July 2019
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TCC ANNUAL MEETING: Birmingham, A OCT 17-20, 2019 
Every TCC Annual Meeting takes place in a casual atmosphere, where attendees are encouraged to visit and connect with friends old and new. This collegial gathering offers many opportunities to engage in activities; share information, stories and treasures; and to learn from one another. Three special features of the Annual Meeting are specifically designed to foster this casual, active engagement: the Show and Discuss Session, the Transferware Sale, and the Jumble Table.  
Show and Discuss 
After dinner on Friday evening, October 18, meeting participants will gather for an informal Show and Discuss Session. Members are invited to bring up to two items that they would like to share with others, and are encouraged to bring unusual, interesting, and "mystery" items. Enjoy this casual evening with fellow collectors; learn more about transferware from member experts; and share tales of transferware quests and finds. 
Transferware Sale  
This anxiously awaited annual event, open exclusively to TCC members, will be held on Sunday afternoon, October 20 in the spacious Ridgeley Room of the Tutwiler Hotel. Member-dealers will be offering a wide array of transferware items of exceptional quality, enabling meeting participants to add exquisite treasures to their personal collections.
Jumble Table
The Jumble Table component of the Transferware Sale provides non-dealer members with a perfect opportunity to sell transferware and related reference books and prints from their collections. The process is easy! Just fill out a simple form and our jumble table coordinators will collect and display the items and facilitate the sales. Attendees may place up to five items for sale on the Jumble Table for a nominal fee per item. Bring items to sell and make room for new treasures! 
Wes Palmer Convalescing
We've learned that long-time TCC member, Database American Themes category editor and Facebook page editor Wes Palmer is convalescing from a serious illness. His daughter, Leslie, posted the following on Facebook: "You may or may not know, my dad has been hospitalized since late April. He is doing better and still recuperating in a skilled nursing facility. As Stubborn and Strong as ever. He went through a serious battle that left him pretty weak and he's having to learn to walk again. His doctors are thrilled with his progress. His birthday is 7/11. He'll be 75! I'd love for him to be flooded with cards!" Wes' current address is: Wes Palmer, Room 2107, c/o The Arlington in Naples, 7900 Arlington Circle, Naples, FL. 34113.
2019 Annual Meeting Scholarships for Students and Young Professionals
Are you a student or young professional? Do the tales that ceramics could tell excite you? Do the patterns on transferware tantalize you and challenge you to hunt the pattern down? Would you like to meet other people who are like-minded and energized to share their stories of research and collecting?
The Transferware Collectors Club Board of Directors first initiated a scholarship program in 2016 to encourage and support students and young professionals in attending our annual meeting. This year our meeting will be held in Birmingham, AL, and we are seeking one or more graduate students or young professionals working in the decorative arts, archaeology, historic preservation, or other ceramic-related fields, to apply and receive scholarship funding which will cover the full cost of registration as well as a stipend to assist with hotel and travel expenses. Young professional / graduate student scholarship information and application attached.
Raffle Donations Requested! 

One More Item Needed!


The Transferware Raffle has become an important fund raising activity for the TCC Annual Meeting and it will again be a feature of the meeting in Birmingham. Proceeds are used to support the club's educational mission. Last year's raffle in Providence produced more than $1,800! Please help us to meet or exceed that goal for this year by donating items. We seek a variety of beautiful transfer-printed wares, in many different forms, patterns and colors. Each item or group of items should have a retail value of $200 or more and be in very good condition. To make your donation, please contact Frank Davenport at frankdhaddonfield@outlook.com. Download this post as a pdf. 

2016 The Paul and Gladys Richards Foundation Research Grant Program 

Canadian Advertising Pot Lids
by Bruce Pynn      

2016 The Paul and Gladys Richards Foundation Research Grant Winner  
Advertising pot lids can be found from many countries particularly English-speaking nations and are collected by a dedicated group of enthusiasts across the world. These fascinating transfer-printed ceramic containers often feature inventive designs and typefaces as well as details of the individuals and companies that sold them. They were used to retail a broad range of commodities and the vast majority were originally thrown away after a single use. In the last 50 years or so, they have been re-discovered from the excavation of former rubbish tips.

How to order hardcopy
Price US $10.00 Price UK £10.00 pounds
Postage determined when order is placed Email b.pynn@shaw.ca to place an order
Download PDF (members only)

Tile Display of the Month - Examples from the TCC Database
Fan Shape     
Fan Shape pattern #18591 in the database. Sherwin & Cotton, maker, c. 1877-1911. The tile is 6x6 inches, printed in green on cream color. This pattern has a TCC Assigned Name.

This is an unusual pattern in that it has two different centers, both of which are bouquets of flowers inside a fan shape. The border is made up of partial fan shapes that surround the floral fan shapes. The grouping of 9 tiles shows a vertical row of alternating floral fan shapes with the leaf and scroll fan shapes that made up the original border.   More information.
Pattern of the Month

Lady Godiva and Peeping Tom of Coventry

Shown is a 6.5 inch plate titled "Lady Godiva and Peeping Tom of Coventry." The source print for the pattern is from the "History of Covertry," which was published in 1852. Visit more information and other archived patterns to learn more about this pattern.
Auction Watch  

No auctions at this time.    
Please contact us if you are offering or know of an upcoming auction with an emphasis on transferware.
Photo of the Month 
Middleport Pottery, Stoke-on-Trent
The Middleport Pottery is perhaps the last pottery in England producing transfer-printed pottery. Can anyone identify another? Shown are the pottery entrance, a bottle kiln, and a production room, where printed tissue awaits application and a worker burnishes a pattern onto a tea cup. Photos: D. Hoexter, 2015, during the TCC England Annual Meeting. (Click on thumbnails to see larger images)

Please submit your favorite transferware related photo (excluding images of actual pottery pieces) to the TCC Web Administrator: webadmin@transcollectorsclub.org 

Bulletin  TCC 2019 Number 1

Read the issue's featured article British Transferware in Indonesia 1800-1915 By Jaap Otte. Members, read the entire issue here. Members, read the entire issue here
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The Database Needs Editors
Do you love a good mystery? Do you fancy yourself to be a Sherlock Holmes or Miss Marple? If your answer is "yes", then you are the perfect candidate to join the ranks of TCC Database Detectives! Download more information. 

New Database Discoveries Articles Needed
Please contact the web administrator with suggestions or contributions of future Database Discoveries articles. See Database Discoveries archives.

Contributions Needed for Bulletin  
Bulletin editor Richard Halliday is seeking contributions for the upcoming bulletin. Contact Richard, at bulletineditor@transcollectorsclub.org.
Classified Advertisements  

For Sale
An antique Spode pearlware meat strainer 'The Castle Pattern' circa 1810-1815. The strainer shows a blue and white transferware view of the "The Gate of Sebastian" from Merigots 'Views of Rome and its Vicinity' published in 1797-1798 (aquatint). Get more information.  
Classified Advertisements  

Sold Through Website Classified Advertisement
We are now accepting simple classified (not display) advertisements from TCC member transferware dealers as well as non-dealer members.  There is no charge for this member service. Following are the criteria:  
  • Limited to three quality images of item(s) for sale or example(s) of an item(s) you wish to purchase.
  • Include a very short description paragraph, including a link to your website and/or email address.
  • Dealers must be TCC members, limited to once/year maximum.
  • Requests will be processed in the order received, and there is no guarantee as to when your ad will be posted.
  • The TCC Web Administrator at his/her discretion has the right to reject inappropriate  or inadequate submittals.

To view examples:  http://www.transcollectorsclub.org/classifieds.html

Contact:  webadmin@transcollectorsclub.org

Featured Books
American Historical English Pink (American Views on English Transferware)
by Margie Williams
In addition to recording not only the potter and his pottery but the known forms and colors, she also provides a glimpse into the historical significance of every magical motif. Link to the book.
Success to America: Creamware for the American Market
by S. Robert Teitelman, Patricia A. Halfpenny, and Ronald W. Fuchs II, with essays by Wendell D. Garrett and Robin Emmerson.
Life in the early days of the young republic was still very much tied to England and its resources. All those who could afford to do so ordered their creamware sets of dishes and goods from English potters, who were only too happy to produce and decorate the requested images that memorialized Revolutionary War heroes, newly elected presidents, maritime merchants, and patriotic sentiments. One of the largest collection of such creamware items was amassed by the late S. Robert Teitelman. Get more information.
Featured Articles


By Arleen and Grahame Tanner

Diverse theories exist as to whether Samuel Hollins produced Swansea Pottery blue and white transfer ware. Indeed some researchers postulate that the Samuel Hollins' Pottery produced very significant quantities of blue and white transfer ware. On the contrary our position is that Samuel Hollins did not produce any blue and white transfer printed wares. Further, the suggestion that patterns previously attributed to Swansea should now be reassigned to Samuel Hollins we see as incorrect. The objective of this paper is to demonstrate our reasons for holding this position. Read this article.
British Shipping Company China
Database Discoveries - Contribution # 7
November 2012
by Connie Rogers
The database is made much richer with the patterns and information sent to us by TCC members. Aside from a willow pattern platter that I found many years ago with its mark of the Allan Line, I was not aware of the many types and styles of transferware produced in the U. K. for individual ships and shipping companies. Thanks to Frank Davenport we are building a very interesting array of patterns in the database on this subject. Frank has written two very well-documented articles for the TCC Bulletin on "The Ceramics from CSS Alabama" in the 2011 Fall Issue, Vol. XII No. 3 and "Confederate Navy Ironstone" in 2012 Vol. XIII No. 2. In addition, he has sent me dozens of photos of other transfer printed patterns used on British ships related to several different shipping companies. The purpose of this article is to provide a look at some of the different types of patterns and urge others to add to the category by sending me more photos and information. Read this article. 
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The Daniel Ceramics Circle
This website is where you will find accurate and up-to-date information and the latest research of the manufactory of H & R DANIEL pioneers of enamelling and gilding techniques, and producers of some of the finest ceramics of their day. Visit the site. 
Peter Olson Photo Ceramica
This is the Facebook site showing amazing photographs of ceramics.  Visit website. 

Find more of the informative resources we've compiled here.
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four medallion platter
This four-medallion platter
sold for $8,500. Two previously advertised auctions resulted in sales of $7000 and $9500, both significantly over reserve.  
The rare "Chancellor Livingston" soup bowl advertised on the TCC website sold recently.

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