Issue #107, April 2019

   Interview: German-US Trade
   Bringing a Startup to the US
   How-To Guide
   Comparing Startup Scenes

Transatlantic Entrepreneurship
Trade relations between Germany and the US began in 1785 with the  Treaty of Amity and Commerce between the Kingdom of Prussia and the United States of America . In the 230+ years since, the relationship has had its fair share of strains and triumphs. Amid current debate from both sides, transatlantic trade is again being looked at with fresh eyes. 

Our April newsletter highlights successful  examples of German-American entrepreneurship. W e speak with two German startups that recently expanded to the US, offer a list of resources for German and American companies hoping to do business abroad, and, in a guest contribution, Dr. Kurt Becker compares the startup scenes in Germany and America. 

Our interview partner is  Evelyn Metzen, General Manager of the American Chamber of Commerce in Germany,  who discusses with us the relationship between trade and politics.
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German-American Trade: An Interview with Eveline Metzen

Eveline Y. Metzen is the General Manager of the  American Chamber of Commerce in Germany , a private non-profit business organization with around 2,300 members, making it the largest bilateral trade association in Europe. 

In an  interview with us, she discusses tariffs, Germany as an innovation destination, and the importance of positive bilateral relations.

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Bringing a Startup to the US 

This month we sat down with two German startup founders who recently brought their companies to the US through the German Accelerator program. In  this  feature article they share with us their expectations, experiences, and advice.


How-To Guide

We've assembled a helpful list of resources for those considering taking their business transatlantic. In this guide you'll find links for both Americans and Germans hoping to do business abroad.

Comparing the German and American Start-up Scenes

In a guest contribution, DWIH Chair and NYU Professor Dr. Kurt Becker discusses the differences between entrepreneurship in the US and Germany.

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