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March eNews 2022
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Dear TCC Member,

I hope this finds you well. I am writing on behalf of the TCC Board of Directors as we seek an individual to serve as President of this important organization for a three-year term. Recent changes in my employment situation have made it impossible for me to continue in the position.

The President’s role is to oversee and coordinate the activities of the Board and the organization. Individual Board members are responsible for the specific activities and committees of the TCC and rely on the President for guidance and support. The President organizes and chairs Board meetings, which are held twice a year (spring and fall), and special Board meetings as needed. These meetings are held via Zoom. The by-laws also require that an Annual Business Meeting for the membership be called and conducted by the President. This meeting has traditionally been held in October in combination with an Annual Meeting featuring lectures and tours.

The TCC is fortunate to have a dedicated Board of Directors with a strong commitment to each of their roles and responsibilities. The new President will benefit from their experience and support when assuming the role. Speaking personally, it has been a real pleasure to work with these folks over the past five years.

Ideally, a candidate for this position will have experience serving on a non-profit board and the ability to monitor activities and provide encouragement and support in an organization that offers valuable services to its members. These include the TCC Database of Patterns and Sources, Richards Research Grant program, Transferware Worldwide Lecture Series, the Bulletin publication, the Annual Meeting, monthly and special E-news emails, social media accounts, and management of an international membership list of more than 500 households, businesses, and institutions.

While filling the President’s position is our most pressing need now, the board welcomes members who wish to support other activities for the club: One example is coordinating annual and regional meetings.

If you are interested in learning more about serving as the TCC’s new president or wish to be considered for other volunteer activities, please contact me at or call me at 207 749-0458.

It has been an honor to serve as the TCC President since 2017 and I look forward to remaining involved in the organization to the degree possible moving forward. That will include helping our new President in any way I can as she or he takes on the role.


All grant applications must be received by May 4.
Launched in 2009, the Richards Research Grant Program is dedicated to supporting research focused on British transferware produced between 1750 and 1900. Annual funding for this program remains at $10,000. To date the program has funded twenty-eight projects. A summary of winning proposals from previous years is available hereDownload application.
Recorder News 35 March 2022

A bit of an odd pot-pourri this time, with one real rarity, a missing image, a fine and unusual puzzle jug, a couple of toy plates, and some humour. Read this issue.
No Auction listed at this time.
Please contact us if you are offering or know of an upcoming auction 
with an emphasis on transferware.
Bulletin TCC 2021 Number 3 

Download/read this issue's feature article (all site visitors): My Forbears (by Marriage) Were Crate Makers by Sue Wagstaff. Members, read the entire issue here.
The TCC Bulletin Index -- incorporating listings of articles from the Fall 1999 issue through to the most recent issue. A rich resource! Search Index.

Bulletin editor is seeking contributions for the upcoming bulletin. Contacts: 

Wedgwood Months of the Year
Months of the Year 6-inch square tiles by the Josiah Wedgwood pottery, Etruria, Staffordshire, printed in blue. This series with each tile depicting a month of the year was designed by Helen Miles, a designer, painter and illustrator who designed several series of tiles for Wedgwood in the 1870s. A document in the Wedgwood archives records that the series of months was registered in March 1878. An 8-inch square version of the tiles was produced with the addition of a one-inch-wide outer border, often the Aesthetic style "Bell Flower" border design. The series was also produced on dinnerware. Most of the 12 months are recorded in the TCC Database including 8-inch tile and dinnerware examples. Go to the Puzzle. See past Puzzles of the Month.

Thanks to Scott Hanson for preparing the "Puzzle of the Month."
A highlight of many TCC annual meetings is handling and discussing features associated with various transferware patterns and forms. This montage shows a handling session during our 2016 Charlottesville, VA meeting. We travelled one day to Washington and Lee University in Lexington, VA, to view the Reeves Collection of Chinese export porcelain and armorial porcelain, with examples dating from 1500 to the present. We were royally hosted by curator Ron Fuchs. More Information. See past Photos of the Month.

Thanks to David Hoexter for preparing the "Photo of the Month."

Shown is a 9 inch plate titled “The Call Of Samuel” from the series “Scripture Illustrations.” It was made by Knight Elkin & Bridgwood (1829-1840). More information.

Members only: See pattern #17762 in the Pattern and Source Print Database.

Thanks to Judie Siddall for preparing the "Pattern of the Month."
The TCC Bulletin editor seeks submittals to future editions, particularly from first time or occasional authors. We have an extremely knowledgeable member base, yet many of our members seldom or never share their knowledge, at least in printed form. Now is your chance. Bulletin submittals do not need to be extremely technical or lengthy. They just need to be interesting and relate to British transferware! And they need to be accompanied by quality images. We would especially welcome articles from our growing number of archaeologist members.

Don’t fret if you have little experience. We will be pleased to work with you, to formulate your concept and bring your article along. Simply send us your ideas, if that is where you are, or text, even in preliminary form, if you are further along. Please submit in MS Word format, and separately, images in png, pdf or jpeg format. Please do NOT convert to PDF. Don’t worry if this is a problem for you; we’ll work with you to bring your article from preliminary to final, printed, stage, no matter your level of computer and word processes experience. 

Suggested topics: 
  1. Your favorite transferware piece, either your own or displayed elsewhere (why is it your favorite?, how did you acquire it?, what is the pattern, maker if known?). 
  2. What is your favorite place to view transferware: museum? stately home? Historic or archaeological site?
  3. Tell (and show) us your own collection (really good pictures required).
  4. New discoveries.
  5. Archaeological sites: overall summary of the excavation as relates to transferware; discuss a particular pattern or piece; context/importance of the transferware.
  6. In-depth research of a pattern, series, maker.

 Richard Halliday, TCC Bulletin Editor:
 David Hoexter:
A Membership List updated in August 2021 is now available (for members only and only for non-commercial use). Download now. Please review your entry on the list, and notify us of any changes in your contact information.
Upcoming Lectures

Thursday, April 14, 2022  1PM
A Trip to Edinburgh: Transfer-Printed Ceramics in the Collection of National Museums Scotland Lecturer: Claire Blakey, Curator of Modern Decorative Arts, National Museums Scotland More info.

Thursday, July 14, 2022 – 1PM
Two Worlds in One Shipwreck Lecturer: Wytze Stellingwerf, Archaeologist and Specialist of Late and Post-Medieval Material Culture, Archeologie West-Friesland More info.

Past Lectures
All of our past lectures, dating back to September 2020, have been recorded and are available to current TCC members on the TCC website. Member login required. TCC website.
The Museum of Royal Worcester

Tuesday, March 15th at 6pm

Early Worcester from Dr Wall to James Giles - the perfection of paste and glaze
by Paul Crane
Paul is a specialist in the field of early English Porcelain and a direct descendant of Dr John Wall, the founder of porcelain manufacture in Worcester in 1751. He is a historian, published author, regular speaker and a consultant with Brian Haughton Gallery London. He is looking forward to sharing what made the early wares of Worcester so exceptional.

To receive the zoom links and details please book here 

The lecture is FREE, but a donation to support their work and continued recovery suggestion is £5-10pp.

To find the correct time in your area, use this site:
San Francisco Ceramic Circle

Save the date. Sunday, March 20, 2022

Islamic Tiles at Leighton House, London
Dr. Melanie Gibson, Convenor of the Postgraduate Degree in Asian Art at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, and trustee of Leighton House

Join Zoom Meeting

Check with SFCC for more information and the Zoom link.

To find the correct time in your area, use this site:
by Judie Siddall

I decided to look for Masonic patterns in the TCC Pattern and Source Print Database in the hopes of learning more about the Masons. I remembered that I had entered a Masonic pattern in the Children's Subjects Category of the Database (left). It features a maxim by Benjamin Franklin (remember that he was a Mason) and a large compass (the Masons began as a Medieval Stonemason's guild and a compass was one of their symbols). Read the article.
by David Hoexter

This article is woefully out of date. We would love to find a volunteer who exhibits a keen research passion who would update and add to its content. Contact  David Hoexter:

Not all locations have been vetted. In an attempt to be as complete as possible, we have included some locations which house extensive English, Welsh or Scottish pottery collections which may only include minimal transferware examples. These locations are specified in the brief discussion following each individual listing. Some locations with extensive collections of related pottery (e.g. Gaudy Welsh, Gaudy Dutch, Lustre, Ironstone, Staffordshire figures, etc) are included, recognizing that many transferware collectors have parallel interests. Read the article.
by Ada Walker Camehl

Early American Scenes and History Pictured in the Pottery of the Time. With a Supplementary Chapter describing the celebrated Collection of Presidential China in the White House at Washington, D.C., and a complete Checking List of known Examples of Anglo-American Pottery. More information.

British Ironstone China and the related stone china and granite ceramic bodies are as important in their way as English creamwares or indeed bone china itself. Initially, the ironstone-type bodies were introduced to emulate, rival and undersell the vast and popular importations of Oriental porcelains. Not only did the ironstone manufacturers succeed in this ideal but they progressed to take over the trade. More information.
International Willow Collectors (IWC) is a group of people who collect willow-pattern china and other willow wares. Their primary purpose is to increase members knowledge and enjoyment of willow and to provide a network through which we can communicate with fellow collectors throughout the world. Visit the site.

​They are dedicated to the study of British and International Ceramics, both porcelain and earthenware, from the earliest Roman time up to the present day. They offer illustrated lectures by leading ceramic experts at London, visits to places of ceramic interest, and a two-day Seminar in October each year. Visit the site.

Find more of the informative resources we've compiled here.
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  • The TCC Web Administrator at his/her discretion has the right to reject inappropriate or inadequate submittals.


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