February 2020
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2020 Annual Meeting, Winterthur, Wilmington, DE - October 15-18
Mark your calendars for October 15 - 18, 2020 and make plans to join friends and fellow transferware enthusiasts for an enlightening and collegial Annual Meeting in Wilmington, Delaware. Through a close collaboration with Winterthur Museum, Gardens and Library, attendees will participate in an exciting program of lectures by ceramic experts, museum tours and activities, and vessel handling sessions with exclusive access to the world renown Winterthur collection of ceramics. More information. Volunteers always needed! See Volunteers Needed for 2020 Meeting, below.
2020 Research Grant Proposals Now Being Accepted 

The Transferware Collectors Club, a US-based international non-profit organization dedicated to the study of British transfer-printed ceramics, is pleased to welcome applications for the 2020 Paul and Gladys Richards Charitable Foundation Research Grant Program for the study of British Transferware.

Grant Funding
Launched in 2009, the Richards Research Grant Program is dedicated to supporting research focused on British transferware produced between 1750 and 1900. Annual funding for this program remains at $10,000. To date the program has funded twenty-six projects. A summary of winning proposals from previous years is available on the club's website. Grant funding for selected proposals is made available by the end of August each year.

A Grant Program with International Reach
The following are the 2019 Richards Research Grant Recipients:
Tania Manuel Casimiro, Portugal
Sandra Guillermo, Argentina
George Haggarty, Scotland
Scott Hanson, USA 
All grant applications must be received by May 4 of the year the request is made. Application forms are available for download on the club's website: https://www.transcollectorsclub.org/research
NEW Bulletin  TCC 2019 Number 3

Read the issue's featured article One view, two artists, eight patterns. Members, read the entire issue here.
The TCC Bulletin Index -- incorporating listings of articles from the Fall 1999 issue through to the most recent issue, Vol.XX No. 2, 2019 -- has been updated as of December 2019. A rich resource! Read it here.
Dora Landey January, 1936 - January, 2020

We are deeply saddened by the passing of Dory Landey, one of the original TCC members. Dora collected and sold transferware for many years, and in particular, was a fixture at many of our annual meeting show and sales with her extensive display. For more information about Dora, see the blog "Dishy News, " https://dishynews.blogspot.com/2020/01/dora-landey-1936-2020.html 
NEWS - Gladstone Pottery Museum Walk Through

Thank you to Terry Woolliscroft for directing us to this exciting virtual walk-through tour of the Gladstone Pottery Museum. Those of us who have visited will enjoy "returning", and those who have never visited will profit from this 3-D video visit, and hopefully will be inspired to visit in person. Link to virtural tour.   

NEW Film 

Bound By Clay: Celebrating Women's Contribution to Ceramics in Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire. Link to film.   
Thanks to Loren Zeller and Phil Rowley for bringing this to our attention.
Single-Chambered Muffle Kiln

The enamel single-chambered muffle kiln at Gladstone Pottery Museum

No two bottle ovens or kilns were the same. Many, almost all of them, were built without architects drawings or plans. They were built 'by eye' based on the experience of the builder and the verbal requirements of the factory owner. Bottle oven builders were known to build an oven from scratch in 6 weeks.

The terms, bottle oven and bottle kiln, are often used interchangeably but this can sometimes get confusing. To most of us they mean the same thing - a complex brick-built, bottle-shaped structure for the firing of pottery or associated materials. But there is a technical difference between the two. Read more. Additional images.

(Click on thumbnails to see larger images)

Thanks again to Terry Woolliscroft for providing images and text, October 2019.
Please submit your favorite transferware related photo (excluding images of actual pottery pieces) to the TCC Web Administrator: webadmin@transcollectorsclub.org 
Pattern of the Month
Cor onaria

Shown is a 5 inch jug by an unknown maker printed with a sheet or chintz pattern. There are 101 sheet patterns in the TCC Database. The name of this pattern is "Coronaria." Visit more information and other archived patterns to learn more about this pattern.
For members only, this is pattern #14095 in the database.  
Thanks to Judie Siddall for preparing the "Pattern of the Month."
Tile Display of the Month - Examples from the TCC Database
Manhood #02     
Pattern #18138 in the database. Maker is T. & R. Boote,
1842-1906, Burslem, Staffordshire
A diamond registry mark on the tile back indicates the date July 31, 1883.
T. & R. Boote registered a tile design on that date.

The pattern on this tile is one in a series of Ages of Man. A man is crouched in the field cutting hay with his scythe. A sun at the top and crescent moon with star at the bottom of the center pattern indicate Manhood works from Sunrise to Sunset. Although the pattern is complete in itself, an interesting wall display is seen with 9 in a group. More information.
(Click on thumbnails to see larger images)
Thanks to Connie Rogers and Kurt O'Hare for preparing the "Tile Display of the Month".
Volunteers Needed for 2020 Meeting
Planning is underway for the 2020 TCC Annual Meeting and Leslie Bouterie has generously offered to lead the effort again as Chair of the Annual Meeting Committee. Organizing the meeting involves too many tasks for one or two people to handle and additional volunteers are essential for the meeting to take place.   
Volunteers are needed to be responsible for a few positions. Several people have signed on, but several more are needed. If you have interest in learning more about the available positions, please contact TCC president Scott Hanson at president@transcollectorsclub.org. Thank you!
Classified Advertisements  
WANTED - In search of "Sydenham" pattern by Joseph Clementson, preferably in blue but other colors considered. The pattern dates to circa 1852 to 1864 and may have also been manufactured by his successor, Clementson Brothers. "Sydenham" is commonly also is marked "Davenport Bros" (two different styles), an importer in New York. Many of the various pieces exhibit different central designs resembling Greek/Roman statues. Smaller, unmarked pieces can be identified by the rim pattern, particularly the marley design of a repeating diamond with downward extending line. Please contact Tim at tk_bennett@yahoo.com   
Auction Watch  

Jeffrey S. Evans and Associates Winter Americana & Variety Auction
February 28 & 29, 2020

Day Two will have several transferware selections including the remaining pieces from the John & late Evelyn Teague Collection of Bloomingdale, Indiana. Patterns include "Wadsworth Tower" (pattern #3339), E. Wood & Sons "Italian Scenery" series (patterns #1736, #7976), "Quadrupeds" series (patterns #3131, #3150), and an anti-slavery plate featuring the First Amendment of the United States Constitution (pattern #2262). The complete catalog will be posted by approximately February 14. Link to the online auction catalogue.
Please contact us if you are offering or know of an upcoming auction
with an emphasis on transferware.
Henrywood's Highlights an Ongoing Series 
Highlight Number Thirty-Seven  
Everard, Colclough & Townsend  
The little-known and short-lived firm of Everard, Colclough & Townsend worked in Longton, probably from about 1840 through to the end of June 1845. At the time of writing, the TCC database has no records of any wares from the factory - possibly they had little trade with America - but they certainly made some distinctive transferware jugs. More information. Visit the Article Archives.
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New Database Discoveries Articles Needed
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Contributions Needed for Bulletin  
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Featured Books
History of the Staffordshire Potteries
by Simeon Shaw, 1829, reissued 1900.  
Available as a PDF download. A classic publication, still referenced by researchers.  Download here.
Spode & Copeland: Over Two Hundred Years of Fine China and Porcelain  
by Steven Smith 
A Schiffer Book for Collectors. Over 440 vivid color images display the wide range of ceramics produced by the English pottery firm, established by Josiah Spode in the 1760s and continuing today. (With Price Guide) Link to book.
Featured Articles

The News That Pratt Thought Fit to Print
Database Discoveries - Contribution # 18
Transferware Collectors Club, April, 2015
by Len Kling

Potters like Enoch Wood, Davenport and William Smith had been experimenting since the 1830s with the application of multi-colored transfers to dinner wares and tea wares, but it was not until about 1846 that patents were taken out on a polychrome printing process that successfully emulated the look of hand painted wares. Thomas, John and Joseph Mayer and John Ridgway & Co. were among those who made use of the polychrome process, but as time went on it became primarily synonymous with the name of Felix Pratt (F. & R. Pratt & Co). Thus, these wares are commonly know as "Prattware" (not to be confused with the high-fire colored Staffordshire ceramic figures also known as "Prattware"). Read more.
Orphan Transferware Patterns and the TCC Assigned Name
Database Discoveries - Contribution # 25
Transferware Collectors Club, July, 2016
by Len Kling
The goal of the Transferware Club Database is to include EVERY transfer printed pattern produced in Britain from the very beginning, in the 1750s, to 1900 (the latter boundary being a bit porous, but in general we stay within it). Most of them are named (or at least bear a pattern number). We know who made them, they are well documented and relatively easy to record. But some of them remain mysteries no matter how we search. In the end, if we want to include them in the database, we just have to do the best we can. We scrutinize the borders, the central patterns, and whatever enigmatic marks they might bear, and describe them to the best of our abilities. They're dubbed with a TCC Assigned Name and that's where things end for the time being. Read this article. 
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Northern Ceramic Society
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Spode History 
All about the world famous pottery manufacturer. Find answers to you question: How Old is My Spode? or Who Owned Spode? and much more. View the site.  
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four medallion platter
This four-medallion platter
sold for $8,500. Two previously advertised auctions resulted in sales of $7000 and $9500, both significantly over reserve.  
The rare "Chancellor Livingston" soup bowl advertised on the TCC website sold recently.

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