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Navy Yard Shooting, Washington, DC: The ENOUGH Campaign is saddened about this latest to learn of another mass shooting Monday morning, the worst since Newtown.  Our hearts and prayers go out to the families of the victims and all affected.

But not ready to give up!

This heartfelt intro to this month's newsletter comes from one of our dedicated volunteers.

Dear Friends,

Every day, another disturbing headline.  Another accident involving a loaded weapon.  Another child shot or murdered.  Another school shooting, several this school year, even before the month of August was finished.  The first word that crosses my mind when I see these headlines is: ANOTHER. ANOTHER? ANOTHER!  But saying 'another', or thinking 'another' has the effect of making me feel numb.  And I am NOT OK with feeling numb. Because numbness leads to complacency. 

I have had enough with sensing that numbness is setting in.  I have had enough with seeing these headlines in my news feed.  I have had enough of the lack of meaningful action to prevent gun violence on a national level.  I have had enough of seeing the backlash against politicians and public officials who have stood up for common sense gun reforms, in some cases, risking (and losing) their jobs.  I have had ENOUGH. 

But I've also had enough of complacency.  It's time for us to transform complacency into action.  Check out to see what Newtown Action Alliance is doing to stir things up.  And you can help make meaningful change by supporting them or any one of the non-violence causes you'll learn about below, and, as always, reaching out to elected officials.  Getting involved = making a difference.

And if you are like me, or like my fellow volunteers at The ENOUGH Campaign, please read on...

In Peace,
The ENOUGH Campaign Team
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Nine Month Sandy Hook Anniversary Trip to D.C.

"In the 9 months since we lost 20 small children and 6 valued educators in five violent minutes, there has been no effective federal action to address the causes and work to reduce the occurrence of gun violence in America... Over the next 48 hours, we will be on Capitol Hill with victims from cities across America, meeting with lawmakers who continue to look away from this epidemic." - Newtown Action Alliance

September 14th marks the nine month anniversary of the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.  According to Slate's estimate as of August 30, 2013, 7,653 Americans have been killed by guns since Newtown, and more since this writing  (excluding suicides).  The casualties of gun violence grow each and every day and there has been no federal action taken by congress to pass what the majority of Americans support - universal background checks to save lives and make our communities safer.

In honor of the 26 lives lost on December 14, 2012 and the lives of 7,653 killed by guns since that day, the Newtown Action Alliance is traveling to Washington D.C. with gun violence survivors and victims from Chicago, Aurora, Oak Creek, Hartford come to DC to be heard on September 17th and 18th to participate in  activities to let our voices be heard.

Join NAA and others by visiting http://newtownaction.org/take-action/.  Also see below for more information.
No More Names Finale

After having traveled through 25 states (in 100 days!), the No More Names Bus Tour will hold their final event on Sept. 19th in Washington DC.  No More Names has teamed up with the Newtown Action Alliance and Newtown families to be a part of this event.  Mayor Bloomberg of Mayors Against Illegal Guns will be a key speaker, alongside family members of gun violence victims. 

Another 33 Americans have been murdered with guns every single day since the shooting in Newtown.

Our leaders in Congress have committed to bringing a life-saving background check bill up for another vote. And we are going to do our part to make that happen.

Let's all band together and help deliver our simple message: No More Names.

On the road: No More Names bus tour
On the road: No More Names bus tour

For more information, please go to:

Colorado Recalls Two Anti-Violence Lawmakers

NRA influences CO state lawmakers and voters in recall election to oust two anti-gun violence lawmakers

Earlier this year, 19 Colorado senators voted to pass sensible legislation to protect communities by establishing background checks on all gun sales. The Washington gun lobby cherry-picked only four vulnerable senators - and after failing to gain public support in their bid to oust two of them, they funded a major campaign in a low-turnout, off-year election to defeat the other two.

Fortunately, the recalls do not impact the new gun laws signed into law earlier this year by Gov. Hickenlooper.  Coloradans are safer today because of the leadership demonstrated by Colorado Senate President John Morse, State Senator Angela Giron (pictured) and the rest of the Colorado lawmakers who voted for the bills.

Mayor Bloomberg of MAIG states, "We will continue to fight for sensible measures that reduce the scourge of gun violence and stand firmly behind elected officials who are devoted to saving the lives of innocent Americans."

Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, said of the recall "The gun lobby may have won this local battle, but they will not win the national war.

"As moms, we are sad, angry, and more determined than ever to stand with those who stand for gun sense. There will be dozens, maybe even hundreds of elections next year, and we will organize and vote for lawmakers who support common-sense gun laws like background checks. Moms will stand with those lawmakers who stand with us, and we will not back down until gun laws are strengthened in every state in this nation."
Mark Your Calendars!
September 28, 2013
This is an event you do not want to miss!  Connecticut Against Gun Violence has partnered with experts to teach the public about the epidemic of gun violence and what we can do as ordinary citizens to take action.

Keynote Speaker CT Governor Dannel P. Malloy and closing remarks & call to action by Ron Pinciaro, Executive Director, CAGV.

Some topics include:
  • Past, Present & Future of Gun Violence Prevention in Connecticut
  • Beyond Mass Shootings: The Hidden Epidemic of Gun Homicide
  • Guns 101: The Terminology and Technology
  • The 2014 Elections: YOU Can Impact the Results!
  • Marching for Change: Building a Movement
  • Legislative Strategy: Making Your Voice Heard
and more!

To register and attend this event, click here.
This Quote Will Make You Sick:
"Video games expose our brand to a young audience who are considered possible future owners."

- Ralph Vaughn, Negotiator for Firearms Manufacturer Barrett 
Makers of violent video games are using their entertainment products to promote the sale and use of specific guns, including military-grade firearms.

Tell video game makers to stop promoting real-life guns through agreements with gun manufacturers.

Rep. Brendan Sharkey, Speaker of the Connecticut House in Hamden, Connecticut, started a petition on CREDO Mobilize to urge video game makers to stop promoting gun manufacturers in their games.

Help Speaker Sharkey pressure the CEOs of major video game makers to stop promoting the use and sale of real-life guns by signing his petition and sharing it with your friends and family.  Click here to sign his petition:

Brand-Name Guns in Video Games?
Resetting the Relationship Between Video Game and Gun Manufacturers

A report by Moms Demand Action For Gun Sense in America and Gun Truth Project addresses the very disturbing trend of violent video game manufacturers incorporating brand-name guns into their products.

The report was released June 2013.  You can find it online HERE.

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A brief history: In the wake of the Newtown massacre, several moms from Fairfield County, CT (just downcounty from Newtown) banded together to form The ENOUGH Campaign, a grassroots community organization created to protect families and citizens of Connecticut from gun violence through advocacy and education.

The ENOUGH Campaign is an all-volunteer run, grassroots organization.  We are so grateful for everyone involved in this effort to make our cities and towns a safer place to live, and we thank you!

It's people like you that help The ENOUGH Campaign stop gun violence and promote safer communities.  Thank you!

The ENOUGH Campaign is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, filing status in progress.
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The mission of The ENOUGH Campaign is to protect our families and our country as we advocate for more public awareness on the issues of gun violence prevention in America. Through legislative advocacy and community education, we champion stronger gun laws and aim to transform public perceptions of gun safety.

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