April 25, 2018
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Recent Transferware Publications 
We'd like to remind our members and transferware friends of recent publications.  Enrich your transferware library, and support authors and researchers, who in most cases never fully recover their out of pocket costs to research and publish.  This listing is in reverse order of the initial date of announcement in the TCC eNews, most recent release first. View listing of more than 75 publications.

Bulletin TCC 2018 Number 1

Read the issue's featured article Japan Dreams of Egypt: Cairo by William T Copeland and Sons By Kelly Keating. Members, read the entire issue here.

The Transferware Recorder Volume Four
by Dick Henrywood

Transferware Recorder Volume Four, authored by TCC member and transferware scholar Dick Henrywood, is available for purchase. The printing was subsidized by a TCC Paul and Gladys Richards Charitable Foundation Research Grant, and thus the author is offering a discount of 20% off the price of the book to all TCC members ($36 includes shipping). Learn more and order the book.

Swansea Commemorative Pottery

by Helen Hallesy

Helen's new book, supported by a TCC Paul and Gladys Richards Charitable Foundation Research Grant, focuses on a relatively small group of wares produced at the Swansea potteries in South Wales, generally classed as 'commemoratives', sometimes documentary, certainly historical. More information. 

Bulletin TCC 2017 Number 2

Read the issue's featured article Nineteenth Century Ceramics at Whitten House, Becoming a Collector of Transferware by Scott Hanson. Members, read the entire issue here. 

Transfer-printed Medical & Toilet Wares 1780-1850
by Richard Halliday

This book deals specifically and comprehensively with medical and toilet wares. The book allows for comparison of factories and how the development of the wares changed over time; is divided into shape-specific sections that include, when available, shape book images, source images, and non-transferware pieces for comparison; and include the extent to which the wares were exported.TCC Paul and Gladys Richards Charitable Foundation Research Grant recipient. Get more information.

Ynysmeaudwy and the Williamses 
by Mike Trew

This is the tale of a small potworks begun and run by a family of Cornishmen in a bleak outpost of the upper Swansea valley. Right from the start, its relative isolation from the other Swansea potteries ensured it an air of mystery which, in the years following its demise, assumed an almost mythical status. Get more information.

Bulletin TCC 2017 Number 1

Read the issue's featured article "Blue Willow": Apples or Oranges? by Susan Ferguson. Members, read the entire issue here.
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