Transforming the Roadmap to Student Success at Bishop Grimes
The Office of Academic Counseling which includes Academic Counselors Laura Burnett and Alexandra Scullion and Academic Support and Testing Coordinator Nicole Enck, are excited to announce the creation of a new Student Services program, along with “Bishop Grimes Success,” a newly created academic preparatory class for 7th grade students here at BG.
Bishop Grimes subscribes to the philosophy that students are to be treated as individuals in a caring, supportive environment that fosters the intellectual, personal, and spiritual growth of all. We engage with students, families, and faculty in the mission and spirit of Bishop Grimes.

“Our vision is to be a supportive environment in which students are treated as individuals and are encouraged in their academic, personal and spiritual walks,” said Burnett. “We will continue to place emphasis on the whole person and the development of life competencies and skills.”

A few of the services provided to Bishop Grimes students will be:

  • Direct students through the college application process leading to 100% post-secondary placement.
  • Academic counseling to schedule students with courses necessary to meet diploma requirements.
  • Maintain reporting of grades and transcripts.
  • Plan and accommodate regional college campus visits.
  • Schedule college representative on-site visits.
  • Provide class presentations enlightening students on expectations for each grade level regarding graduation and college preparedness.
  • Assist the student athlete in their eligibility process with the NCAA Clearinghouse.
  • Encourage student to enroll in dual credit, Advanced Placement, and honors classes.
  • Develop a six-year plan for every student.
  • Work to develop student portfolios.

In conjunction with the announcement of newly created services being offered to students, incoming 7th graders at BG will be enrolled in a Bishop Grimes Success class. The academic preparatory class will introduce 7th Graders (and transfer students) to Bishop Grimes, and what our expectations are of them for academic success.

This is a big step in development and growth that will ensure success throughout their education. Through Bishop Grimes Success we will support students with a multitude of lessons and hands-on activities from developing good classwork habits, study skills, self-advocacy, responsible technology use, as well as foster school behavior and social expectations. The class will provide students with a structured road map to success at Bishop Grimes and beyond.

Academic Support and Testing Coordinator Nicole Enck discussed the process and transition to a new school saying, “It can be overwhelming walking around in new halls, new classes, locker combinations, rotating schedules, teacher expectations, social expectations and much, much more. Here are Bishop Grimes we are giving the very tools students need to become successful, independent learners. By giving students the structure to succeed, Bishop Grimes will continue to succeed.”