Issue: 8     

June 15, 2013
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"Breaking the Chains"
Inspired by the book:
"Deceived by Shame; Desired by God"
Cynthia Spell, the author of the book will be a keynote speaker along with our own Dallas Teague and Dr. Mia Cowen. 

Plan to join us for this dynamic two day conference. You won't want to miss it!

For more information on the speakers and the conference check out  the conference Facebook page, "Breaking the Chains..." 


TM is a Christian non-profit ministry that is supported directly by the donations of individuals.

We provide the following services to families or individuals in our community with no fees or costs to the families: 

1. Biblical Counseling for families  or individuals dealing with:       
    -   Inner Healing for the
        Wounded Heart
    -   Marriage 
    -   Substance Abuse
    -   After-Care Training 
    -   Interventions 
    -   Addiction Sponsorship
    -   Same Sex Attractions
    -   Parent "Coaching"
           - Mentoring Dads
           - Single Moms
    -   Grief & Loss of Loved  
    -   End of Life Preparation

2. Support Groups for parents, spouses or individuals affected by substance abuse.

3. Resource assistance for anyone looking for detox, drug rehab or aftercare.

4. Transformation and recovery mentoring for men and women looking for help.

5. On the horizon: Build a Transformation Ranch with a school for young people (12-18) struggling with chemical dependency, substance abuse and other systemic behaviors. For more information about the ranch and how you can be a part of that, call Rock Hobbs at 205-470-3830.

Please pray for the continued blessings of the Lord on this work for the Kingdom. If you'd like to help, you can donate on line at, we can take monthly donations via credit cards or mail in support to: Transformation Ministries,
P.O. Box 282, Chelsea, AL. 35043.  

TM announces it's first ever Woman's Conference set for September 13th & 14th at New Hope Church.Breaking the Chains
            "Breaking The Chains: Claiming Our
                   Victory in Christ"
Inspired by the book, " Deceived by Shame: Desired by God,"
by Cynthia Spell.

Finally, it's coming soon......
       You won't want to miss it......
                   Registration is limited......
A two day TM Woman's Conference filled with: great speakers,  including Cynthia Spell, fun events, music, and great food. We are praying that this will be an great opportunity for women of all walks of life to break free from any chains of remorse, regrets, sorrow or guilt from the past. Come discover the wonderful freedom we can have through the "crown of righteousness" that Jesus freely gives us. Let the love and grace of Father God touch your heart.

Friday Night -  6:30pm - 9:30pm
Saturday     -   8:30am - 3:30pm   
Location      -   New Hope Presbyterian Church on Hwy 119
Registration  -  $49.00  

For more information check out our FaceBook page "Breaking the Chains" or  contact Jackie Schroeder at 205-317-4222.


"Are you Soaring to High Places?"
Soaring to High Places
God called us all in the great commission to make disciples of new Christians and we do this by teaching them to "soar like eagles." As Christians we are constantly having to make decisions that not only affect our lives but the lives of many others.  To find out more on how these decision can affect our discipleship, check out the article written by Joseph Beckham entitled, "Decisions and Disciples." Click here for the rest of the story...

Isaiah 50:10-11
New Year

Hungry for More of God? Tune into TM's 36-Week Training Course!


Tough times call for tough but wise responses, and through Transformation Ministries' upcoming 36-week training in inner healing, soul transformation and advanced spiritual warfare, you'll be on the cutting edge of what God is doing in the earth today!


Broken into three 12-week sessions, you'll receive expert instruction and help through a number of teacher-counselors who have dedicated themselves to getting God's best for you. You'll hear some of the finest biblical truths made available through internationally renowned Elijah House materials. You'll also hear from some of best leaders around on improving your mental skills so you can think more clearly and with greater energy. Prophetic teachers will engage your attention as they teach you how to hear God with greater accuracy, advancing the kingdom of God through you. Finally, you'll get hands-on experience in dealing with spiritual warfare, which is needed now more than ever.


"We at TM believe God has given a high quality vision of how to impact our world as never before. This comes by providing Christians with the tools to heal their past, live victoriously in the present and establish themselves for what the Lord has for their future," Rock Hobbs, executive director said.  


To help accomplish this, I'm pleased to announce that two very well-qualified people have joined our team at TM to help us move our vision forward. Susan Brunson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Private Independent Practitioner in Alabama in the field of Behavioral Health.  She is a Consultant and Therapist for Quality of Life Health Services, Inc. medical clinics in Eastern Alabama.  She specializes in helping people who have experienced traumatic events and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to recover .  She is a Certified Professional Speaker and Coach on the John Maxwell Team, and the author of two books about how trauma affects people and cutting edge methods for healing.  


Joe Beckham is a former businessman who has spent the last 30 years learning and teaching about transformation, inner healing and deliverance. Joe has pastored two churches and continues to devote much of this time to one-on-one counseling and teaching small groups. He is a prolific writer of Christian articles and author of the blog  For many years he has been a well-known instructor in the deeper life truth of Elijah House instruction, and is committed to propelling Christians forward through their knowledge and spiritual understanding.


The first 12-week session begins Aug. 27 at First Christian Church at 6:30 pm. Tuition for each 12-week session is $40 for individuals, and $100 for a family. The Elijah House Basic One Manual and the book, "I Will Give You Rest," by Ed Kurath, former onsite counselor at Elijah House, will be our texts for the first two 12-week sessions. Total cost for these books is $60. Tuition and books must be purchased in advance through TM so students will have them before the Aug. 27th start date. Deadline for receiving money for tuition and books is Aug. 9. Please make your check to Transformation Ministries. To order your books contact Joe Beckham at 205-337-2870.  

Watch for more on-line registration information on the upcoming 36-week course
 at our website: