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October eNews 2020
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Thursday, October 8 - 1PM (EST)
Our first-ever virtual Annual Meeting will feature two presentations with a brief business meeting between them. The first, A Transferware Journey in India, will be presented by TCC president Scott Hanson and TCC vice-president Michael Sack. Following the business meeting, we will share Gaye Blake-Roberts’ presentation on Britain’s Development of the Transfer Printing Process in the 18th Century and How it Changed the Industry, video recorded at the 2019 Annual Meeting in Birmingham, AL. Gaye, now retired, was Curator at the Wedgwood Museum in Barlaston, England and is currently an honorary senior research fellow with the V&A Research Institute. Members will receive a link to the zoom presentation on Monday. Link to more information.
Jeffrey S. Evans and Associates 39th Semi-Annual Americana Auction
November 12 through 14
On Friday, November 13, the auction will showcase part one of the ceramics collection of James Dunn, Springfield, VT. This includes a large selection of 18th & 19th century Staffordshire ceramics including: rare figures of all types, pearlware, Prattware, creamware, an immense selection of transferware in all colors and forms featuring historical, romantic, and floral patterns, and children’s pieces. The complete catalog will be posted by approximately October 30 at
Nadeau’s Auction Gallery
Windsor, CT Auction
October 24, 2020

The auction will include American Historical and other transferware from the collection of Lance & Irma Keller, including the exceptional Rogers Boston State House soup tureen, lid, and undertray. Representative images.
Please contact us if you are offering or know of an upcoming auction 
with an emphasis on transferware.
Gladstone Pottery Museum Wins Award
Congratulations to the Gladstone Pottery Museum for winning the Visit England Small Visitor Attraction of the Year award. More information.

Chess Battle
Josiah Wedgwood (1759-2005) 7.75 inch plate known as Chess or Chess Battle, ca. 1830. For TCC members, this is pattern #17020 in the TCC database. More info.

Members only: for more information about this pattern and to see other similar patterns, search the Pattern and Source Print Database.

Thanks to Judie Siddall for preparing the "Pattern of the Month."
Flowers and Fans
Tile 6 x 6 inches, aesthetic blue-printed pattern in 4 sections. Maker is Maw & Co. 1852-1969, Broseley, Jackfield, Shropshire. It has a TCC Assigned Name as there is no pattern name in the mark. See pattern #18267 in the database for more information. 

This is a pattern of alternating stylized flowers and fans. The flowers, each slightly different are on a light background. The two fans, on a dark background, have a differing number of small white flowers. The group of 9 arrangement has each tile placed next to each other as the single tile is placed. The result shows diagonal rows of flowers or fans moving both left to right from the top and right to left. 

The cut-up arrangement has a different focus putting 4 tiles with like background color together alternating like a tic-tac-toe board set up. The fan group is arranged differently in the middle spot for a looser effect. Link to more tiles.

Thanks to Connie Rogers and Kurt O'Hare for preparing the "Tile Display of the Month."
TCC Meeting in Baltimore, October 2011
One of the highlights of our 2011 annual meeting was a visit to a private collection. In this case, we viewed extraordinary American historical transferware and enjoyed wonderful views of the Baltimore Harbor, all at one location! To view more images encompassing numerous topics, visit the TCC Website Image Gallery. See past Photos of the Month.

Thanks to David Hoexter for preparing the "Photo of the Month."
Bulletin TCC 2020 Number 2
Download/read this issue's feature article (all site visitors): The Right or Wrong Fit: Accommodating Transfer Patterns to Sizes and Shapes. Members, read the entire issue here.

Hard copies are being printed and will be mailed when available.
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by Leslie Bouterie

The talents of master detectives like Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, and Miss Marple are often needed to decipher the mysteries of transferware patterns. As the Floral and Botanical editor for the TCC database, I channel their skills whenever possible and try to emulate their thorough investigatory techniques. Read the article.
by Leslie Bouterie

Ace detectives, such as Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot, are always attuned to the surfacing of clues and new information, even when a mystery, supposedly, has been solved. This TCC database editor and detective shares that mindset, and was delighted when new evidence came to light regarding "The Uva Mystery." Previously, a blue transfer-printed earthenware tankard, with a blurry mark appearing to be the pattern name “Uva,” was closely examined and researched (Figures 1 & 2). After much investigation, all of the clues pointed squarely to the mysterious pattern being properly named "Alva" rather than "Uva." The pattern was thusly entered into the TCC Database of Patterns and Sources and the case was closed! Read the article.
by David Drakard and Paul Holdway

Spode Transfer Printed Ware, first published in 1983, has now been extensively enlarged and revised, listing and illustrating every known transfer print issued by the Spode family at their Works in Stoke-on-Trent. More than 100 additional prints have been discovered since 1983. More info.
by Richard Halliday

This book is full colour and has over 300 images. It tells the story of one of the most famous transfer-printed designs, and also explores the history behind the pattern. There are many historical images, source prints and modern-day photographs and supportive text. More info.
Asiatic Pheasants
This site gives the history of the Asiatic Pheasants transfer printed china pattern, which was made by many British potters and by 1880 had achieved universal popularity. Asiatic Pheasants, also known as Asiatic Pheasant, is a quintessential English design inspired by an oriental original. Link to site.
The British Antique Bottle Forum
This is a forum that was established in 2007 & has been a friendly community for the hobby of digging, buying, swapping & collecting antique bottles, pots & related items. Since then they have teamed up with the Australian Antique Bottle Forum & became "Sister" forums working together to support & publicize the hobby. We hold quarterly competitions for members to enter, galleries for members to show off their collections, historical articles related to bottles & companies plus much more. Link to site.
Find more of the informative resources we've compiled here.
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