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November eNews 2020
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Upcoming Lectures
December 10, 2020
Botanical Prints as Sources for Floral Transferware Patterns presented by Patricia (Pat) Knight, member of the TCC and the San Francisco Ceramics Circle.

(Members, please check your email in early December for the Zoom link to this lecture. Non-members are also welcome to view future Transferware Worldwide lectures: simply provide your email address to receive the Zoom links and news and information about future TCC programming.)
Recent Lectures
The 'Etching Revival' and Transferware: Aestheticism on the Dinner Table, by Jeff Ruda, Professor Emeritus of Art History, University of California, Davis, and TCC member, was presented in November 2020.

The Trade In British Transferware With The Dutch East Indies 1820-1940 By Jaap Otte
In this lecture, Jaap Otte discusses the organization of the trade of European ceramics to the Dutch East Indies during the period 1820 to 1940, as well as the efforts to cater to preferences of the local population. September 2020.

If you missed either of these lectures members can watch the recording on the TCC website.
Issue 27, November 2020
Once again The Transferware Recorder offers a bumper issue, double the normal size. It has a magnificent cheese cradle, a good selection of other new discoveries, a couple of new images, a matching source print, footnotes and oddments from previous issues, and a location query. They have also put together a wants list of images needed for future volumes of The Transferware Recorder. Read more.
Jeffrey S. Evans and Associates 39th Semi-Annual Americana Auction November 12 through 14
On Friday, November 13, the auction will showcase part one of the ceramics collection of James Dunn, Springfield, VT. This includes a large selection of 18th & 19th century Staffordshire ceramics including: rare figures of all types, pearlware, Prattware, creamware, an immense selection of transferware in all colors and forms featuring historical, romantic, and floral patterns, and children’s pieces. View the auction catalogue at
Exceptional, single-owner Spode collection - Hansons Auctioneers, Bishton Hall, 30th September, 2020
The sale was of a collection assembled in a highly-discerning manner over many decades from the 1960s onwards which covered every aspect of Spode’s transfer-printed wares from 1784-1833. The Antiques Trade Gazette reports on the recent Hanson’s Auction of Spode, particularly Caramanian and Indian Sporting series. View more results.
Spode Indian Sporting, ‘Hunting and Hog Deer’ 29 cm platter, c.1810 sold for £2,700 hammer.
Spode Indian Sporting, ‘The Hog at Bay’ 29 cm tureen, c.1810 sold for £1,000 hammer.
Please contact us if you are offering or know of an upcoming auction 
with an emphasis on transferware.
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Sandra Guillermo's 2019 research grant project published
"British Transferware Patterns for Table and Toilet Service in Nineteenth-Century Homes in Buenos Aires (Argentina): A systematic study to understand fashion and consumer tastes"

Historical archeologist Sandra Guillermo's 2019 research grant project published in PDF format in English is now available to members only.
Lectures from 2019 and 2020 Annual Meetings now available.
Our first-ever virtual Annual Meeting featured two presentations with a brief business meeting between them. The first presentation showed historic source prints and transferware pieces depicting sites and monuments in India and current photos of the same sites and monuments. Scott Hanson, Michael Sack and 11 other transferware collectors toured the sites in India early in 2020 and share insights and stories about the journey while discussing the transferware and source prints. The presentation was recorded and may be viewed by members on the website along with three presentations from the 2019 Annual Meeting, including Gay Blake-Roberts talk that was played during the Virtual Annual Meeting. All these videos are available for members on TCC website at: TCC sponsored videos.
  • A Transferware Journey in India was presented by TCC president Scott Hanson and TCC vice-president Michael Sack
  • Britain’s Development Of The Transfer Printing Process In The 18th Century And How It Changed The Industry, By Gaye Blake-Roberts
  • Engravers, Artists, Artisan, Designers, Authors, Interpreters, Life, The Universe And Everything... By Dr. Richard Halliday
  • Overglazed Printed Creamware; Sadler & Green Of Liverpool & Their Association With Josiah Wedgwood, By Gaye Blake-Roberts
“Fancy” #02
Shown is a 10.5 inch plate made by John & William Ridgway (1813-1830). The pattern name is “Fancy” and the pattern number is “1289.” For more information, this is pattern #7996 in the TCC Database. More info.

Members only: for more information about this pattern and to see other similar patterns, search the Pattern and Source Print Database.

Thanks to Judie Siddall for preparing the "Pattern of the Month."
Aesthetic Flowers And Scrolls
Tile, 6 x 6 inches. The back of the tile has the impressed Mintons China Works marks, and the printed pattern “No 2227”. It has a descriptive TCC Assigned Name for ease in searching. See pattern #19218 in the database for more information.

The center pattern features an 8-petalled flower having 3 lines in each petal. Quarter flowers in the four corners repeat that design. A section with yellow background and scrolls as well as four additional blue-tinted flowers completes the center design. The border has elaborate circular scrolling in addition to the partial flowers. The circular scrolling is dominant in the secondary pattern in grouping the tiles for a wall display. See the group of 9 tiles straight on as well as the larger diagonal grouping to see the interesting results. Link to more tiles.

Thanks to Connie Rogers and Kurt O'Hare for preparing the "Tile Display of the Month."
Robert Copeland
Remembering Robert Copeland (Spode Factory), for no particular reason other than we miss him! Robert travelled to and spoke at our 2001 Annual Meeting in Monterey, CA, just weeks after 9/11, and was immeasurably helpful with our 2003 Annual meeting in Stoke-on-Trent, England. Shown here demonstrating how to use a foot bath (Spode, of course) even if without water, and in a more formal shot. Images from the TCC website Image Gallery. See past Photos of the Month.
Thanks to David Hoexter for preparing the "Photo of the Month."
Dr Maurice Hillis on the right with Dr Geoffrey Godden discussing 
items at a past NCS Summer School.
We are saddened to hear of the death of Maurice Hillis, chair and then president of the Northern Ceramic Society since 2001. Maurice, an expert on Liverpool Porcelain whose interests extended to a wide range of 18th and 19th century pottery and porcelain, was always willing to share his knowledge with fellow enthusiasts.
Bulletin TCC 2020 Number 2
Download/read this issue's feature article (all site visitors): The Right or Wrong Fit: Accommodating Transfer Patterns to Sizes and Shapes. Members, read the entire issue here.
The TCC Bulletin Index -- incorporating listings of articles from the Fall 1999 issue through to the most recent issue. A rich resource! Read it here.
A Membership List updated in August 2020 is now available (for members only and only for non-commercial use).  Download now. Please review your entry on the list, and notify us of any changes in your contact information.
Database Discoveries #20
Ways to Fit the Transfer Pattern Onto the Ware
by Connie Rogers

Imagine the dilemma the transferer faces when the engraving at hand is not large enough to cover the entire center of the platter being decorated. Perhaps the managers of the pottery did not think it was worth the expense of cutting a larger engraving because the platter was larger than ordinarily used in the standard dinner set. There were several ways this could be remedied.
Database Discoveries #6
What’s in a Word: Vocabulary Discoveries from Transfer-Printed Advertising Ware
by David Hoexter

It's amazing what one can learn from transferware and the examples included in our Database. English 19th century advertising product containers and other ware contain a wealth of vocabulary or word usage which I have never heard before. Often related to medicinal products, these words offer the 21st century observer a chance to impress friends, business associates, doctors (not surprisingly, many of the words are medical in origin), and others in our everyday life. Read the article.
Teitelman, S. Robert, Halfpenny, Patricia A., and Fuchs II, Ronald W.
with essays by Wendell D. Garrett and Robin Emmerson.

One of the largest collection of such creamware items was amassed by the late S. Robert Teitelman. This publication highlights 50 of the pieces in the S. Robert Teitelman Collection at Winterthur as well as an additional 25 pieces and decorative arts objects from Winterthur collection. More info.
by R.C. Bell

R.C. Bell's excellent 1971 publication is available from various sellers through Amazon Books. This book includes information on and examples from over 100 potteries located in the northeast of England along the rivers Tyne, Wear and Tees. It covers the period from 1740 - 1963. Hundreds of illustrations, marks, and histories of the potteries are featured. There are many transferware examples. More info.
The Caughley Society
The Caughley Society was formed in 1999. Its aims are to educate the public in the subject of Caughley porcelains, to promote research and study in all matters relating to Caughley porcelain and to disseminate the useful knowledge gained for the public benefit. Link to site.
The Connecticut Ceramics Circle
The Connecticut Ceramics Circle, based in Greenwich, Connecticut, comprises members from the Metropolitan tri-state region. The CCC was founded in 1989 to promote the understanding of pottery and porcelain and to disseminate knowledge about the subject through lectures by international specialists, collectors and curators who address diverse topics in the field of the ceramic arts. A Seminar is held each spring, providing an in-depth look at a particular topic. Link to site.
Find more of the informative resources we've compiled here.
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