Transfer Connections
Whether you have decided to transfer to UW-Parkside or you’re still exploring which college or university will be the best transfer fit for you, we are hoping that our new Transfer Connections email series will be helpful! We plan to use this platform to highlight key information, resources and opportunities that will strengthen your connection to UW-Parkside as a transfer student.

In our last email, we shared who we are and how we can help students on their transfer journey. In this email, we would like to share a little bit more about us!

Hometown: Westchester, IL

Education: Cleveland State University - B.A. in Religious Studies/Philosophy, Mount Mary University - M.S. in Community Counseling

Hobbies: Kayaking, hiking, long weekend road trips, playing board games and relaxing at the beach with my family, camping, listening to classic rock music, and collecting old records

A bit about me: After many years of searching for the best career fit, I believe I have found it as a Transfer Counselor. I started my college journey at a 2-year school, and after a semester decided to transfer to a small private school where I lived on campus. Less than a year away from graduating “life hit,” and I left school to work full-time. A year later I transferred again but this time to the university where I would ultimately earn my BA degree. I didn’t realize it in those years of transferring and searching, but I was gaining invaluable experience that would be the foundation from which I would help guide other transfer students. I think this quote sums up a lot of what I learned, “Do not judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.” – Nelson Mandela

What I love about Parkside: While I never attended Parkside, I believe if I were a transfer student today it would definitely be the best transfer fit for me. With nearly 50% of graduates being transfer students, I think I would feel I wasn’t alone. I also love the beautiful 700 acres of prairie and trees that surround campus and the diverse cultures, backgrounds and experiences of students and staff.

Hometown: Waupaca, WI

Education: UW-Parkside - BA Criminal Justice '16, MS Sport Management '18

Hobbies: Video Games, Golf, Travel, Cooking, Photography, Coaching

A bit about me: I spent over 12 years as a competitive swimmer eventually having the opportunity to train at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado and competed for the University of Iowa. I then transferred to UW-Parkside to pursue academics closer to home and to have that personal feeling in class and around friends. I have had tons of cool experiences at school and finding friends in Kenosha and Milwaukee, I am so happy I can call Kenosha home and give back to future Rangers!

What I love about Parkside: Coming from a small town, I really appreciate the family feeling on campus. My professors remembered my name, friends were in abundance, and you can make a real impact in the community. Also, the smoothies in the Den are a big win.

Hometown: Racine, WI

Education: UW-Parkside - B.S. in Psychology, UW-Milwaukee - M.S. in Educational Psychology/School Counseling

Hobbies: I have two small children, so my hobbies currently involve spending time with my family. We love finding new playgrounds, exploring walking trails, and playing at the beach. I also enjoy tackling DIY projects. There’s something so satisfying about learning a new skill and taking pride in the finished product.

A bit about me: I have worked for Parkside since 2018 as the Adult Student Enrollment Counselor. Before that, I spent four years working in admissions, specifically serving the adult learner. What I love most about my job is hearing student’s stories and learning what their goals are, and then making an impact on helping them move forward. I believe that the most challenging part of going back to school should be completing the coursework, not navigating the admissions or financial aid process. I hope you’ll connect with me so I can simplify the process for you and allow you to focus on the real work.

What I love about Parkside: I attended a larger university after graduating high school, but found that it wasn’t the right fit for me. The small class sizes at Parkside meant that I could connect with classmates more easily, and my instructors really got to know me. Since you are able to build rapport with faculty, it makes securing internships and requesting recommendation letters relatively simple. When I started my job at Parkside over a decade later, it truly felt like I had returned home. The whole campus is surrounded by trees, so it’s a beautiful place to relax, study, or hang with friends. There are also a ton of resources available to online students to help them feel connected and get support.
We are happy to complete an unofficial transfer credit evaluation and help map out your unique pathway to Parkside! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to one of us in whatever way works best for you! Email, call, or set up a virtual appointment today using our Calendly links below.
Jenna Balek
Jenna Balek
Seth Lane
Seth Lane
Stacy Tinholt
We look forward to connecting with you soon!
Jenna, Seth, and Stacy
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