Whether you have decided to transfer to UW-Parkside or you’re still exploring which college or university will be the best transfer fit for you, we believe that our new Transfer Connections email series will be helpful! We plan to use this platform to highlight your unique journey and provide key information, resources and opportunities that will strengthen your connection to UW-Parkside as a transfer student. 
Hi [Student’s name], 

Now that you’ve heard a little bit about us, we would like to share a little bit about Brett’s transfer journey from College of Lake County to Parkside. Brett transferred to Parkside this Fall 2020 semester and is a Business Management major. 
I was definitely a bit nervous about taking courses completely online, but at the moment, I am liking it considering it saves me about 1.5 hours of round-trip commute. I am currently planning on majoring in Business Management. 
When I was transferring from CLC, I was very nervous as I was leaving a place where I had built such great relationships with my professors and school staff. While I have only been on campus once at UW-Parkside, I can say that I found both my business advisor, Diana Villegas-Cristerna, and career advisor, Sarah Warzecha, really helpful. Additionally, I feel like I have still been able to build solid connections with my professors in both of my live-virtual classes. 
I would point to a couple things that helped me with my transition to UWP. The first of which was how responsive you were Jenna, when I had initially reached out to you with my questions about transferring. I also appreciated the check-in emails I received from you throughout my semester asking how things were going for me. The other reason was that when I was feeling anxious closer to the start of my first semester, both Diana and Sarah helped calm my nerves a bit about my major and transfer. 
If you are considering a transfer to UW-Parkside, we are happy to complete an unofficial transfer credit evaluation and help map out your unique pathway to Parkside! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of us in whatever way works best for you! Email, call, or set up a virtual appointment today using our Calendly links below.
Jenna Balek
Jenna Balek
Seth Lane
Seth Lane
Stacy Tinholt
We look forward to connecting with you soon!
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