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Document Integrity: 
A Must for Transactional Document Mailers
Robert Ellis
Robert Ellis -  President
Document Data Solutions recently chatted with one of our long-term customers, a service provider in the southwest United States. This 28-year-old company specializes in transactional documents, with an emphasis on communications for municipal and regional utilities. They've relied on DDS to supply document integrity technology since the early 2000's.
Our client made a point to say they appreciated how DDS solutions evolved as customer communication strategies changed. The company initially engaged us to solve the problem of double-stuffed envelopes - a common concern at a time when most inserting machines relied on optical mark recognition (OMR) hash marks to control inserter operations. Over the years, the service provider implemented new strategies and techniques enabled by enhancements to their onsite DDS solutions. Our customer's comments about those evolutionary moments in their company's history highlights the value of partnering with vendors that constantly develop products to meet the needs of a changing industry.
"We couldn't have accomplished what we have
without Document Data Solutions"

DDS saw an increase in the necessity for tight controls over document integrity as mailing applications became more complex and personalized. We continuously built advanced functionality into our solutions. Customer accuracy expectations and regulatory compliance concerns have compelled print and mail service providers to deliver near-perfect mail accuracy. Anything less puts them at a competitive disadvantage. Automated item integrity is a must.
Companies using mail to communicate with their customers today want assurances their service providers assembled all the mail pieces accurately and mailed them on time. Customers want more visibility into the process, and they want more control, such as flagging documents to pull from the mailing, even at the last minute. DDS technology like iDataScan™ and iDataManager Central Server™ allow our service provider customers to meet their clients demands.
Preparing for the Future
Like many companies in the transactional document space, this mailer is migrating from cut-sheet toner printers to roll-fed inkjet presses. The economics of such a move include plans to combine several small jobs into longer print and inserting runs. Reliable item tracking is crucial in this environment. After re-sorting printed pages into optimal mailing sequences, manual job-level reconciliation is impossible. DDS cameras and enterprise-wide tracking software take the place of mechanical counters and clipboards.
Mingled mailing jobs also increase opportunities for material loading mistakes. DDS technology installed at our client's facilities automate complex operations, ensuring complete accountability and accurate assembly of every mailpiece processed throughout the shop. Cameras can verify machine operators load the correct pre-printed inserts into their assigned feeders, allowing mailers to take advantage of selective inserting algorithms. They can run large jobs more efficiently by eliminating inter-job idle time formerly dedicated to unloading and reloading insert hoppers.
The customer communications business is changing. Mail is still an important component, but not a standalone entity. Making sure every mailed document has the correct pages and inserts is important to companies striving to establish highly personal and targeted multi-channel conversations with their customers. Document Data Solutions has the systems, experience, and industry insight to provide mailers with the tools they need to participate in the communication landscape of tomorrow.
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