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Your Income, Your Personal Joy
Transformational Trainer's Workshop
November 5 & 6, 2018  ~~  San Diego, CA

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The Lioness Principleā„¢
Katherine Eitel Belt proudly presents a course unlike any you've ever taken! If you are tired of the way training has been done for the last 50 years, join her and an intimate group of your fellow trainers / consultants from around the country for a hands-on workshop that will change your professional life (and your clients' lives) forever!
  • Train for independence and have them begging for more!
  • Crank up real learning and fun (and not look silly!) 
  • Leverage your teaching style and establish proper objectives for different learning styles  
  • Rework your current material into learning modules that get instant and better results  
  • Know what to throw out and what to keep 
  • Effectively structure multiple days of training  
  • Gain "buy in" from participants 
  • Reward involvement and achievement  
  • Control the setup of the physical learning environment and A/V for maximum results 
  • Create an effective handout
  • Skillfully handle difficult or resistant participants  
  • Evaluate your training in a truly meaningful way  
  • Sell this new way of training to your clients and raise your fees accordingly
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