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March eNews 2021
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2021 Research Grant Proposals now being accepted
All grant applications must be received by May 4.

The Richards Research Grant Program is dedicated to supporting research focused on British transferware produced between 1750 and 1900. Annual funding for this program remains at $10,000. More information.
March Lecture
Thursday, March 18, 2021

Transferware in the Valley: Evidence of English Transferware in New England's Connecticut River Valley, 1820-1850

by Daniel Sousa, Assistant Curator at Historic Deerfield
Description: In the early decades of the 19th century, Connecticut River Valley merchants and store owners acquired large quantities of English transferware to sell to local consumers. What transferware patterns were available in the Connecticut River Valley, and how did they get there? To answer these questions, this presentation will examine the life and career of Hartford, Connecticut ceramic importer Peter Morton (1800-1846), and extant examples of his wares, along with pieces of transferware found archaeologically throughout the Connecticut River Valley.

The March lecture is co-sponsored by
The Transferware Collectors Club and Historic Deerfield. 
Speaker Bio:  Daniel Sousa became the Assistant Curator at Historic Deerfield in 2019. Prior to joining the museum staff in 2017 as the Decorative Arts Trust Curatorial Intern, he worked at the New England Historic Genealogical Society, and at Skinner Auctioneers. He has also served as an intern with the Boston Furniture Archive, a project of the Winterthur Museum, and has participated in the 2019 Winterthur Institute program. He holds a B.A. in history from Providence College, an M.A. in history from the University of Massachusetts, Boston, and a Certificate in Genealogical Research from Boston University.
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The Board will be working on plans for a more expansive virtual on-line Annual Meeting in October and looks forward to being able to gather in person in 2022. We will keep you posted on plans for October as they develop.

Scott Hanson
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Online Show Featuring the Zamoiski Collection
of Historical Staffordshire

Sale commenced March 5
The Kurau family announces a fixed price online sale of Historical Staffordshire, including over 150 pieces fresh to the market from the Zamoiski Collection. The sale commenced March 5, and can be accessed at
Hansons Auctioneers – Curated Ceramics Auction
March 31st
Dr Richard Halliday of Hansons Auctioneers is proud to announce their next Curated Ceramics sale on the 31st of March. The catalogue will be online approximately 17th of March. There are approximately 350 lots, of which half are transfer-printed. Pieces include a footbath, coffeepots, tureens, mugs, jugs from most major factories such as Spode, Swansea, Davenport, Clews and more. Genres include Chinoiserie, Romantic, Indian, English Scenes, Animals and much more. Hansons Auctoneers web
Please contact us if you are offering or know of an upcoming auction 
with an emphasis on transferware.
Going Alone
Shown is a 7.62 inch child's plate with a molded border of connected flowers. The pattern, “Going Alone,” shows a child who is learning to walk. The maker is unknown. More information.

Members only: See pattern #16447 in the Pattern and Source Print Database.

Thanks to Judie Siddall for preparing the "Pattern of the Month."
Sunflower Corners
This pattern was produced by Stubbs & Hodgart c. 1890-1900. "No 421", the tile pattern number is printed on the back. In addition the pattern has a TCC assigned name for ease in searching. It is pattern #19852 in the Pattern and Source Print Database.

This tile design is obviously incomplete on just one tile. The pattern has a large quarter of a sunflower in the lower right with a small, darker quarter sunflower in the upper left. The rest of the pattern is considered border, and it is filled with flowers. We have included a group of 5 x 6 tiles and another of 7 x 6 tiles to show ways the pattern could appear on a large display. The large and small sunflowers are seen in alternating rows surrounded by the lovely profusion of flowers. Link to more tiles.

Thanks to Connie Rogers and Kurt O'Hare for preparing the "Tile Display of the Month."
Mission Transferware
The Carmel Mission, Monterey County, California, was established in 1797. This child’s plate was on display in the mission museum. We’ve seen similar mid-19th century English transferware at several other missions over the years. See past Photos of the Month.
Recorder News 29, March 2021

This issue has an eclectic mix of items again: more on the donkey, a couple of new discoveries including a brand new source print, yet another Birmingham merchant’s mark, and interesting shapes in the form of a dog bowl and a charger. The subject of chargers, in particular, might provide stimulus for discussion? Read more.
Pending Lectures

April 8, 2021 Contextualizing Transferware from Drayton Hall’s South Flanker Well, Charleston, SC
Lecturer: Corey Heyward Sattes, Wexler Curatorial Fellow, Archaeology, Drayton Hall Preservation Trust. 

May 13, 2021 - Beyond Blue: Transfer Printing in Fancy Colours
Lecturer: Pat Halfpenny, Curator Emerita, Ceramics & Glass, Winterthur Museum
Past Lectures
These lectures have been recorded and are available to current TCC members on the TCC website. Member login required. TCC website.

From Trowel to Table: Ceramic Sherds Inform History Detectives at James Madison’s Montpelier presented by Leslie Lambour Bouterie, Visiting Curator of Ceramics at James Madison’s Montpelier and Visiting Scholar for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

And His Little Dog, Too: The Enoch Wood Pottery Memorized on a Mug, presented January 2021 by Angelika R. Kuettner, Associate Curator of Ceramics and Glass at the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation

Floral Prints as Sources for Patterns on Porcelain and Transferware; the Botanical and Gardening Obsession, presented December 2020 by Patricia (Pat) Knight, member of the TCC and the San Francisco Ceramics Circle.

The 'Etching Revival' and Transferware: Aestheticism on the Dinner Table, presented November 2020 by Jeff Ruda, Professor Emeritus of Art History, University of California, Davis, and TCC member.

The Trade In British Transferware With The Dutch East Indies 1820-1940, presented September 2020 by Jaap Otte, Director of Development, Office of the Chief Information Office, the Smithsonian, Washington, DC.
Bulletin TCC 2020 Number 3
Digital version available: Download/read this issue's feature article (all site visitors): English Transfer Printed Earthenware at Junagarh Fort, Bikaner, Rajasthan, India. Members, read the entire issue here.
The TCC Bulletin Index -- incorporating listings of articles from the Fall 1999 issue through to the most recent issue. A rich resource! Read it here.
Database Discovery #16 - A Scottish Mystery November - 2014 by Michael Sack

A simple question from a friend, a retired historian, has set off a chain of research and highlighted a mystery. My friend saw on eBay a 2-7/8” plate titled “Indian Chiefs” (Figure 1) and asked me if I knew of a source print for it. It was made by John Thomson at the Annfield Pottery in Scotland, which was active 1826 to 1883. Read the article.
Database Discovery #23 - A Transferware Murder Mystery Episode 2 In A Transferware Detective’s Saga February - 2016 by Leslie Bouterie

Just as Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot were never without baffling cases to solve, the work of a TCC Database detective is never done. Pattern identification mysteries abound, but rarely do they involve the investigation of foul play. Read the article.
Dated in Blue: Underglaze Blue Painted Earthenware 1776 - 1800 by Lois Roberts

Dated in Blue is a catalogue of dated underglaze blue painted earthenware, both creamware and pearlware, from 1776 to 1800. One hundred and ninety four examples are featured, the majority of which are illustrated and published for the first time. Read more. More info.
Historical Guide to Advertising Pot Lids by R. J. Houghton, J. Layden, and P. Taylor

It has taken 11 years to compile this book, which is the result of contributions from hundreds of collectors from around the globe. It aims to catalogue, as far as possible, all UK and Irish advertising pot lids that were used broadly between 1830 and 1930, as well as providing a brief overview of examples that were used in other countries. More info.
The Mason's Collectors Club
The Mason's Collectors Club was founded in 1972 for all who collect, have an interest in, or appreciate the ceramic wares made by the Mason's pottery factory based in Stoke on Trent. Link to Facebook page.
The Northern Ceramic Society
Their main focus is on British pottery and porcelain from 1600 to the present day. They have become the society for people who love pots.The NCS is open to everyone and our membership is worldwide. We share the latest ceramic news and research though our meetings, seminars, publications, exhibitions and website. LInk to site.
Find more of the informative resources we've compiled here.
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