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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all in the Reid Group to all our faithful readers of Transforming Challenges. We hope that the new year will bring much new life, energy and hope to your lives and to your important work.

For us, beginning in 2019 Transforming Challenges will be published quarterly. You will receive the next issue in March followed by new issues in June, September and December.

  • The Reid Group is a strategic partner with Tryon Clear View Group, a cost reduction company that specializes in Purchase Services Audits where they identify, verify and recover billing errors, vendor overcharges which are refundable to organizations. They then secure these reimbursements from the vendors. In addition to telecommunication, copiers, waste management and utilities charges, they also audit postal services and credit card processing. The only fee paid by the client is a percentage of the actual savings.  The first two contracts secured by this strategic partnership are a college and a Catholic parish; we have received the first report of savings for one of these contracts which showed savings of $60,000 over the next five years in telecommunications alone.  If you are interested in this service, contact us at
  • Our Strategic Partner Joe Sankovich has developed an important resource for dioceses and parishes with cemeteries called TOOLBOX FOR PARISH CEMETERIES. For more information go to: Joe Sankovich, former director of cemeteries in the Archdiocese of Seattle, and owner of Sankovich & Associates since 1990, has developed an educational tool for parishes with their own Catholic cemeteries. Directed to pastors, parish business managers, cemetery managers/sextons/superintendents, parish cemetery advisory board members and parish finance council members, the six hard copy manuals are formatted in the same fashion as the early diocesan teaching documents for the Second Vatican Council. Sankovich waited until he had worked with/in more than 1,200 parish cemeteries in different areas of the United States, and conducted more than 100 seminars with pastors, parish and cemetery employees/volunteers, to organize and format these manuals.
  • The Reid Group is also a strategic partner with The Steier Group. The Steier Group is a national, capital campaign fundraising firm based in Omaha, Nebraska, with offices in Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Indiana, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, Oregon and Texas. They provide nonprofits with customized campaign planning studies, guidance from a team of expert project managers and strategic insight designed to help our clients reach their fundraising goals. Contact Matt Vuorela for more information about the firm’s services.

So as you look at your individual or organizational future, what are your challenges? Could you benefit from skilled support? Give us a call: John (206) 947-1055 Tom (206) 947-2990 Maureen (414) 403-9357 or send us an e-mail  to start transforming those challenges into opportunities.
Give Your New Hires a Good Start with Successful Onboarding

John Reid, Senior Consultant

Hiring the right person and achieving a good fit between the individual and the institution, the position and the work environment is not enough to ensure a successful search process. As the saying goes, “well begun is (only) half done".
Once a candidate is selected and accepts the job offer as well as the salary and benefit package, the process of “onboarding” begins.
An effective onboarding process is more than just giving the candidate the employee manual, the last annual report and directions to the bathroom.  And it’s more than an orientation session with HR, no matter how detailed.  Onboarding primarily involves three players-the leader who is leaving, the leader who is coming on board and the organization itself -- and each has a unique role.
For current leaders, it is important that they not act-or be perceived-as a lame-duck, just filling in their time until their term is up.  Specifically, there are three tasks that current leaders need to tackle:
  • Finish the work that only they can do and make decisions about delegating other tasks to staff or to their successor.
  • Say thank you and goodbye. Leaders serve well when they say thanks, affirm the people and organization they have served, and say goodbye. This is important for themselves and also for those they leave behind-we have to say goodbye to what has been before we are free to move on to what will be.
  • Help their successor get off to the best start by sharing information and perspectives, and responding to questions.
Newly-selected leaders also have four primary responsibilities in this transition time:
  • Take time to learn from their predecessor as well as other leaders and governing bodies in the organization.
  • Prepare their own transition plan.  Identify ways they want to enter into their new position.
  • Commit themselves to listen and learn for much of the first year in the position. Honor what has been and respect the ways the organization has functioned. This “listening time” may need to be adjusted, however, if the organization is experiencing significant crisis.
  • Plan to implement changes in ways that serve the organization’s needs and that respect those committed to the organization.
For the organization itself, the onboarding process takes place over the first 6-12 months of the new hire:
  • Develop a comprehensive process that welcomes and orients the new leader to the position and the organization.
  • Work with organizational leadership to develop a process to assist the new employee to understand the mission and values, as well as a brief history, of the organization.
  • Continue to oversee the onboarding process, helping the new leader integrate the perspective of the mission and values of the organization into daily operations.
Too often, organizations stop their work in the search process with the hiring of a candidate, which can short-change the success of the process.  This is why the last two steps of  The Reid Group’s search process  focus on transition and orientation in order to ensure a successful outcome for everyone involved.
We believe that search processes which are both well begun and are also followed through very well are the most successful.

John Reid is a Partner and Senior Consultant with The Reid Group, a national consulting firm providing services in Executive Search, Leadership Development, Strategic Planning, and Conflict Management to nonprofit and faith-based organizations. 

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The Art of Change
The Art of Change: Faith, Vision and Prophetic Planning
Think about what your organization could do if the process of planning met the inevitability of change head-on--and it resulted in significant success.
Organizations large and small, religious and secular, for-profit and not-for-profit, successful and unsuccessful, go through change.
John Reid and Maureen Gallagher of The Reid Group have been instrumental in helping many groups discover the power of Prophetic Planning. This book presents a complete overview with detailed information that any organization will find useful in understanding how to plan for change.
sustainable graphic
Sustainable Future Audit Tool
The Reid Group focuses on helping organizations transform challenges into opportunities to enhance their sustainability. We have developed a tool to help organizations identify their challenges in six areas that are key for a sustainable future.

For a free copy of the Sustainable Future Audit Tool, you can download it from our web site or send us an e-mail at . After employing the audit tool, contact us for a complimentary strategy session for assuring your sustainable future.