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MARCH 2020
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The Transatlantic Agency is proud to represent some of the most exciting voices in North America and around the world. 

From business leadership to truly inspirational life stories, from frontiers in science to great moments in history, from the new face of global politics to the latest trends in home cooking, Transatlantic's roster is diverse and far reaching. 
Why addiction is not a disease: neuroscientist Marc Lewis discusses the biological foundations of addiction

Dr. Marc Lewis, author of Memoirs of an Addicted Brain, and The Biology of Desire, has spoken to the Dalai Lama, the Nobel Conference, the Winston Churchill Endowment Fund and other prestigious meetings around the world. His groundbreaking views emphasize that brain change in addiction reflects intensive learning, not disease, and that the disease label impedes rather than supports people's efforts to recover. This perspective offers fresh insights into complex issues like the opioid crisis, treatments that work, harm reduction, and the confusion sown by the orthodox view that addicts are helpless victims needing medical treatment.

Dr. Lewis was once an addict himself, and with his unique perspective continues to write for major publications, including Scientific American, Psychology Today and The Guardian. He recently published his model of addiction in the New England Journal of Medicine, one of the world's most significant scientific journals. Lewis speaks to audiences interested in addiction issues in the workplace, issues for frontline practitioners, pharmacists, and policy makers, to addicts and their families and to academic audiences concerned with the science and treatment of addiction.

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Breaking down the stereotypes of how to be a man

Rachel Giese Rachel Giese, author of the highly acclaimed book Boys: What it Means to Become a Man , is a professional moderator and speaker, former CBC on-air personality, award-winning journalist and editorial director of Xtra, Canada's largest LGBTQ2-focused publication.

As a parent with a boy of her own, Giese speaks to educators, policy-makers and general audiences about crucial issues for boys growing up, and for the parents who love them, breaking down the stereotypes and expectations that so often complicate the foundational experiences of boys as they learn how to become parents, spouses and good men.

She also speaks on a variety of other subjects related to gender, masculinity, feminism and sexuality, including:
  • How to help boys and young men break free from the "man box"
  • Gender and the nature-vs-nurture debate
  • Understanding the roots of toxic masculinity
  • The myths and realities of the boy crisis in education
Listen to Rachel Giese in action HERE .
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Raising kids and writing comedy: Lessons from the cheap seats at the front, by a second-generation Muslim Canadian mom.

Uzma Jalaluddin is a mother of two sons, and was born and raised in Toronto, the daughter of South Asian immigrants. She writes "Samosas and Maple Syrup" a regular parenting column for the Toronto Star, which explores the challenges and humorous triumphs of raising young people in a changing, diverse world. She is also a public high school teacher who has first-hand experience with academic and emotional issues facing young people, including wellbeing, health and identity. In addition, Uzma is the author of Ayesha At Last, a modern-day retelling of Pride and Prejudice, set in a Toronto Muslim community. The novel was published to critical acclaim, and has been optioned for film. Her writing is full of fun anecdotes and humorous asides that invite a closer look at the dynamics of diverse communities inside the cultural mosaic that makes up modern life.

Click HERE to listen to Uzma Jalaluddin with Shelagh Rogers on CBC Radio.
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