When Transgender Law Center launched our

#morethanmarriage campaign, we intended to shed light on the fringe groups that seek to deny equality to transgender people - the same organizations that would deny equal marriage rights, work against immigration reform, fight health care access, and so on.


Today I'm sorry to report that the National Organization for Marriage (NOM), behind many
anti-marriage equality campaigns, is expanding their mission to include "more than marriage" - NOM is joining an orchestrated attack on transgender youth


Amidst great progress and bravery, our youth are being ridiculed all across the nation, especially in California where we just passed a landmark law to protect the rights of all students, AB 1266.  Right-wing groups like the Tea Party and NOM are feverishly working to gather signatures to repeal the law. And they're spreading dangerous misinformation along the way. 


Their paid signature gatherers say things like "help keep boys out of girls bathrooms," and "keep our bathrooms safe." If they collect enough signatures, their horrific, anti-transgender campaign will make national news, with horrible consequences coast to coast for all our transgender, gender non-conforming, lesbian, gay, and bisexual youth. 


We know the kind of disgusting YouTube and television commercials they're capable of producing. I know you agree, nobody wants to see that. That's why I'm asking you to join me today to help Transgender Law Center show the public the real stories of transgender youth and inform everyone that a repeal of this law on the ballot is a terrible idea.


Won't you stand with our youth today by making a donation to Transgender Law Center? Every gift of every size makes an enormous difference.


For the youth,


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Masen Davis

Executive Director