October 2018
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TransForm would like to thank member hospitals for recognizing employees who go the extra mile. If you would like to nominate an employee who exceeds your expectations, please submit a nomination.
Support Analyst
Amos was recognized for his positive attitude by Terra Kitzul Arens from CKHA during a complex move. 

In her Going the Extra Mile nomination, Terra says Amos relocated 20 workstations and three printers in less than two days, and did it with a smile on his face.   She says his positivity had a big impact on the atmosphere of the team and was a huge contribution to the success of the move.

Support Analyst
Tina Badour with Erie Shores HealthCare nominated Chris for a Going the Extra Mile nomination because of his persistence in solving a computer issue for a new ESHC employee. 

In her nomination, Tina says she wants to thank Chris for seeing the issue through to resolution.

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CEO Message
Extra, Extra - Read All About It

Last December, I likened TransForm's 2016/17 story to a chapter in a best-selling novel and challenged our staff to help me write another one in 2017/18 that was even better than the last. I'm pleased to report that they did.

Our Annual Report is more than a requirement mandated by our board. "More Than Just A Name" is a testament to the good work we've done for our member hospitals, for Health Service Providers in Erie St. Clair, and for the health care system as a whole.

It's irrefutable that we have grown as an organization over the past 12 months. Customer satisfaction surveys and meetings showed us where we excelled and where we could do better, and we responded with transformed offerings and enhanced customer service.

TransForm Releases Annual Report

TransForm's latest annual report titled "More Than Just a Name" was released to the board of directors at the Annual General Meeting held September 11. The report focuses on ways TransForm continues to evolve as a company and areas of growth within the organization.

To view a copy of the annual report, click this link.

Choosing Wisely at Bluewater Health

Physicians at Bluewater Health (BWH) are ordering fewer x-rays and looking at ways to reduce the frequency of other commonly-used diagnostic procedures, thanks to a program known as Choosing Wisely implemented in the hospital through a grant from the Innovate Erie St. Clair (ESC) Alumni Fund, developed by TransForm and the Erie St. Clair LHIN.

Choosing Wisely is a national campaign to help clinicians and patients engage in conversation about unnecessary tests and treatments, contributing to smart and effective care choices. In BWH's case, its implementation has led to a reduction of rib x-rays in Emergency where 109 were ordered in the first four months of 2018. That compares to 179 over the same period in 2017, and 294 in the year prior.

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Training Guides Available For Ordering Software
Study: Viewer Helps Pathologists Treat Cancer Patients

ClinicalConnectâ„¢ is helping pathologists at Chatham-Kent Health Alliance (CKHA) better understand their patients' health histories and produce more narrow differential diagnoses, according to the results of a benefits realization study conducted at the hospital.

CKHA Pathologists Dr. Jason Back and Dr. Mohammad Elsibai both found the viewer offered "significant clinical and organizational benefits" after participating in the study conducted by TransForm, the cSWO Program's Delivery Partner in the Erie St. Clair Local Health Integration Network.

"I use ClinicalConnect very often," says Mohammad, calling the web-based portal a "very helpful source of information that enables me to access my patients' previous pathology diagnoses. This has been a great benefit for making a correct diagnosis, a shorter turnaround time as well as saving time and money for the public health system."

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