Issue: 2015 #2                                                              October 13, 2015

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Watching Over Us

We are always blessed, guided, protected, supported and loved.


Day Visitors 
at Angel Valley

With open hearts, we make friends in a matter of minutes, wherever we are or wherever we are coming from. We recognize our common focus and resonate, even when we don't speak the same  verbal language.
Our connection is through the language of the heart.

Getting together at the
Bashar Event in Sedona.

Rich Harvest

This year we had ripe plums on a tree that I never knew what kind of tree it was. First harvest since they were planted in 2003.

And peaches!!!!!!
Never seen that many on our little tree. Unfortunately, the weight of the peaches broke 4 main branches. That should not have happened to a girl who grew up on a fruit farm. My Dad's expertise did not transpire in time...


But the peaches were yummy!!!!

The last roses

Roses at Angel Valley have typically been blooming in the early summer.
This year, there was a second flowering in September.

These pictures were taken on October 12th.
Awesome beauty!!!


Autumn has arrived

The fall is magnificent!!!

Late afternoon light is more beautiful than ever

Playing with the sun

Sycamores are
awesome giants

May the fall be gentle,
so we can admire the full range of the change of colors.


Transformation at Angel Valley - Part 2

After a summer with abundant rain, which gave us more greenery than we have ever seen since we lived in Sedona, we have moved into the autumn. The temperatures are delightful and the leaves are starting to turn.

For us the new season means a time of transformation, shifting into a new phase. The changes that are upcoming will not only affect our personal lives, they will also affect the future of Angel Valley. We still are not sure what form that will take. Yet, we have decided to share with you all, our Angel Valley family, 'what's cooking'.

When we celebrated our 13th anniversary in July with tremendous gratitude, we saw that as a meaningful milestone. Those who are familiar with the Mayan calendar may feel the profoundness of the number 13: the ending of one cycle, the beginning of a new cycle.

Since then, we have experienced huge opportunities for our personal growth, and we have made some bold decisions. 

The most important one may be that we have decided decided to choose Self-Love over being in debt. We have come to the conclusion that for us debt, has become debilitating and compromising our freedom.

This means that, as our current financial commitments need to be paid off, we will not replace them with new loans and new mortgages. For the past 10 months w e have been waiting to receive a  contribution/donation that was to arrive sometime in 2015. These financial blessings will allow Angel Valley to be free of all debt. H owever, the funds have not  arrived yet. We trust that Divine Providence knows the perfect time for us to receive the funds, while we surrender all attachments and expectations as to when.

In the meantime the patience of our creditors has be en stretched. T hey want their money. I t is now time for us to take action, and make new  choices.
In order to avoid a forced sale of the property, we intend to work with the creditors and place the property up for sale.  This will give  us some time, either for our anticipated  funding to come through or to attract  the perfect successor as the steward(s) of this sacred land.

In all this, we have kept our focus on the knowingness that, in whatever way things unfold, it will be for our highest good. It is a phenomenal practice in non-attachment!!

We are reaching out to you because we know that among you there are people interested in (co)-stewarding or supporting this beautiful place in some way.

Please, listen to your heart. If you feel a resonance, and have an interest or an idea, contact us at .

For those of you who are interested in a more in-depth sharing of our personal process, click here. 

Angel Valley
Destination Day for Visits

Over the past few years, we have found that Day Visits form an excellent way to accommodate people who are open for a profound experience in a relatively short time. We are receiving more and more individuals, and groups of Day Visitors from all over the world.

During the last month we had 3 groups from Japan, one large group from Spain and a group of 30 from Malaysia. 

For both Michael and me, interactions with the Day Visitors have been very fulfilling. We had never fully realized that it was possible to touch so many hearts in such a compact time period.

It is our intention for the coming time, to emphasize Angel Valley as a Day Trip Destination, and to expand what we have to offer to Day Visitors.
Angel Valley from Spiritual Retreat Center to Sacred Oasis
We have been contemplating the meaning of the word 'retreat'. This term is used a lot for what people are looking for when they come to a place like Angel Valley. However, the literal meaning of 'retreat' is not covering what we feel Angel Valley offers and what it does to those who visit or stay here. It is not about 'withdrawing' or 'retiring', which are synonyms. Actually, it is about the opposite: 'advancing' or 'moving forward.'  We have not found THE alternative word for 'retreat' yet, but for now, we describe Angel Valley as a 'Sacred Oasis'.

For the immediate future we continue to be available for individuals who intend to spend more time here, and who want to make use of our lodging accommodations.

For longer-term commitments, at this point we are hesitant to enter into contracts and arrangements that we might not be able to follow up on. Therefore, dear facilitators, please, bear with us.

Nulemuria in  Angel Valley

Our ongoing focus towards 5th dimensional living is undiminished. Michael and I are committed to do whatever we can to raise our own vibration and to share whenever the opportunity occurs in whatever way is appropriate.

Love and Gratitude

All that has been on our path over this past period
is filling us with tremendous gratitude.

The insights we gain,
the growth we are experiencing,
the synchronicities that occur,
the possibilities we see on many levels,
the wonderful people we meet,
the small circle of residents we are living with,
in addition to both of us being in great health.

THANK YOU ALL for being part of our life!!!

Michael & Amayra Hamilton,
Lyra, Roby, Nuva, Mary, Luna,  Cara Marie, and Cynthia
Angel Valley Sedona | (928) 634-1320 and
13513 Angel Valley Road
Sedona, AZ 86336