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November | 2021
Dear Students,

If you are a Fall 2022 transfer applicant, it is time to begin submitting your CSU and UC applications! The Transfer Center will be available to assist you with your application. See below for our workshop and Q&A Session Dates

Also, make sure to take advantage of the essay review appointments if you need assistance with your UC PIQ responses or any university personal statements.  

Spring 2022 transfers, remember that you still have more steps to complete in order to ensure your admissions is not jeopardized. Join our Part 4  workshop to find out more! The last workshop will be on November 4.


Stephanie Mosqueda
Transfer Center, Specialist
Fullerton College

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Vaccine Mandate!
Important Information
As a reminder, November 1st Fullerton College will require that all students, staff and faculty be vaccinated against COVID-19 or will need to participate in weekly on campus COVID-19 testing with an approved exemption. The Transfer Center encourages you to visit to get more information on how to upload your documents.
Transfer News!
Limited in-person services in the Transfer Center!
Beginning November 3, the Transfer Center will open its doors to students for LIMITED SERVICES.
The center will open on Wednesdays and Thursdays for in-person services. These services include answering general questions and signing up for our virtual services only. Students will be required to wear a mask and check-in at the designated campus check-in station to receive a wristband prior to entering our center. We will assist one student in the center at a time.  You can click the link below to find out more about the check-in process. We will continue to provide application assistance and counseling services through our virtual (zoom) platforms.

Attention UC and CSU Winter/Spring 2022 Applicants
You're Not Done Yet!

Hitting the submit button is only the first step in your application process. Make sure to continue to closely monitor your email communications and portals (if applicable) Remember that there are other steps you must take to ensure your application continues to be considered. Remember to not miss any deadlines to submit any documents the university might be requesting!

Fall 2022 CSU Application Now Open!

You may now access and submit the Fall 2022 CSU application! You can create an account through  and begin working on your application if you are a Fall 2022 applicant. The deadline for most campuses is November 30.

If you need assistance with your application, you can contact the Transfer Center by calling (714) 992-7086 or submitting a Drop in Application Assistance form through our website.

Cal State Dominguez Hills CSU Application Assistance

Join CSUDH virtually to get help with the Cal State Apply application for Fall 2022.

Use the link below to register for a date that works for you.

Fall 2022 UC Application Now Open for Submission!
The UC Application is now open for submission and it will remain open until November 30. Start working on your application early on and reach out to the Transfer Center if you have questions.  
Assistance with your application essays! 

All UCs require a personal insight statement as part of their admissions application as well as some private and out-of state universities. 
The Transfer Center is virtually available to help with your essay reviews by appointment.

To schedule an appointment, click here
Counseling & University Representative Virtual Appointments

If you would like to request a Counseling appointment, please submit the form below and be sure to upload all the necessary documents (if applicable) if Fullerton College does not have them on file already. Counselors can help you:

  • Create your Educational Program Plan
  • Guide you in your transfer goals and determine if you are ready to transfer
  • Determine if you qualify for an Associate's degree at Fullerton College

You can also contact us for any questions:

University Representative Appointments
Some university representatives are still offering virtual appointments. Check out our website below to see a list of available representatives. Below are some questions you can ask a university representative:
  • What are the general admission requirements? 
  • Are there major-specific requirements for admission?
  • What majors do you offer to prepare me for my future career?
  • How much is tuition?
  • What kind of services are available for transfer students?

Transfer Center Workshops

Spring/Winter 2022 Applicants
Sign up for these workshops if you are planning on a Winter/Spring 2022 transfer!
We currently have the following workshops available:
Part 4: Admission Decisions

Fall 2022 Applicants

Sign up for these workshops if you are planning on a Fall 2022 transfer!
We currently have the following workshops available:
Part 2: The Cal State Application
Part 2: The UC Application & PIQs

Join Our Canvas Course!
Stay informed by joining our Canvas. In addition, you will have access to our workshop presentations and transfer resources!
Join your cohort by clicking the links below:
Upcoming Virtual Events!
Interested in Applying to the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley?
Check out their Fall 2021 virtual events by clicking here
Community College Webinar Series for Engineering Majors
Check out their virtual events by clicking here
Join UCLA for a Virtual Transfer Admission Presentation
Take the opportunity to learn insights to the admission process for prospective transfer students and ask questions. You can add a virtual tour at your leisure, a guided virtual transfer or general tour to make this a complete UCLA virtual experience! All webinars are on Fridays from 10:00- 11:00am.

USC Transfer Info Sessions

Join a USC info session to learn:
  • Admission requirements to apply to USC
  • Financial aid and tuition
  • Application process

You will get the opportunity to ask questions as well. If you are interested in connecting with USC, you can use the link below to register for a session:

Are you pursuing a creative major such as Fashion Design, Beauty Industry Management or Social Media?

Join FIDM to find our more about their various creative programs and how you can transfer there for your future career!

This presentation will be on Wednesday, November 17 at 1pm. Click the link below to register!

Join Biola University for a Transfer Tuesday!

Join Biola University to receive a campus tour, get your transcripts evaluated, sit-in on a class, and much more! There are virtual and in-person events available. Use the links below to register!

In-Person Dates

Virtual Dates

Join a Drop-In Session with Grand Canyon University!

You can join to learn more about their campus and what the transfer requirements are. Simply choose a date that works for you and use the Zoom link below to connect with a representative:

GCU Drop-in hours are held from 4-5pm

Wednesday, November 10
Thursday, November 18

Are You Interested in a Healthcare profession?

Join an information session hosted by the American University of Health Sciences to learn about their programs. The information sessions are held every week. You can use the Zoom links below to join a session:

BSN information session:

MSN information session:

PharmD information session:

BSPS information session:
Paying for College!

Spring 2022 transfers, be sure to log in to your current FAFSA or CA Dream Act application (2021-2022) to update it with the campuses you have applied to.

Both the FAFSA and the California Dream Act applications are now open for submission for the 2022-2023 academic year.
The FAFSA application has a priority deadline of March 2, whereas the CADA application final deadline is March 2.

If you have questions about FAFSA, you can contact the Financial Aid office:

(714) 888-7588,

The Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship for Undergraduate Transfer students is a special opportunity for high performing students who demonstrate financial need to make college accessible. 

Apply here through the Common App
The deadline to apply is January 10, 2022!

The Transfer Center will be having information sessions:

Scholarship Opportunities

Apply for Scholarships! You can use the link below to begin your scholarship exploration

Transfer Center Virtual Fall Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday: 8am-5pm
Tuesday: 8am-7pm
Friday: 8am-12pm

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