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Friday, August 27, 2021
In This Curriculum Redesign Issue:
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  • Cultures & Community Festival
  • Kern Institute Collaboration for Scholarship Journal Club
  • Kern Institute Grand Rounds: Caring and Trusting Relationships in Medicine
  • Med Moth Fall Event
  • Kern Grand Rounds - Value-Added Medical Education: Reimagining Learner Roles
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Director's Corner
Dr. Kalet is taking a well-deserved vacation this week and will be back next week. The Transformational Times editorial board hopes you enjoy this issue focused on curriculum redesign.

Take 3
Implementing the New Curriculum: The View From Academic Affairs

Jose Franco, MD, is MCW’s Interim Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Transformational Times co-editor, Wendy Peltier, recently asked him about MCW’s progress in preparing the new curriculum …

Dr. Franco answers the following questions:
  • What aspect of the new curriculum do you see as having the most potential for transforming education at MCW?
  • What do you need from the MCW community as the next steps evolve?
  • What keeps you up at night?

Take 3
Looking Back on Ten Years of Intentional Curricular Reform: A View from the NYU Grossman School of Medicine

Victoria Harnik, PhD, Associate Dean for Curriculum, is an anatomist, cell biologist, and award-winning medical educator. On the NYU Grossman School of Medicine faculty since 1990, she has been a course director, curriculum innovator, and leader. Since 2011 she has headed the implementation of a major curriculum reform which, among many innovations, included moving from a two-year to a 15-month pre-clerkship phase, integrating basic and clinical science education, balancing instruction from an almost all-lecture to a mix of lecture and small group teaching, and implementing a student portfolio/dashboard-based program of assessment. Ten years later, she is now in the lead once again, launching a significant curriculum restructuring which will include reducing the pre-clerkship basic science curriculum to eleven months. As we at MCW anticipate our curriculum reimagining, Dr. Kalet reached out to Dr. Harnik, a long-time colleague for her advice on curriculum change …

Dr. Harnik answers the following questions:
  • What advice would you give us, based on your last decade of designing and implementing new medical school curricula?
  • How did you squeeze the preclinical curriculum down to fifteen months initially, and how will you further reduce it to one year?
  • What are your worries going forward?

Take 3
The Review Process for the Curriculum Innovation Proposal Within the Curriculum and Evaluation Committee (CEC)

Dr. Michael Malinowski serves as chair of MCW’s Curriculum and Evaluation Committee, the group charged with reviewing and approving the new medical school curriculum. In this week’s Transformational Times, he answers some questions about the next steps in the process …

Dr. Malinowski answers the following questions:
  • In broad strokes, what are the CEC's goals for the next steps in the curriculum process?
  • What will the basic outline of the new curriculum look like?
  • When might the curriculum be approved?

Take 3
Curriculum Change from the Perspective of a Foundational Science Leader

Dr. Sandra Pfister, who serves as course director for both the M2 Cardiovascular Unit and the Principles of Drug Action Course, answers some questions about her views of the curricular innovation process ...

Dr. Pfister answers the following questions:
  • What aspect of the new curriculum do you see as having the most potential for transforming education at MCW?
  • What keeps you up at night?
  • Which aspects of the new curriculum excite you most?
By Kiesha Shepard

It seems I barely knew you. As quickly as you came,
you went. And I weep at the thought of losing you.

You; the nighthawk
late night feeder,
your voice, like a horn blow of a
midnight train

You; the locust
lone choir singer,
your mournful note, like a serenade to sleep in the
moonlit dusk

You; the golden trumpet vine
fragrant and wild,
your fingers clinging to the highest branch, like a child to
his mother

A Special T. Times Issue
Remembering 9/11: Share Your Thoughts and Stories

Saturday, September 11 will mark the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. For that week's issue, we are asking for your 100-word reflections (either signed or anonymous) to one of these prompts:
Choose one:
  • What do you remember most about 9/11 and the days that followed?
  • How have the events of that day affected you or those around you?
  • What will people remember about 9/11 in 25, 50, or 100 years?
We will open a submission portal next week and hope to publish many of the responses. Thank you for helping us all remember. 

The Kern Institute Event Advisory Committee invites you to
Submit a Speaker Proposal

The Kern Institute is working to transform medical education to better align with the needs of the public on the basis of character, competence, and caring. 

Please complete the form below if you have a speaker you would like to propose.
The Event Advisory Committee will review all proposals based on the following criteria: 

  • The speaker's qualifications
  • Timeliness of the topic
  • Relevance to the mission

If chosen, a committee member will extend the invitation to the speaker and open the line of communication. 

*Please Note: While we greatly appreciate your enthusiasm, please do not initiate correspondence with the speaker directly. This will ensure that expectations are clear and confusion or misunderstandings are averted.

Cultures & Communities Festival

Formerly known as the Minority Health Film Festival, Cultures & Communities Festival (C&C Fest) is a week of screenings and events focused on traditionally marginalized communities, creating transformative experiences for all who attend. 

Taking place September 6-12, 2021, C&C Fest is a hybrid event featuring 20+ films, several workshops, panels, and Q&A’s in-person at the re-opened Oriental Theatre, virtually and at event venues around the city.

Kern Institute Collaboration for Scholarship Journal Club

We are excited to kick off the Kern Institute Collaboration for Scholarship (KICS) inaugural Journal Club for Medical Education with Dr. Patricia O’Sullivan of the University of California-San Francisco.

Interested individuals can join the meeting via Zoom using the link below, or email Michael Braun to be added to the meeting invite.

The KICS Journal Club for Medical Education meets monthly on the second Wednesday of the month via Zoom, 12:15–1:00 PM Central.   
Meeting ID: 921 1154 0031 
Passcode: KICSJoClub 
September 8, 2021
Zoom Presentation
12:15 - 1:00 pm CT

Please Join Us on September 15
Kern Institute Grand Rounds:
The Myth of the Monolith: Empathic Communication in the Time of COVID

Please Join the Kern Institute for a special opportunity to share a discussion with Kimberly Manning, MD.

In a time where many conversations center around vaccine uptake, how we communicate with our patients is a crucial pandemic mitigation strategy. Preconceived narratives and biases can shape talk points and lead to misunderstandings--and missed opportunities. This talk explores strategies for respectfully engaging a diverse population of patients while respecting their individual ideas and lived experiences. 

Dr. Manning is Associate Professor, General Medicine at Emory University School of Medicine. You can also learn more about her via her Twitter account.
September 15, 2021
Live via Zoom
9:00 - 10:00 am CT

Save the Date for the Next Med Moth Event

Med Moth is designed to create a space for people to share their stories about their experiences in medicine and reflect on their purpose and meaning in pursuing this profession.
Interested in participating as a storyteller? The first workshop led by Dr. Bruce Campbell will be held
September 7, 2021 at 5:00 PM CT
Save The Date to Attend the Event

October 14, 2021

More Info Coming Soon

2021 Professionalism Week
Kern Institute Grand Rounds
Value-Added Medical Education: Reimagining Learner Roles

While traditional clinical teaching activities such as taking a history, performing a physical exam, writing notes, and giving oral case presentations are clearly effective educational tools, they often lead to inefficiency and duplication of work. Meanwhile, gaps persist between current state and optimal state for patient care and learning outcomes.

This session will include a panel discussion of opportunities to creatively reimagine student roles on patient care teams and participant reflection on how key concepts might be implemented in their sphere of influence.

Panelists include:

Marty Muntz, MD (Lead)
Erica Chou, MD
Christopher Davis, MD
Catherine Ferguson, MD
John Hayes, DO
Lana Minshew, PhD
October 20, 2021
Live Virtual Panel Presentation
12:00 - 1:00 pm CT
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