fees will be included for States other than Colorado. Limited spots available. Subject to change. Offer expires 11/22/18
Share the news with your friends! We don't want anyone to miss out on this deal!
Training with Lambda
Have you ever wondered how some of those special features work on your AV equipment? Here at Lambda AV we are dedicated to making your AV experience the best it can be! In our efforts to do this, did you know that Lambda offers classes and training sessions at your convenience? Yes! We do! We would love to help you and your volunteers better understand any AV equipment you have. From lighting and video to sound systems we've got you covered!
Training sessions are created for your specific needs. Lambda offers training for a few hours on any system. We also offer half day training and full day training with a free lunch provided! If a full day of training and a tasty meal isn't enough we also offer training with a checkup beforehand. This includes updating your system and fixing any connection issues you might have. Sound specific training can include your band or we can come set up multi-track recording, if your system is compatible, and practice using those tracks. The opportunities and options are limitless! There is no point in having new gear if you don't know how to use it to it's best ability. Let us show you all the tips and tricks we know!
If you are interested in knowing more about our classes and training, give us a call for a free consult.
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