Issue: 2015 #3                                                         October 31, 2015

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Happy Halloween!!!!


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Autumn at
Angel Valley
On, October 20th, Michael's birthday, the early morning had this true autumn feel for me. Everything wet and shiny, showing the depth of their colors. Temperature cool. The light had this mysterious yellowish glow that I only notice in the fall. I had to go out with my camera, and emerge myself in this special beauty.

All the fall pictures
in this newsletter
are of that morning.

This little guardian
remains on his post.


Autumn Beauty


Transformation Update

The newsletter we sent out on October 13 has brought many wonderful responses. The support and love flowing towards us has been overwhelming. We have experienced it as a powerful energy field being created by all those who have a connection with Angel Valley and with us.  

Not only did we receive prayers, best wishes and supportive suggestions, some of our friends took action and are co-stewarding Angel Valley with us.

Please, read about the exciting activities, the Go Fund Me Campaign and the Auction further down in this newsletter.


We are continuing our journey of going deeper and deeper into our knowing that

'Circumstances Do Not Matter' 
They do not create our reality.
'Only Our State Of Being Matters'
That creates our reality!

Our state of being is in our dreams and our visions of a New Paradigm World, and that Divine Providence is supporting us and all human beings in our evolution from duality into Oneness. 

We know that our little human minds cannot begin to comprehend the awesome and mysterious workings of Divine Providence. As we watch the outer circumstances of what is going on all around us and in the world, we trust that whatever is - is right!

We are in gratitude for our blessings, both challenging and joyful, on our journey into the Unknown.

Over the past period, Michael has made a profound connection with the Founding Fathers of this country. Not only does he feel connected with Alexander Hamilton (no surprise!), but even more so with General and first President George Washington. There are parallels between those days and our times, and Michael finds tremendous inspiration from these great men. You can read more details on how Michael experiences this in an article he wrote. Please,  click here.

You may have missed our previous newsletter of October 13th, where we shared our current transformational process. You can read it by following this link

For many years we have shared with numerous people our perspective on 'stewardship' versus 'ownership'. As we are moving into a new phase, whatever this phase will look like, we would like to share our perspective on this topic more in depth. To read the article, please, click here.

Since stewardship is closely related to Conscious Energy Exchange, this is part of the article. 

Also, we have included Chief Seattle's letter to the US President Pierce, from 1855.

Angel Valley For Sale??

Since we sent out our newsletter we have also been confronted with the question, or, with the conclusion people had drawn, that Angel Valley was for sale.

Even though our future is uncertain, we wish to share that at this moment Angel Valley in its entirety is NOT on the market.

Participants of a recent retreat have started a Go Fund Me Campaign on behalf of Angel Valley.

Thank you, Lori and Oxana, for your time and effort!

They have set a goal, and now the word has to spread. If you would like to be part of the campaign, here  is the link:

In addition, there are some who gave us a check or cash directly, or who contributed in other creative ways.

We want to thank:

Lori W., Oxana K., Sandra S., Fatima B., Cynthia M., Virginia G., Linda W., Lori S., 
Melanie W., Jeanne K., Anthony P.,
Pattie B., Anita D.,  Lisa B.L., Debbie B.
Auction of Art Jimi Hendrix

The same ladies have initiated a n auction!
Bidders have a chance to win an 8 x 10 giclee reproduction of the painting of Jimi Hendrix, by the beautiful Florida artist Lisa Botto Lee. She generously donated her work to help support Angel Valley!
See her website for more of her work:

The auction just started on October 27, 2015,
and ends on November 27, 2015.
The link is 

Responses to our previous newsletter

We are sooo grateful for all the lovely mails and other responses we received.  We want to share one of them that was worded in an exceptionally beautiful way.

Since reading it, I have been reflecting, listening, and connecting with what you have so generously shared through your newsletter. I can feel the powerful energy and sincerity of your declaration and I know that the Universe responds in kind. It is my sincere intention that the highest and best be served here, and I am praying for each of you and for Angel Valley. 

Personally, I acknowledge that I would love to see the next phase of what the land has to bring forward together with all its current stewards! I know that I don't feel "complete" with Angel Valley - and I hope that this next phase can be birthed, debt-free.  
I know that as we are moving into higher states of consciousness, we are becoming less physical. And as Angel Valley (the Spirit of Angel Valley and NuLemuria) accelerates and moves into higher states, perhaps this is part of the journey. Either way, I know all is in a state of perfection.

I have always seen the Spirit of Angel Valley as a pioneer - much like Star Trek - boldly going where no (or few) people have gone before. There is no established map or chart. In these critical, but special moments, I find I draw my breath in. And with love and cheers, excitement and gratitude I cheer you on as you continue to pioneer this star ship of Higher Dimensions, and serve as wonderful inspiration for all.
Christina W.

Thank you, Christina!
Angel Valley Ministries

Not everybody may know that Angel Valley's foundation is a Ministry, with Michael and Amayra as ordained Ministers. We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, approved by the IRS in 2004 as a non-denominational spiritual organization.

Our number one focus is, and has always been, to do spiritual work by assisting others in their spiritual growth.

We have written a summary of what Angel Valley Ministries is and does. Please, click here, to read this article.

The 501(c)(3) status allows us to receive donations that are tax-deductible. If you make a donation, and you would like to receive a receipt for tax purpose, please, let us know.

Angel Valley Sedona, the retreat center as we have had it, has been the business component under the umbrella of the Ministry.

No, we have never been very specific in asking for donations, except for a campaign in 2014.
This time we do ask for your financial support
to help create that bridge into a 5D world.
Love and Gratitude

We send you our love and appreciation.
Keep in touch with us!

Michael & Amayra Hamilton,
Lyra, Roby, Nuva, Mary, Luna,  Cara Marie, and Cynthia
Angel Valley Sedona | (928) 634-1320 and
13513 Angel Valley Road
Sedona, AZ 86336