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January 2020
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The Transatlantic Agency is proud to represent some of the most exciting voices in North America and around the world. From business leadership to truly inspirational life stories, from frontiers in science to great moments in history, from the new face of global politics to the latest trends in home cooking, Transatlantic's roster is diverse and far reaching.

The breadth of our roster means that we can accommodate a range of speaking needs, from small gatherings, receptions and professional seminars, to large-scale conferences, conventions, trade shows and major public events.

This is Transatlantic Speakers' inaugural newsletter. Every our month, our newsletters will highlight our new clients, and feature news and events from our whole roster of speakers. To book any Transatlantic speaker, email
Introducing Jennifer Crawford!

Jennifer Crawford On top of being an enthusiastic eater and chef, Jennifer brings a bold, candid and engaging look at mental health, addiction, self-compassion and joy.

Jennifer spent a lifetime in a state of panicked overachieving and building what looked to be a successful life and career in public policy. They soon found their way to rock bottom via their own crushing experiences with PTSD and alcoholism; turns out, this feeling that it was all over would be the catalyst for all the good things to come.

Jennifer's main message today is one of self-love, acceptance and nurturing joy; if there's anything Jennifer loves more than smashing a whole pizza to themselves, it's smashing stigma. Since winning MasterChef Canada, they've been busy sharing the message through food events and speaking engagements that healing is available to us all, no matter how bad it's been; the things that take us down can become our superpowers.

Jennifer's topics include:
Mental health and food
Emotional wellness, innovation and creativity in the workplace
Creativity and healing from PTSD
Alcoholism, addiction and recovery
Culinary queerness and community

They're also adept at hosting, consulting and cooking for bespoke public food events. For more on Jennifer, click here for a video profile by Xtra.
Samra Zafar awarded Women's Executive Network Top 100  

Following her Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award, Samra Zafar was awarded Top 100 Most Powerful Women status by the Women's Executive Network (WXN). The award was created to recognize the incredible accomplishments of women, develop a community of support, and increase the visibility of strong leaders in order to inspire future generations.

Samra was forced into an abusive marriage when she was a teenager. Her powerful story of vulnerability, hope and resilience has captivated audiences across Canada and beyond. Her book, A GOOD WIFE, became an instant national bestseller when it published earlier this year, and is now being adapted for a television series. 

Samra speaks to audiences in corporate, education and nonprofit sectors on a variety of topics, including leadership, resilience, mental health and human rights.

See Samra in action in this video from CBC.
Alicia Elliott's timely message resonates across Canada

Tuscarora writer and author of A MIND SPREAD OUT ON THE GROUND, which was shortlisted for the 2019 Hilary Weston Writers' Trust Prize for nonfiction, has been sharing Haudenosaunee philosophy with audiences across Canada.

It seems that every week another scientific study comes out telling us climate change apocalypse is imminent. Latest estimates put us at 2050 - a short thirty years from now. But to look at the decisions Canadian politicians are making on behalf of the entire country, you wouldn't be able to tell. What would happen if we all decided that a person's responsibility isn't only to themselves and their families, or even to the government of Canada, but also to the Earth upon which all of us depend?

In her talk, Alicia Elliott leads us through the history of Haudenosaunee philosophy and literature to examine the nature of activism, and who is considered dangerous "activists" in a post-Oka, post-Caledonia Canada.

Listen to Alicia on CBC Radio One The Current, HERE.

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