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May | 2022


Dear Students,

Congratulations on your progress throughout this semester! You have shown resilience and determination, and have overcome many challenges. The end of the semester is only a few weeks away. You got this!

Fall 2022 Transfers, continue to check your emails and university portals to ensure you don't miss any deadlines. We also want to celebrate your accomplishments by featuring you on our Instagram and giving you a transfer Medal. See below to find out more!

Spring/Fall 2023 Transfers, we encourage you to explore transfer universities and majors, and sign up for our workshops to get your transfer process started. see the links below.

Best regards,

Transfer Center Team

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Transfer News

Transfer Alumni Spotlight


Meet Rigoberto Delgado - UCI

In 2019, Rigoberto transferred to the University of California Irvine as a history major. Now, Rigoberto is a graduate student in the Teacher Education program at UCLA. Here's what Rigoberto shared with us:

What do you enjoy the most about your transfer university?

It was a great experience to live on campus and to meet and work with so many incredibly dedicated professors. It was also great to focus my studies in one particular field while taking upper-division classes, which was so much different than taking general education courses.

Rigoberto Delgado.jpeg

What transfer advice would you give to future FC transfer students?

Before making a decision about your career choice, figure out what you care about first. Once you have a clear understanding of the things that matter to you, and what you want to see change in the world, the career choice question becomes so much easier to answer.

Don't doubt yourself and never question your ability to succeed in school. Before you know it, you'll be where you've always dreamed!

Learn more about the University of California Irvine here!

Honoring 2022 Transfers!

Dear 2022 Transfers,

Each year, the Fullerton College Transfer Center recognizes our transfer students by providing them with a “Honoring Transfer” medal that can be worn at FC Commencement. All students who have or will have transferred to a university in 2022 are invited to request their medal!

In addition, we have launched our “Look Who’s Transferring” Instagram campaign where we highlight our transfer students to let everyone know where they transferred in spring 2022 or where they will be transferring in the Fall 2022.

If you are interested in participating, please fill out the Honoring Transfer Request here and make sure to upload proof of admissions to a university.

Honoring Transfer Medal Request

Fall 2022 Applicants

Transfer Updates

Statement of Intent to Register (SIR)

Applicants who have been offered admission should notify the campus of their acceptance by the specified campus deadline:

  • CSU: Most CSU campuses have established May 1, 2022 as the SIR deadline (Fresno June 1, 2022).

  • UC: All UC campuses have established June 1, 2022 as the SIR deadline.

  • Private: Check your admission notice for specific deadline.

Please note that a non-refundable deposit may be required. If you have any questions about your admission notice, submit a Transfer Center Question here and our team will contact you.

Submit a Question!
Time Management.png

Placed on the Waitlist?

All UC campuses, except Merced, typically offer transfer waitlists for select majors and will extend waitlist offers by the end of April, with an opt-in deadline of May 15 (Santa Cruz – April 20). For more information, please review the Transfer Waitlist and Appeals Fact Sheet here.


Denial Information:

If you have been denied, a counselor can provide you with some insight to the nature of your denial and whether you would be a good candidate for an admissions appeal. To schedule an appointment, submit a Counseling Request here.  

UC Campus Events


Admitted UC transfer students will have a range of options to engage with campuses this spring:

Private Colleges and Universities

Other Private Colleges & Universities

Private University Deadlines to Consider:

Azusa Pacific University: July 1, 2022

Biola University: Still Accepting Applications

Cal Baptist University: Rolling Admission

Grand Canyon University: No Admission Deadline

Hope International University: Rolling Admission


The National Association for College Admission Counseling (NACAC) has published an annual list of NACAC member colleges that are still accepting applications for the fall 2022 semester.

If you are still looking to complete the admission process, please take a look at the list of open NACAC member colleges here. If you need assistance with the application process, please do not hesitate to contact us.


The University of Redlands is a private liberal arts and professional university in Southern California. Students may earn their Bachelor of Science in Business degree from the University of Redlands at the Fullerton College campus.

Fullerton College students receive various admissions and tuition benefits. To view the complete list of benefits visit the Redlands Fullerton College Transfer Partnership page here

2023 Transfer Applicants

Are You Transferring in Spring or Fall 2023?

transfer students.png

Follow these Steps to Begin Your Preparation:

1) Explore Your University and Major Choices

As the application season approaches, we encourage students to develop a list of potential transfer colleges. To begin your exploration, please review the following tips and resources:

search icon.png

Additional exploration resources can be found in your Transfer Canvas Cohort. Read below to learn how to join.

2) Meet with an Academic Counselor

A counselor can help you determine if you will be ready for a spring or fall 2023 transfer and if you qualify for any associate degrees. If you have not already met with a counselor to review these items, please submit a Counseling Request here.

Counseling Request

3) Join Your Transfer Canvas Cohort

Don't miss any important transfer information during this year-long process! Join your Canvas cohort to stay informed on important transfer news, deadlines, and opportunities.

Transfer 2023 Cohort.png
  Join the Fall 2023 Cohort  
Join the Spring 2023 Cohort

4) Attend the Transfer Application Workshops

The Transfer Center provides a four-part application workshop series designed to support transfer students through critical steps of the transfer preparation and application process.

Spring 2023 Transfers Workshops

We are now offering the first part of our application series: Part 1 - Are You Ready to Apply? for midyear transfers. During this workshop, participants will learn about the following information:

  • CSU Minimum and competitive transfer requirements
  • Advantages and limitations of the Associate Degree for Transfer (ADT)
  • Important transfer dates and deadlines

Fall 2023 Transfers Workshops

The Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) is a UC transfer program that if approved, will guarantee admission to one of six UC campuses for transfer students.​ During this UC TAG workshop, participants will learn about the following information:

  • TAG qualifications
  • TAG application process
  • Application do's and don'ts
diploma and books.png
Application Form

Are you Completing an Associate Degree (AA/AS/AA-T/AS-T) this Summer?

Don't Forget to Submit Your Application Form!

Deadline: Thursday, June 16, 2022

Submit your FC Graduation Application on time! If you are applying for ANY Associate Degrees (AA/AS, AD-T, IDS) this SUMMER, you must submit one application per degree. If you are unsure if you are still on track for a degree, please connect with a counselor.

Upcoming Events!

Summer Opportunities

UCSB Transfer Preparation Academy

UC Santa Barbara will be hosting a free Transfer Preparation Academy in June for community college transfer students. This is an opportunity for UC Fall 2023 Applicants to prepare for the UC admission process through a series of workshops. The priority deadline to apply is May 1, 2022.

More Information

UCLA P2TT-W Webinar Series

UCLA will be hosting a webinar series open to all California community colleges in Fall 2022 with the goal of providing resources for multiple communities. The deadline to apply is May 13, 2022.

More Information

UCM Transfer Academy

UC Merced will be hosting a Transfer Academy, which is a 3-day, 2-night residential program for all current community college students who are interested in transferring to a UC campus. The priority deadline to apply is July 1, 2022.

More Information

Exploration Opportunities

UCR Transfer Admissions Presentation

Interested in transferring to UC Riverside in Winter 2023 or Fall 2023? Join us for a virtual presentation to discuss the transfer process and transfer admissions requirements for UCR. We will also highlight the many opportunities and resources available for UCR transfer students. The event will be taking place on May 5, 2022 at 4 p.m.

Register Here

Career Exploration Using SuperStrong

The Fullerton College Career Center will be hosting a Career Exploration Using the SuperStrong Workshop on May 6, 2022 at 10:30 a.m. In this workshop, you will complete the SuperStrong assessment to help you identify your top career interests and view related Fullerton College degrees and certificates.

2022-5 Career Center Webinars.png
More Information

Pre-Medical Student Webinars

Are you a Pre-Medical student attending a Community College? Join in a series of virtual events that will help you connect to an online community of pre-medical students. This month of May, learn from people who were in the same place you are now. To view the full list of events, visit here.

More Information

Paying for College


The priority filing period of March 2nd has passed; However, students can still submit the 2022-2023 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) or the CA Dream Act Application (CADAA) if you have not already done so.

For more information, visit the Fullerton College Financial Aid Webpage here.

UC Blue _ Gold.png

UC's Blue and Gold Opportunity Plan will ensure that you will not have to pay UC’s systemwide tuition and fees out of your own pocket, if you are a California resident whose total family income is less than $80,000 a year and you qualify for financial aid.

For information on how to apply and eligibility requirements, visit the UC B&G Plan webpage here.

Scholarship Opportunities


The South Coast Higher Education Council (SCHEC)

will be offering $500 scholarships to assist community college students to complete their baccalaureate degrees. The committee will choose the scholarship recipients based on academic qualifications, personal background, and challenges overcome. For more information download the Scholarship Application here. The deadline to apply is May 1, 2022!

Orange County Community Foundation.png

The Margaret E. Oser Scholarship assists females currently enrolled in a Southern California-Orange County community college who are planning transfer to a four-year college or university for the upcoming academic year. If selected as a recipient, the student will receive an award ranging from $2,500-$5,000. For more information on this scholarship, visit the Scholarship Webpage here. The deadline to apply is May 2, 2022!

Immigrants Rising.png

Immigrants Rising has curated a list of scholarships and fellowships that don't require proof of U.S. citizenship! For more information on available scholarships, visit the Scholarship Webpage here. The deadline to apply varies by scholarship.


Explore and apply to other scholarship opportunities! Click on the button below to begin your scholarship exploration.

More Scholarships

Transfer Center Services

Counseling Appointments: To request a counseling appointment, please submit a counseling request, and be sure to upload all the necessary documents. Counselors can help you:

  • Create an Educational Program Plan
  • Guide you in your transfer goals
  • Determine if you are ready to transfer
  • Determine if you qualify for an associate degree

For questions submit a Contact Us Form here.

Counseling  Request

University Representatives: Some university representatives are still offering virtual appointments. Check out our website to see a list of available representatives. Questions you can ask a representative:

  • What are the general admission requirements? 
  • Are there major-specific requirements for admission?
  • What majors do you offer to prepare me for my future career?
  • How much is tuition?
  • What kind of services are available for transfer students?
University Representatives

Assistance with your Application Essays!

Schedule an Appointment

The Transfer Center is virtually available to help with your essay reviews, by appointment.  

If you are applying to private universities and/or out-of-state universities you might be required to write a personal statement as part of the admissions application.

If you need assistance with brainstorming or just need someone to provide feedback on your draft, you can submit the form below to request an appointment.

The Fullerton College Writing Center is also available to help you with your personal statements. You can schedule an appointment here!

Stay Connected!

Transfer Center Services

Stop by our center! We are available for limited in-person services. We also continue to provide application assistance, workshops, and counseling services remotely.

Virtual Office Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Tuesday: 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Friday: 8 a.m. - 12 p.m.

In-Person Office Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 9 a.m.-12 p.m. and 1-4p.m.

Tuesday: 9 a.m-12 p.m. and 1-6 p.m.

Friday: Closed for in-person services

Campus Closed: Monday, May 30, 2022 

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Transfer Center




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