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January Lecture
January 14, 2021

And His Little Dog, Too: The Enoch Wood Pottery Memorialized on a Mug

Lecturer: Angelika R. Kuettner, Associate Curator of Ceramics and Glass at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
About the lecture: A recent addition to the collection of the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation provided the inspiration for this presentation about the prolific British potter, Enoch Wood. The charming child’s mug, transfer-printed in black, features an image of Wood and his son riding their horses, accompanied by their canine pet. Together, they view the family’s Burslem factory, humming with activity with smoke billowing from the bottle ovens, a testament to its success. This lecture will discuss the production of this prolific maker who supplied many American consumers, and will feature several transfer-printed wares used by Williamsburg residents in the early 1800’s.

About the speaker: Angelika became associate curator of ceramics and glass at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation (CWF) in 2019. She came to CWF in 2006 as a graduate student intern for the ceramics and glass department and joined the Foundation as an associate registrar in 2007. She was promoted to associate registrar for imaging and assistant curator of ceramics in 2011 and associate curator of ceramics in 2016. Prior to graduate school at William and Mary she worked for approximately three years as the curatorial assistant at the Reeves Center at Washington and Lee University. She is a proud fellow of the 2010 Attingham Trust Summer School and of the 2016 MESDA Summer Institute. Angelika was coeditor of the 2017 issue of Ceramics in America; she has published and spoken on many topics including the ceramic-manufacturing partnership of Benjamin Leigh and John Allman in 18th-century Boston, mended ceramics in colonial America, and silver lusterware in early 19th century America.
Upcoming Lectures
February 18, 2021 - From Trowel to Table: Ceramic Sherds Inform History Detectives at James Madison’s Montpelier
Lecturer: Leslie Lambour Bouterie, Visiting Curator of Ceramics at James Madison’s Montpelier and Visiting Scholar for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

March 18, 2021 - Transferware in the Valley: Evidence of English Transferware in New England's Connecticut River Valley, 1820-1850
Lecturer: Dan Sousa, Assistant Curator, HIstoric Deerfield

Recent Lectures
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Floral Prints as Sources for Patterns on Porcelain and Transferware; the Botanical and Gardening Obsession, presented December 2020 by Patricia (Pat) Knight, member of the TCC and the San Francisco Ceramics Circle.

The 'Etching Revival' and Transferware: Aestheticism on the Dinner Table, presented November 2020 by Jeff Ruda, Professor Emeritus of Art History, University of California, Davis, and TCC member.

The Trade In British Transferware With The Dutch East Indies 1820-1940, presented September 2020 by Jaap Otte, Director of Development, Office of the Chief Information Office, the Smithsonian, Washington, DC.
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Bulletin TCC 2020 Number 3
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Jeffrey S. Evans and Associates – Winter Americana Auction
February 25 – February 27, 2021
Jeffrey S. Evans and Associates will be holding its Winter Americana Auction February 25 through February 27, 2021. Thursday, February 25, will showcase part two of the ceramics collection of James Dunn, Springfield, VT, in addition to pieces from the John & late Evelyn Teague collection, Bloomingdale, IN. There will be a wide selection of transferware in all colors and forms featuring historical, romantic, and floral patterns, along with children’s pieces. The complete catalog will be posted by approximately February 12 at
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with an emphasis on transferware.
Shown is a Benjamin Adams (1809-1820) 8.75 inch plate printed in the pattern known as Lions, ca. 1820. There is an impressed mark for Benjamin Adams on the back of the plate. The source print was engraved by J. Scott after an original by S. Edwards. More information.

Members only: See pattern #2920 in the Pattern and Source Print Database.

Thanks to Judie Siddall for preparing the "Pattern of the Month."
Brown with Oval Reserves
Tile, 6 x 6 inches. There is no information regarding the maker or pattern. No reference has been found for this pattern; therefore, it has a TCC Assigned Name. Maker Unknown. See pattern #19247 in the Pattern and Source Print Database.

The center of the pattern is a simple flower head with 8 sections surrounded by a Greek Key pattern. It has a narrow circular border with repeating small motif with scrolls. The oval reserves actually form a larger border around the center. Each reserve is filled with a flower with leaves extending out to each side. A motif of a stem of leaves alternates with the four reserves extending around the tile center. Each of the four corners shows one-quarter of the same flower as is featured in the center. The group of nine tiles together shows the center flower now appearing on both sides of the oval reserves. Shown is a printed brown version as well as one with a pale blue background and additional painted colors. Link to more tiles.

Thanks to Connie Rogers and Kurt O'Hare for preparing the "Tile Display of the Month."
Spode Paintress Mrs. Priestly
Photo on the occasion of her 82nd birthday in 1937. Just one of hundreds of images in the TCC Website Image Gallery. View more photos. See past Photos of the Month.
Thanks to David Hoexter for preparing the "Photo of the Month."
YELLOW TRANSFER PRINTED BROWN WARE, Database Discoveries – Contribution #1 Transferware Collectors Club by Connie Rogers

Yellow Transfer Printed Brown Ware – referred to here as YPB – is a type of transferware that has only recently been added to the TCC Database. Some collectors of transferware may not be aware of this type of transfer decoration as it is not commonly found. Over the years, I have noted a number of patterns that appeared to be Chinoiserie, or pseudo-Chinese scenes with figures, pagodas, junks, and various floral designs printed in yellow on brown jugs, bowls and plates. However, these pieces were not marked, and the patterns seemed to be generic patterns not exactly matching known blue printed transferware patterns. Collectors of willow and other Chinoiserie patterns seem to be the people most drawn to the wares. Figures 1 and 2 are two sides of a jug with such a pattern. I hadn't seen any example of that pattern printed in under glaze blue. Read the article.
YES – TRANSFER-PRINTED TILES ARE IN THE DATABASE, Database Discoveries – Contribution #13 Transferware Collectors Club by Connie Rogers

Tiles are among the earliest examples of the use of ceramic material for decorative purposes. We may think of the blue and white Dutch Delft tiles found on fireplace surrounds in the 18th century. As the popularity of tin-glazed tiles declined, the production of tiles dwindled away until the 1830s when heavy encaustic floor tiles were introduced. Other tiles used for major architectural schemes such as the adornment of walls also became popular. Our main interest is in the decorative art tile that came into its own from about 1870 to 1900, many of which were transfer-printed. Read the article.

Blue and white transfer-printed earthenware was produced in vast quantities in the early nineteenth century. It was made in the Staffordshire Potteries, and also in Yorkshire, Lancashire, Northumberland and South Wales. After the Napoleonic Wars a large export trade to North America was established. The wares that have survived are now avidly collected on both sides of the Atlantic and some are now exported from Britain as antiques. More info.

Advertising pot lids can be found from many countries particularly English speaking nations and are collected by a dedicated group of enthusiasts across the world. These fascinating transfer-printed ceramic containers often feature inventive designs and typefaces as well as details of the individuals and companies that sold them. They were used to retail a broad range of commodities and the vast majority were originally thrown away after a single use. In the last 50 years or so, they have been re-discovered from the excavation of former rubbish tips. More info.
Flow Blue & Mulberry China International Collectors' Club
This website is a group of nearly eight hundred of the world’s friendliest folks, including over seventy generous dealers, bound together by their love, and occasional lust, for flow blue and mulberry china. Link to site.
Friends of Blue
Friends of blue was formed over 40 years ago and offers an opportunity for beginners and experts alike to share their interest in printed pottery. They are always delighted to welcome new members to their group. LInk to site.
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